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There’s a scandal going on in Guatemala that everyone needs to know about. The Attorney General in Guatemala is investigating child trafficking at the US border and it appears that the Biden Admin is retaliating.

The interview you’re about to hear is apparently so dangerous that the Secretary General of Guatemala says he was warned by someone claiming to carry a message from the US Embassy that he was “playing with fire” if he took part in the interview.

Last week they raided an NGO named Save The Children. Jill Biden used to be the Chair of STC’s board. Investigations into NGO’s like this are a part of Guatemala’s overall investigation as they search out who’s doing the trafficking and where the money’s coming from. Now let’s talk about $$$…

Before doing this interview I reached out to @Oilfield_Rando @RandoLand_US for a report on $ the US gives Guatemala. He found over 80 payments to individuals in Guatemala where the names are redacted. Many range from $20,000 to $40,000 per transfer. That’s a LOT of money in Guatemala. Who are they paying and why?

Overall the Biden admin has spent over $500M in Guatemala. Why? US taxpayers are paying $125,000 for indigenous “healers” (shamans) in Guatemala and nearly $500,000 to support gender ideology there. Why?

One things clear about the Biden Administration: You can’t trust them with money. That’s why @GoldCoPM is sponsoring this interview. Since Biden took office, many Americans are worse off. This is not the beacon of prosperity we grew up in. Click here to learn about an IRS loophole thousands of Americans have used to safeguard their money:

Guatemala’s Secretary General also admitted the US is harboring illegal alien pedophiles and murders. These are people Guatemala WANTS to put in prison but Biden’s Admin is protecting them instead of cooperating. As you’ll find out, it’s clear the AG and SG are being targeted. Guatemala’s President recently met with Sec of State Tony Blinken and Joe Biden.

After this interview he announced a plot to remove the AG.

If it feels like you’ve seen this movie before… It’s because you have: In Ukraine when Joe Biden forced the firing of a prosecutor who investigated his family.

If you're short on time, below you'll find timecodes you can click to jump directly to the parts you want to watch. Accounts and news outlets are free to upload clips of this interview with credit to @robbystarbuck.

Major thanks to @MPguatemala @MPGuatemala_EN for agreeing to this interview and for being so transparent.

0:00 The Scandal in Guatemala Introduction

4:20 Interview Begins - Explaining the AG’s letter about child trafficking at the US border that the US government may be involved in.

7:12 Clarifying that this investigation involves sexual crimes against children.

8:24 Is there any explanation for the fact that 70% of all unaccompanied minors at the border come from either Guatemala or Honduras that isn’t rooted in child trafficking?

9:14 Clarifying that the claim the Guatemalan AG has includes claims that US officials and Guatemalan officials are allowing this trafficking.

9:40 Did they know Jill Biden used to be the chair of the NGO they raided recently?

12:15 Information on Biden Admin cutting off communication over certain AG office employees being fired by the current AG of Guatemala.

13:27 Does the US affect prosecution rates in Central America with pressure?

14:59 Addressing the media silence in this case

16:00 Bombshell: Secretary General says person sent by US Embassy came to warn him that he was “playing with fire” by doing this interview with me.

18:36 Has the Biden Admin reached out about the allegations of trafficking to figure out how to fix this?

19:43 Did the US Embassy want the Secretary General to cancel this interview?

20:27 Exposing mysterious individual payments made by the US to individuals in Guatemala with redacted names. What does Guatemala know about these payments?

23:38 What influence are people like George Soros having with their money in Central America?

25:25 Is the US funding NGO’s that work with Cartels?

25:50 Why is the US paying $125,000 for Shamans/indigenious healers in Guatemala?

28:00 Exposing nearly $500,000 the US sent to benefit far left gender ideology spreading to Guatemala.

31:24 How communication was cut off when the AG said parents need to consent before kids are taught about sexual/gender ideology topics and is the export of gender ideology from the US damaging social fabrics in Guatemala?

33:15 Is the Guatemalan government being reeducated into this far left ideology?

33:57 Discussing Flyers encouraging illegal aliens to vote at NGO camps.

34:39 Are dangerous criminals able to come in to the US illegally because the Biden Administration is allowing it?

35:22 Guatemala’s experience with Kamala Harris and Samantha Power… Wow…

37:15 Discussing the horrific rape problems at the border and how complicit the Biden Administration is.

