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🧵There is NEVER EVER going to be an American Caesar.

The word AMERICA will be forgotten before it happens.

The age when you could unify enough power and leverage under one person to radically restructure the government and society ended in the 60s. Lincoln and FDR were America's Caesars.

A United America is at the End. If anyone on either side by some miracle managed to grab that much power in federal government then there''d immediately be mass protests and refusal to pay taxes, the largest rivalled states would try to secede and the federal government would collapse under debts and and an inability to reintegrate them and get back those tax revenues.

The Federal System is incredibly brittle, it cannot bend, it will just break like shatter glass.

America is at the point where Rome was in 400 ad when a majority of the Urban populations depended on subsidized grain exports that bankrupted the empire... We're at that point but It's social security and Medicare.

Any disruption the dollar collapses the debt goes to infinity it becomes impossible to maintain and supply the military. And the US breaks up into successor kingdoms like the Franks, Italians, and Germanics after the death of Western Rome.

We're already seeing the migratory hordes pouring over borders that had held for 150 years.

Its over. You lose. Good day sir!Image
The most obvious hint that Caesar won't happen is that people WANT it to happen. They wish for Caesar

In every age where a Caesar was possible like Rome, Revolutionary France, Revolutionary Russia, or America in the 30s, 40s, and 50s... People were terrified a Caesar would rise

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Apr 4
🧵The thing no one's ever been able to explain to me about the holocaust is... Why use gas chambers at all?

It's labour intensive (have to remove the bodies), location restrictive, slow, and then you have a body in your camp attracting disease.

"They cremated them" Wasting scarce fuel in a country that never reached the baku oil fields and couldn't gass its tanks?!

No genocide before or since has needed gas chambers. You know how the Armenian, Chechen, Bangladeshi, and Cambodian genocides were carried out?

They shot them and put them in a ditch. peak efficiency: Single bullet in material, instantaneous, and you already have them at gunpoint to make them walk to the ditch. You don't want to be discovered? You put up a sign "Unexploded mines, keep out"

Hell the Hutus pulled off a genocide with Machetes.

Is the conceit that this was one of the most inefficient examples of German over-engineering in history? Or are we to believe the average German is just so conscientious and moral that Russians, Turks, Japanese, Chinese, Cambodians, Pakistanis, Hindus, Africans, and Americans can all commit genocide with basic tools... but the lily-livered Germans needed elaborate rituals to emotionally distance themselves because they couldn't find enough people to man firing squads?

Again 6 million bullets fired (even assuming ALL of them died in gas chambers as opposed to any disease or hunger) is a very small number compared to what's put out in war. there are Individual Americans who own 20-50k bullets (I've know guys to buy 10k at a time during sales)
What do you think would have happened to Japanese americans in their internment camps if America's rail network was bombed and even the families of US soldiers were starving?
"It was emotionally draining, the Germans had breakdowns"

So you have penal unit of disobedient soldiers who you can force to clear landmines, by hand, under artillery fire, in -40, on the eastern front... or they'll be shot.

But you can't assign them to shoot prisoners?
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Feb 6
🧵There's a reason I pick on Christianity, and it isn't just to insult a religion I don't hold.

Everywhere on the right I see allegedly based Christians trying to convert former Christians who are RIGHTLY disgusted with the church...

And they exert NO such effort to convert or denounce any of the left-wing "Christians" who are teaching that the Passion is a metaphor for a gay man dying of Aids.

Somehow all their effort is focused on the non-religious who maybe will share Odin memes... And NONE focused on the people who attend church every Sunday, have seemingly expressed interest in Christianity, and think they are practicing Christianity by receiving communion from a lesbian priest with a transgender "daughter"

Do You know what this says to every single non-Christian right winger?

That you think THAT is consistent with your faith. That you think the soul of the non-religious shitposter who aspires to a family and traditional American lifestyle is MORE in danger of damnation than the Gender Queer mainline Catholics and Protestants who at least mouth something about Jesus and "her" passion.


Can one be a liberal Catholic who hopes their newborn will grow up to get gay married and loves Pope "Frank" for bringing socialism to the Vatican... and still be saved?

Because if your answer is YES... Then that's your religion.

If that is the case then the decadence and suicide of Western Civilization is not in contradiction with your faith... and your attempt to convert shitposters, who've long ago thrown their hands up in disgust, whilst drag queens dance in the temples... well that tells us that while your faith is broad enough to include those who would destroy western civilization, it is certainly not broad enough to include those who'd defend it.

And if your answer is NO then what the hell are you doing trying to save the non-religious when tens of millions of Americans are attending Church every Sunday to be further indoctrinated in the ways of hellfire?

