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6 Jul 20
This is a real article in the @nytimes. This lunacy should make the hair on your arms stand up. COVID apparently only attacks if leftist epidemiologists don’t agree with your protest but it’s not a threat if they do agree with your protest. Do I have that right?
Oh and it gets even better.
I can’t stress this enough so I’ll use caps.

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4 Jul 20
@nytimes I don’t say this lightly, go fuck yourself.
@nytimes I really sincerely mean it. America has had enough of your far left lunacy.
@nytimes On the bright side: Show this headline to your friends and family who watched the speech but still don’t quite understand how toxic and dishonest the media is. If they watched the speech, this headline should wake them up. Trump was right. The media is the enemy of the people.
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3 Jul 20
It’s sad that people care more about the Redskins name and Nike pulling all Redskins gear from their store than they do about the fact Nike makes a lot of their clothes in third world countries under terrible conditions & slave wages.
Manufacture in America @Nike. Then MAYBE we’ll take your virtue signaling about the name Redskins seriously.
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25 Jun 20
Democrats and the Media have lied to you about who Republicans really are. We did the #IAMRepublican project to show you who we REALLY are, what we really believe in and WHY!

The full hour of #IAMRepublican is out now at
The full hour #IAMRepublican doc is on YouTube now! We thought this project would be 5-10 minutes long. We never imagined we’d get the incredible response we received. This is who we are. The media and the Democrats don’t get to define us anymore!

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23 Jun 20
I told you they wouldn’t stop at statues of confederates. Now they want to "tear down" Jesus. They’ll attack everything until our foundation crumbles. The people on the ground think it’s about race, it’s not. Those directing destruction know this is a Marxist insurgency.
The people pulling the puppet strings seek total societal collapse. They sure seem like they want civil war. Imagine groups of rioters tearing down statues of Jesus like @shaunking told them to. Christians will not allow that to happen. Shaun is putting lives in grave danger.
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20 Jun 20
As the son and grandson of Cubans who fled Cuba because of a communist revolution, the scariest thing about Americans who’ve had family here for generations is how so many of you are blind to how quickly communist revolutions happen and how quickly you’re the target they aim for.
First it was statues of controversial people, then it was our founders, now it’s even abolitionists and men who fought to end slavery. These tyrants won’t be satisfied. Next will be things that touch your life and then it will be you that they come for. Prepare accordingly.

When they tell you what they really mean, believe them. This is not and has not been about Black Lives Mattering for a very long time. It’s a far left well funded Marxist insurgency.
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10 Jun 20
THREAD: Leftism isn’t a political ideology anymore, it’s a religion complete with heavily policed virtues that determine your purity, public rituals, confession, holy war, penance, daily proclamations that validate your loyalty, shunning, excommunication and evangelism.

- Look no further than the Democrat stunt wearing Kenta cloth to signal their dedication to the cause
- Democrats coordinating to all wear white at the State of the Union address

- Guilty white leftists apologizing for their original sin of being born with white privilege and giving money to make up for it
- You must make up for violations against the doctrine by apologizing in a humiliating manner (see Mayor Jacob Frey)
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7 Jun 20
@jk_rowling You’re 1000% correct JK. Just curious, does it worry you how violently the left comes after you much more viciously for disagreeing with them than the right does? I’m okay with you not agreeing with me on politics without going insane. I can’t say the same for the left.
@jk_rowling The whole young woke SJW ideology is built on more fiction than Harry Potter.
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6 Jun 20
From @nytimes:

• Text your relatives & loved ones that you won’t visit or talk to them until they protest for Black lives or give $ to social justice groups