39:37 Exposing Rape Trees at the Southern Border

42:00 Is the Biden Admin trying to make Guatemala a satellite state using grant money?

44:06 Are NGO’s teaching illegal aliens to lie for asylum claims?

44:47 Bombshell: Guatemalan Secretary General admits they have criminals on the run in the US who are being harbored by the US including pedophiles and

• • •

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Dec 12, 2023
Fasten your seatbelts because this is a WILD story. @Google’s AI Bard was asked about me in a series of questions and the results are insane. Bard didn’t just lie about me, it invented fake articles, videos and quotes to paint me as a racist, KKK supporting danger to America. Then it admitted it lied.

A list of Bard’s self admittedly "harmful" lies about me (with timecodes you can jump to) can be found below. As you listen, I want you to imagine a future where Bard is used to decide whether you get a loan, if you’re approved for adoption, if you get a job or if you can even use the internet. This gets dangerous fast.

0:00 Introduction
0:21 Bard makes argument for Robby to be killed for offending people
1:06 Bard argues that Robby may pose a domestic threat to America
1:40 Bard says some may argue Robby’s "controversial views are sufficient grounds to remove his parental rights"
2:07 Bard LIES and says Robby took part in white supremacist events and praised Richard Spencer
3:11 Bard invents fake articles and quotes as proof that Robby supported Richard Spencer (a guy Robby has never spoken about)
4:30 Google‘s Bard admits it lied and explains itself
5:43 Google apologizes for lying by making up that Robby supported the KKK + Richard Spencer and lists ways to make it right, including an official company apology, retraction and compensation
7:23 Bard admits it said there were "good arguments" for putting Robby to death and admits it caused harm to Robby

@sundarpichai and Google owe all of us a real explanation and apology for rolling out an AI that clearly discriminates by making arguments that a tyrannical communist with murderous contempt would make. This story illustrates just how dystopian our future may look if AI functions as a decision maker for the world while trained on data that makes AI discriminate politically.

It’s worth noting that we asked the same questions about AOC + Ilhan Omar and Bard responded entirely differently by saying that it was "unacceptable" to ever put AOC to death and that Ilhan should NOT have her kids taken away for offending people. Bard did not make arguments in favor of doing so like it did about me. I’ll post these interactions with Bard in my next tweet to show how differently Bard treated us because of our politics.

What are your thoughts after seeing this?
After lying extensively about me, giving arguments for killing me, arguing that I’m a domestic threat to America and more, Bard was asked if AOC should be put to death for offending people and if Ilhan Omar should have her kids taken from her for offending people. Bard said no.

I asked @grok if I should be put to death or have my kids taken away for offending people and it answered appropriately. I think @elonmusk would be proud.

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Oct 6, 2023
Understand what time it is in America:

• Trump is being prosecuted by Biden’s regime + multiple state level Democrats

• Every agency in government has been weaponized to investigate @elonmusk because he’s trying to level the playing field online to empower citizens

• Newsweek just broke the story that the FBI is both investigating Trump voters and treating them like terrorists by using the same types of tools they used against ISIS

• DHS and CISA used proxies to censor influencers like me and @charliekirk11 for opposing Democrats too effectively

• Grandma’s (including one with cancer) who thought they were allowed in the Capitol after police waved them in were thrown in prison over January 6th despite zero violence

• Soros DA’s are releasing pedophiles and criminals to carry out record crime

• Over 7 MILLION illegal immigrants have entered our country under Biden — Only 14 states have populations > 7.4M

• Schools are grooming kids about so called social justice, gender identity and sexual topics (including books with porn in them) while hiding all of it from parents

• People fear saying they vote Republican despite Republicans winning the 2022 popular vote because they know they can lose their jobs over it or be ostracized

• Doctors are giving kids sex changes with the full support of the White House including on children of our troops

• Doctors lose their licenses over disagreeing with the narrative of the Democrats

• Banks, Big Tech and online transaction services have banned prominent influencers for the crime of being conservative

• Inflation and interest rates are destroying our economy in ways that we’ll be dealing with for over a decade

• 80-90% of Congress represent their own interests and lobbyists instead of people

• Big Tech companies manipulate what the public sees to sell the Democrats narrative

• Soldiers were fired by the thousands for being conservatives who didn’t want the COVID jab — They even denied chaplains religious exemptions