Because as it stands everything I've seen tells me Christianity is a Motte and Bailey argument (look up the full definition)...A defensible argument that sounds plausible but doesn't really have any implications, and then a similar-sounding argument that's immediately absurd to any non-believer, but with lots of implications the believer actually wants to hold.

Crusader memes and esoteric readings of the Gospel when a skeptical eye dares to mouth the words "Slave Morality"... then explicit instructions on decadence, slavery, and accepting loserdom when the interloper has converted or looked away.

I wish this was not the case, I wish there was this large traditional institution that could be depended on to defend Western civilization... but at every turn, every peak behind the curtain, Organized Christianity is revealed to be not only complicit in Mass immigration, the mutilation of children, the destruction of the family via normalizing divorce, and the plundering of our cultural and material heritage... But indeed is at the vanguard of the looters.

And no I will not stop harping on this. Not because I care about Jesus of Nazareth (I've never felt moved by the story the way others claim to) but because I care about the West. And I want so-called Based Christians to either get serious, and actually start challenging the rotten Pharisees in their midst, and literally flip tables and assault the degraders of their temples with bullwhips...

Or I want them to abandon them.

I'm sick of this game where Massive "Christian" charities pay to import foreign invaders, and then "based" Christians pretend that BAP or Neo-Pagans are the real danger, instead of a desperate grasping to find and save some aspect of European civilization.

Traditional Catholics will literally SAY Pope Francis is the anti-Christ... Then attend and receive Communion from a priest who proudly proclaims himself his minister and representative... What the hell.

The rank unseriousness and impotence of modern Christianity are impossible to overstate. Early Modern Germans were willing to kill 30 million of each other across 30 years over doctrinal differences... And these Ned Flanders wannabes can't summon enough energy to merely raise their voices at priests and mothers happily mutilating their children?Image
P.S. Every time I write about the state of the church people get grumpy and unfollow... If you want to incentivize me to keep posting stuff like this...
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Jan 30
Americans don't understand class. American socialists especially

Every week I hear: "How can Trump be considered anti-elite? He's a billionaire!?"

This fundamentally misunderstands class. it's not how much you have, it's how you make it.

And Trump definitely ain't elite Image
Classic Marxist economics divides class via the individual's means of securing resources.

The proletariat trade their labour to employers for wages.

The bourgeoise use their ownership of the means of production to extract surplus value from the proletarian laborer, etc. Image
Sure this usually resulted in the bourgeoise being wealthier than the proles.. but not always. Some decayed bourgeoise barely made more than proles, while many successful skilled proles earned as much as lower tier bourgeoise.

These were dubbed the labour aristocracy Image
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Dec 15, 2023
50+% of 2010s feminism was white women bitching about black men, and then pretending they weren't

They'd bitch about catcalling or being approached in public, and then have to pretend they were really complaining about Michael complementing their shirt at the coffee shop

"Why don't men stop this behaviour and intervene"... They cried all through the 2010s

Then when the white men they pretended to be complaining about actually did intervene... Image
There was even a phenomenon of Conservative or non-woke women who lived in all white areas replying "What are you talking about? I've never been catcalled. Men in America are incredibly respectful"

Then the feminists getting enraged because they couldn't give the obvious answer
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Nov 20, 2023
🧵Butterfly Kisses🧵
Great Horror Fiction is Greek Tragedy... Told in reverse

As opposed to the oppressive build towards disaster, ghost stories, dark legends, detective stories... all come after the moment of greatest fear and try to reconstruct it

only to do so too well Image

Bram Stoker was great at this...the book Dracula unfolds as a series of letters and documents... layer after layer peeling back to glimpse the fleeting horror, the writers painfully know words cannot convey. Image

And H.P. Lovecraft truly mastered the form

the onioned layers of his story peeling back into a putrefying alien horror... as investigators trace investigators of investigators trying to track an eldritch truth they and the reader, now in the chain, know shouldn't be found Image
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Nov 15, 2023
Why would Hamas use a pre-existing/known tunnel network as their primary Command bunker in Gaza City?

Obvious that Israel will use it as an excuse and justification for their brutality, knowing its there...

But Anyone who's studied Vietnam knows you can't cripple an tunnelled in insurgency... certainly not in fewer than 5 weeks .. US couldn't in 5 years.
The Cu Chi tunnels of Vietnam were 75 miles.

Hamas has 300+ miles of tunnels.

Even Adjusting to population 2 million Gazans vs 7 million Israeli jews, is very close to Vietnam vs US ratios.

This is analogous, indeed the US was better positioned to win in Vietnam
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