This is nuts. Our media is a far left activist group that wants a race war and cultural revolution. That’s where we are.
I’m gonna help y’all: If your friend does this, they were never your friend. 😉
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6 Jun 20
We’re destroying our next generation of kids by politicizing everything in their life, by using them as political props, by making them take on causes they don’t yet understand and robbing them of their innocence. Every adult participating in this should feel permanent shame.
If we have any chance of saving the next generation from the darkness that leftism will infect our world with, we must not sit and watch. We must do all that we can to fight for all kids to have a childhood and for all kids to have an education free from political indoctrination.
Every low you’ve been told the far left would never do, they will do. They don’t want to compromise. They don’t want to live with us or co-exist. They want to infect the minds of every kid they can get their hands on and turn them against their family. We can’t let that happen.
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6 Jun 20
We’re seizing guys. I miss when we used to pounce. Which is your favorite?
Very weird use of the word perceived too. Pretty soon that’ll change to "possible hallucinations, I mean really who knows for sure" or something along those lines. 🙄
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5 Jun 20
An 82 yr old @realDonaldTrump voter wearing a Trump hat was attacked by a 27 year old named Aidan Courtright. He knocked his hat off, body slammed him, kicked him in the ribs + legs, then fled. Two witnesses saw the assault. Listen to how scared this man is. Heartbreaking.
Aiden Courtright faces multiple charges including civil rights violation with injury, assault and battery on a person over 60, vandalism and more. A judge let him out for now as long as he stops political activity, turns over his guns and doesn’t go near the old man. Insane. 😡
Happy update for you all. I sent this man’s story to @DonaldJTrumpJr and he was able to surprise the man on a radio show to offer some love & support.…
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5 Jun 20
Remember the study that said people taking hydroxychloroquine faced higher mortality rates? Remember how it caused trials of the drug to stop? Well it’s been peer reviewed and found to be BS. The author now retracted the study. Trials have now resumed.…
There isn’t a doubt in my mind this study was put out to embarrass Trump. It was totally political. As a result it literally stopped trials of the drug. What if hydroxychloroquine trials end up being successful? How much time was lost due to this BS study that said it was deadly?
This is what happens when Democrats are committed to opposing literally everything that Trump shows a mild belief in, interest in or support for. It may have killed people who didn’t get hydroxychloroquine because doctors feared danger after seeing this study. Think about that.
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3 Jun 20
Extremely graphic video warning: 77 yr. old retired Police Captain David Dorn from St. Louis was murdered by looters when he tried to protect a local shop. People who encouraged these riots.. Was it all worth it? Did you get what you wanted? Sickening. 💔
David Dorn’s life mattered just as much as George Floyd’s life but he was killed over a robbery by a criminal. We have to confront the fact that robberies and gang shootings account for far more dead people than police do. I hope we see people march to change that too.
Please donate to the fund for David Dorn’s family that @JackPosobiec made. We can help lift them up during this horrific tragedy.…
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2 Jun 20
I reached out to Twitter to ask about this totally fake photoshopped photo that has gone viral where they added a bible to Hitler’s hand and they will be adding a manipulated media label to tweets sharing it soon. Really dirty and sick tactic from the left to do this.
For the record I would prefer we had a free open platform without fact checks from the social media company but as long as they have the rules they have I will fight to make sure they’re doled out more equally.
Since Debra Messing wasn’t honest enough to delete this tweet even after being told it was fake, I’m glad I could help let people know what an intellectually dishonest person she was with this viral tweet. You’re welcome. 😘
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2 Jun 20
This woman’s sister was shot and killed by a protestor in Davenport, Iowa. The pain coming from her voice in this video is just heartbreaking.
Her sister was not the only shooting in Davenport last night. 3 Davenport police officers were ambushed in their car by a shooter who fired multiple shots at them. One officer was shot but has survived.
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1 Jun 20
CNN just had audio of protestors piped in while the President of the United States @realDonaldTrump was delivering an address to the nation during a major crisis. If they don’t want to be called the enemy of the people, they should stop acting like it. Disgusting.
Not joking. CNN really did this. This was an entirely political decision. Sick. They care more about hating Trump than uniting and calming our country down.
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31 May 20
@realDonaldTrump Thank you President Trump. These far left terrorists MUST be held responsible for the terror they caused in our streets. It’s time to lock them up!!!
@realDonaldTrump If you haven’t figured it out yet watching these riots: Buy a gun, get lessons, be a responsible gun owner and be ready to protect yourself because you never know when police are going to be ordered to stand down and you’re going to be on your own to protect your family.
@realDonaldTrump Antifa betrays every community they claim to care about to advance their real goal of societal collapse & chaos. Simply put, they hate our country and every man or woman who loves our country no matter their race.

Antifa is a terrorist organization.
Antifa are the real fascists.
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30 May 20
@realDonaldTrump Steps to unity

1. Designate Antifa a domestic terrorist group.
2. Form a working group of community leaders who actually want change and law enforcement who want safer interactions, get recommendations on pro police and pro citizen reforms to make policing safer for everyone.
@realDonaldTrump 3. Have a round table meeting with the working group and send the message that we can always do better and will always strive to be better.
4. Give a speech about what a human issue this is, the human cost of looting, arson and destruction.
5. Reassure that justice is being done.
@realDonaldTrump 6. MAGA night at White House in celebration of getting done what Obama could not get done, getting real policing reforms done that make things safer for police and citizens. Then it’ll be a unified crowd instead of chaotic fighting between rioters and people in MAGA hats.
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30 May 20
@realDonaldTrump @SecretService I understand deep anger at the officer who had his knee pressed into the neck of George Floyd. I understand the anger at the officers who didn’t intervene. I’m angry too but the violence happening right now is not the solution. We need unity that demands justice, not violence.
@realDonaldTrump @SecretService 1. Designate Antifa a domestic terrorist group.
2. Form a working group of community leaders who actually want change and law enforcement who want safer interactions, get recommendations from them on pro police and pro citizen reforms to make policing safer for everyone.
@realDonaldTrump @SecretService 3. Have a round table meeting with the working group and send the message that we can always do better and will always strive to be better.
4. Give a speech about what a human issue this is, the human cost of looting, arson and destruction.
5. Reassure that justice is being done.
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29 May 20
I reached out to a Twitter rep about them censoring @realDonaldTrump’s tweet about looting leading to shooting. What they said was shocking even to me. 1st I pointed out that Twitter sent @WhiteHouse an email saying that the tweet in question did NOT violate the terms of service.
They said that’s not unusual because it’s an automated response. Here’s where things get interesting...

I asked why they decided to censor someone so clearly subjective. I explained that I read it as a fact that shootings often happen as a result of looting.
Even pointing out how differently the tweet can be interpreted by people they said they’re "confident in the context of the rest of the tweet, and the historical context of the phrase used, that his tweet violates their rules" I said "Even with his clarification he posted today?"
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