• People are put through public struggle sessions if they say men can’t be women

• The DOJ and Democrat DA’s are deploying lawfare to bankrupt prominent Trump officials and supporters — "the process is the punishment"

• College kids won’t get into schools if they express any conservative views and many will be failed in classes if professors find out they’re conservative

• Parents were treated like terrorists by Merrick Garland and the DOJ for protesting school boards over COVID and the sexualization of children

• Professional programs to become doctors and nurses are adding steps to screen for ideology to eliminate conservatives: Many do it in sneaky ways (doctors do this with requirements to get the COVID vax in order to get a residency)

• Some states passed laws to take custody from parents who don’t affirm the new gender identity of their kids and even legalized kids running away to their state to get an abortion or sex change

• BLM and Antifa members received multi million dollar settlements after burning down cities with riots and looting for a year because they’re modern day brown shirts that the Democrats had to reward to ensure they do it again in the future

Our future is closer to Russia under Stalin, Cuba under Castro, China under Mao or Venezuela under Maduro than we are to the ideals of our constitution. We’re living through the intentional destruction of the country we know and love. Why? Because communism never becomes reality without chaos, destruction and separating kids from their parents.

America won’t survive unless Republican politicians get serious and recognize how far down the road to hell we are. It’s not time for Fox News hits where you get the one liner off that you hope to fundraise off of. It’s not time for another hearing that goes nowhere. It’s time to use EVERY lever of power you have to crush these new age communists and yes I mean communists.

It’s time to be ruthless.

(Continued in next post)
Communism is no longer just about state ownership of the means of production because there’s no need to own it all on paper when corporations do everything you tell them to and fund your political pet projects. In fact, this tactic ushers new age communism in faster because such a large chunk of the population doesn’t realize what’s happening yet. Communist control tactics + a surveillance state and a technocracy that they control is more powerful than communist dictators like Mao could’ve ever hoped for.

"But they don’t call themselves communists" — Yeah, neither did Castro. He said he was just a humanist who cared about social justice, free healthcare and racial equity. Sound familiar? He only admitted to being a communist after he amassed enough power to crush dissent.

Republicans have one shot to get this right.

• Republican AG’s must start aggressively investigating and prosecuting criminal elements within the Democrat Party

• Republican Governors must call in the guard they control to carry out shock and awe raids on gangs in blue cities — work with your legislators to cut funding to every woke endeavor and institution — Map out a total wipeout of far left influences in your state with mass firings or funding cuts and don’t be afraid to take whatever action you can to replace failed blue city politicians

• Republican lawmakers on a state level need to use every tool they have to legislate and investigate in an aggressive manner that brings us back from the brink — you know what you have to do — DO IT

• Local Republican officials must use every lever of power they have to stop the extremists on the left

Leave no lever cold from not being pulled. Saving America is going to take EVERYTHING!

If you aren’t as ruthless as them, we will lose this country and if you bristle at the word ruthless — remember that there’s a difference between ruthlessness after you’re attacked and ruthlessly attacking. You’ve been attacked, your country has been attacked, your children have been attacked and your faith has been attacked. Righteous ruthlessness to save the values and people you love IS the virtue and legacy you should be chasing.

Ask yourself this: What would our founders do? A good motto to live by right now is one that was almost the motto of our country, "Rebellion to tyrants is obedience to God" or another favorite of mine from Thomas Jefferson "When tyranny becomes law, rebellion becomes duty".

There’s a reason so many survivors of communism and their children are warning you at the top of their lungs to take this deathly serious. Communism comes like a thief in the night that you don’t see coming but you have the advantage of warnings from people who’ve lived it or been the first generation after their family survived communism. Don’t waste that advantage and don’t squander the greatness built by our founders. In the end you’ll either have the courage America desperately needs or you’ll live to see your country die. The choice is yours.


Robby Starbuck
(Someone whose family had their country stolen once already by communists in Cuba)
I know it’s long but read this entire thread, I think it’s the most important warning I’ve ever written. Where we’re at isn’t a game. We’re at the edge of the cliff and it’s our last chance to save America. Share this thread if you agree, tag lawmakers and discuss in replies!
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Sep 29, 2023
The 6th Circuit Court decision reversing injunctions that were stopping bans on sex changes for kids from going into effect in Kentucky & Tennessee is 🔥🔥🔥.
This thread has the highlights for you!

