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1./ Ruth Hunt is a Bit of a Cult.
You have to hand it to Stonewall's ex-CEO, Ruth Hunt. She really knows how to lie. In her interview she claims Stonewall merely "listened to the experts" and cites one in particular. Why is this a lie?
1/of 15 👉…
2./ Hunt names Polly Carmichael from the Tavistock. But for all her faults, Carmichael actually said of prescribing puberty blockers, "it would be disingenuous to say it is fully reversible." Yet Stonewall even today maintains blockers are reversible.…Image
3./ Despite them being banned by NHS England and after a new study from the Mayo Clinic indicates they seriously damage the testicles of boys and may lead to cancer, Stonewall still says blockers are reversible Listened to experts? This is far from Hunt's only lie.
4./ As @Docstockk points out, Hunt's claim she expressed concern about the transing of gay girls is absurd. It was the supporters of @AllianceLGB who did that; the group she refused to debate with. It's not as if Hunt didn't have the chance to speak out.
5./ When she took her unearned place in the House of Lords her speech failed mysteriously to reference this insight. Instead like the rest of her career the person whom Pink News dubbed 'Baroness of our Hearts' (ugh) focused exclusively on trans isssues.…
6./ Where did this messianic confidence that Hunt was doing the right thing come from? I hate to break it to my Christian friends, but Hunt is one of the few people in public life who claims to communicate directly with God. She told the story in the book she edited. Image
7./ In her essay, Hunt describes Jesus appearing to her in a nightclub. She felt Jesus "by my side, looking out, asking me to come back to him." Jesus said, "I have never left you". She wept. Elsewhere in her essay Hunt refers to the Prophet Moses as her inspiration.Image
8./ Moses makes an appearance three times and most explicitly in relation to her appointment, the year after her vision of Christ, as the CEO of Stonewall. "Like Moses, God helped me to find the words to say." Really? God told you to enable the sterilisation of kids? I think not.Image
9./ What if the whispers Ruth Hunt thought she heard were those from another voice? You know, one from the other side of town. Or what, perish the thought, if the voice was one she invented in her own fevered imagination? Either way she went on to display a terrifying arrogance. Image
10./ You can hear her arrogance when she describes the spectacularly successful tactics of early Stonewall, which she dismisses as being based on convincing the British public that "gay people were normal, normal, normal." And your point, caller? Should we say we're abnormal?🤦‍♂️
11./ And listen to the contempt she expresses for democracy; the system that delivered Gay Marriage in Ireland. We should never repeat that vote, she says. "Give people a vote on LGBT rights? No, no no!" No wonder this Baroness of a Hunt feels so at home in the unelected Lords.
12./ Her biggest lie in The Times is Hunt's attempt to distance Stonewall from other organisations that promote child abuse like Gendered Intelligence, GIRES and the single biggest source of child abuse in the UK: a charity called Mermaids. She says they have specific agendas.Image
13./ Yet their positions on all major policy issues are absolutely identical with Stonewall; and very specifically on blockers. Indeed Stonewall joined Mermaids in an attempt to intervene in the Keira Bell appeal in order to defend the use of puberty blockers.
14./ They were rejected. But if they only listen to experts why would Stonewall try to intervene as if they were medically qualified? Hunt's legacy to Stonewall was this blend of arrogance and sheer messiah complex. Of course, Hunt had every right to be a person of faith. But..👉
15./ British society has an aversion to overt expressions of faith by policy-makers. Above all in areas of policy that are contested. It's the antithesis of the evidence-based scrutiny of policy. Hunt was inspired by Moses and ended up behaving as if she thought she was God.

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3./ I worked on the show filming another man who DID get his leg removed. Yup. 👀 Last week I decided to look in more detail at Furth in preparation for this intense discussion with the folks @genspect including @_CryMiaRiver of WPATH-busting fame. 👇
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1./ A Dirty Secret of #TransHistoryWeek
This shameless rewriting of history at least provides an insight into the warped values of the trans lobby. Here's Stephen Whittle celebrating a documentary about transsexuals from 1973. What didn't she tell you about that show?
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2./ The loopy Left wants to decolonise everything. It could start by recognising the bigotry baked into the foundations of the trans movement. We're told black men like Marsha P Johnson kickstarted its rise. Instead this TV show reveals the sordid truth.
3./ Blonde trans activist Della (Derek) Aleksander who fronted the show was a leading light in the early British trans movement and headlined the first ever trans rights conference in Leeds in 1974. He also happened to be on the Far Right, volunteering to fight FOR Apartheid.
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May 3
1./ The Truth about Daniel Radcliffe.
He claims to be sad about the rift between him and JK Rowling over what he describes as trans rights. Truth is he refuses to consider the harm he does by promoting the notion of gender identity. Who is harmed? 👉
2./ This straight bloke showcases his self-professed moral superiority by claiming to "support the rights of all LGBTQ people". Actually he is acting -intentionally or not- as a shill for Big Pharma by advocating puberty blockers; drugs NHS England have effectively banned.Image
3./ He is used by the LGBTQ+ group @TrevorProject, a Pharma money-laundering exercise which generates fake research to justify pumping powerful drugs into confused youngsters. It claims to be trying to reduce youth suicidality. It does the opposite.👇
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May 1
1./ Here's why I think this article about Kate Forbes is a disgrace. @KennyFarq attacks the likely candidate for First Minister because of her Christian faith. He has the cheek to use gay rights to defend his argument but hypocrisy and misogyny are really driving it.
1 of/ 21 Image
2./ Start with the hypocrisy. Farquarson hones in on the fact Forbes said she would have voted against gay marriage in 2014. He fails to note that Yousaf was strangely absent from the vote. Colleagues claimed this was because of pressure from his mosque.…
3./ We know what Yousaf's mosque thought of the gay marriage vote, because they openly campaigned against it. Here's their spokesman saying marriage is for procreation. Its views were echoed by Muslim campaigners asking, "what would become of our society?"
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