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I just discovered this ancient Japanese concept I can’t stop thinking about…

The 80% rule: Image
It's called "hara hachi bu":

An ancient Confucian teaching that instructs people to eat until they're 80% full.

The Okinawans have practiced this for centuries. Average lifespan in Okinawa:

80.27 for men and 87.44 for women.
There's an old Chinese proverb that sums it up:

"Eat until you are eight parts (out of ten) full, and you will live long.

Eat until you are nine parts full, and you invite disease."

In other words, the first 80% of your meal sustains you. The last 20% sustains your doctor. Image
Overeating strains our bodies over time.

By constantly stretching our stomachs to capacity, we require more and more food to feel satiated.

Hara hachi bu: training ourselves to be satisfied with less. To eat mindfully and stop before we're stuffed.

@hubermanlab says:
So what does 80% full feel like?

You'll still feel a twinge of hunger, but it should subside within an hour.

If you're used to that uncomfortable "Thanksgiving-full" feeling, 80% might take some getting used to.

Your goal: train your brain to recognize true satiety.
Another key: hara hachi bu helps you distinguish true physiological hunger from cravings or "brain reward" eating.

Ask yourself: would a handful of nuts satisfy me right now? If yes, you're likely hungry.

If only that chocolate cake would do, it's probably a craving.
The science backs this up. Studies show that significant calorie restriction can extend lifespan in animals.

Okinawans typically consume ~1800-1900 calories per day, and maintain lean physiques well into old age.

Delaying stomach stretch may be one reason why.
To put hara hachi bu into practice:

• Eat slowly, put your utensils down between bites
• Take 20+ minutes to finish a meal
• Drink water to aid fullness
• Choose nutrient-dense foods like veggies, beans, and nuts
• Tune into your body's cues as you eat
This 80% principle goes beyond just food.

It's about leaving space in all areas of life. Not overscheduling, overcommitting, or chasing perfection.

Go with the flow and embrace spontaneity. Leaving room for serendipity.

@DrJustinSung says it well:
The 80% rule isn't about restriction. It's about freedom.

Freedom from a lifetime of stretching your stomach and your lifespan.

Freedom to enjoy food and life more mindfully.

Freedom to focus your energy on what truly matters.
Hara hachi bu doesn't just add years to your life. It adds life to your years.

By preserving the quality of our extended lifespans, it helps make those
bonus years worth living.

The best part? You can start living by this principle today. One mindful bite at a time.
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Apr 17
Robert Greene's work will change your life forever.

But his books average 500+ pages and take 100s of hours to read. I’ve curated his best ideas, so you don’t have to.

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I bet my life-savings Alex Hormozi will become a billionaire by 2030.

Not because he spends $2.8M/year on content.

Because he found the infinite money glitch (it’s so simple I couldn't believe it): Image
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I'm 22.

I'm obsessed with learning how to learn.

So I read 40+ research papers from MIT, Stanford, Harvard…

I’ve discovered a research-backed way to learn like an Ivy League student: Image
You can literally build genius.

Your brain is like a muscle - it grows through exertion and nutrition.

In other words, feeding your brain new information and fostering self-belief will make you smarter.
The 80/20 Rule states that:

80% of the results come from 20% of the input.

So, when learning, focusing on the most essential 20% of a subject will provide a solid understanding of roughly 80% of the topic.
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The KING of online business:

Luke Belmar.

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Today, he’s earned over $50 million online and built one of the most exclusive communities in the world.

The Belmar playbook for escaping the matrix: Image
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Most people walk around in life like accidents.

Luke's first goal: Get out of his small town of 19,000 people in Argentina.
At 17, Luke had an argument with his parents.

He wanted to be rich, do his own thing, and not be bothered by people.

So he contacted his uncle, a pilot, and with $200 in a suitcase, flew to New York.

He achieved his first goal of leaving his hometown.
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You’ll never achieve anything significant in life if you’re complacent.

If you suffer from complacency, read this: Image
It’s easy to get stuck in the trap of complacency.

Its effects are far-reaching:

• Stunts growth
• Creates stagnation
• Prevents new opportunities

Don’t let complacency keep you from pursuing your dreams.
Complacency can hold us captive for years. And we don’t even realize it.

• Comfort with the familiar
• We feel a false sense of security
• Whispers doubts into our aspirations

How do we break out of our prison? Take small, consistent steps toward your goals.
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Mar 26
I’m 22.

I used to be a broke, depressed uni student with no idea what I wanted to do in my life.

Then, I discovered stoicism, and the philosophy changed my life forever.

My 15 favorite takeaways: Image
We Control How We React

Epictetus, a former slave, said, “The chief task of the philosopher is to determine what’s up to us and what’s not up to us.”

That’s the definition of stoicism: We don’t control what happens to us. We control how we respond to what happens to us.
For the stoics, everything is an opportunity to respond with 4 virtues:

• Courage
• Temperance
• Justice
• Wisdom

Every obstacle standing in your way is itself the way.
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