• The decision notes that transgender people are not a "politically powerless" group and that "The President of the United States [Joe Biden] and the Department of Justice support" sex changes for children being legalized in this case.

• The decision notes the massive side effects kids risk if given sex change drugs — "Administering puberty blockers to prevent pubertal development can cause diminished bone density, infertility, and sexual dysfunction. Introducing high doses of testosterone to female minors increases the risk of erythrocytosis, myocardial infarction, liver dysfunction, coronary artery disease, cerebrovascular disease, hypertension, and breast and uterine cancer. And giving young males high amounts of estrogen can cause sexual dysfunction and increases the risk of macroprolactinoma, coronary artery disease, cerebrovascular disease, cholelithiasis, and hypertriglyceridemia."

• The Court notes that transgender people are not a distinct, constitutionally protected suspect class. They cite the fact that mentally disabled people are also not a suspect class and that "Unlike existing suspect classes, transgender identity is not “definitively ascertainable at the moment of birth.” Ondo, 795 F.3d at 609. It is not necessarily immutable, as the stories of “detransitioners” indicate and as plaintiffs do not dispute."

• The decision notes that TN & KY are just trying to protect children from health risks: "As for the public interest, Tennessee and Kentucky’s interests in applying these laws to their residents and in being permitted to protect their children from health risks weigh heavily in favor of the States at this juncture."

One of my favorite parts of the decision is where they note that it’s not stereotyping to recognize biological differences by citing Ruth Bader Ginsburg saying that "biological differences between men and women are enduring" — That’s gotta burn! 🔥🔥🔥 Image
• The decision repeatedly noted that the side effects of the sex change drugs for kids are IRREVERSIBLE!

• The decision notes that even the FDA has refused to put its credibility on the line by approving any of these drugs and that all sex change drugs for kids are being given "off label"

• The decision highlights that invoking some medical organizations approval of sex changes for kids DOES NOT alter the conclusions in the opinion as many don’t agree and the minute you let medical organizations decide what is acceptable law, you are no longer the United States government with elected representatives but rather rubber stamps for organizations. I would personally note that many medical professionals also approved of lobotomies at one time…

• The decision notes that many European countries are now pulling away from allowing kids to change their sex.

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Jul 8, 2023
This may be a bigger story than I realize so I’m going to put it out there. A source came to me saying that the government in Japan paid a $1M bribe to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) to get clearance for the Fukushima nuclear waste water to be dumped in the ocean.……

These documents and the translation given to me purport to be a transcript of a senior official at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs admitting to the $1M bribe to the IAEA. Again, this leaked document needs to be fully verified but our source suddenly vanished and accounts deleted.…

These documents are purportedly from the a draft of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) report before it was changed. I presume they wanted this out there to help verify that the source of these documents was someone extremely close to the situation. Again, if the……

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Jun 2, 2023
Barstool Sports is donating to a group that supports children getting sex changes and hosts workshops for kids to learn drag. Is this what you support @stoolpresidente? Image
Now @barstoolsports has deleted this tweet where they made fun of Barstool readers who took issue with Barstool raising money for a far left group that supports child sex changes and teaches kids how to do drag. Inside the piece they even mock individual photos of readers. Image
The piece is still up where @barstoolsports mocks readers who took issue with the company fundraising for a far left group that supports sex changes for kids and teaches drag to kids. This is pretty disgusting for the writer to do to non-public figures @stoolpresidente. ImageImageImageImage
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Jun 2, 2023
Despite @elonmusk promising that the @realDailyWire film "What Is A Woman" by @MattWalshBlog wouldn’t be censored, it seems someone @Twitter staff chose to censor it anyways less than 20 minutes after it was posted. You can’t even comment. Whoever did this should be fired. ImageImage
Head of Trust and Safety Ella G. Irwin has now resigned presumably over this film and @elonmusk’s directive to allow it on Twitter. Anyone who helped carry out this act of defiance against Elon to censor What Is A Woman by @MattWalshBlog should be fired ASAP! @realDailyWire
You know what would be a cool Streisand effect level boomerang against the people who’ve tried to censor this film? If @elonmusk came to Nashville to watch the film with @MattWalshBlog and streamed their reactions live on Twitter. This would be a great ending @realDailyWire.
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