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Quick 🧵: The "migration benefits the economy" myth is unraveling before our eyes. As the Regime importats endless foreign mercenaries, the migration farce will accelerate, revealing it as nothing more than a vindictive policy of ethnic cleansing buoyed by parasitism. 1/
The Regime has admitted to importing at least tens of millions, and that's simply what we know of. The real number is likely much, MUCH higher, and at least half that force does nothing but mill around feeding off the system. This is an incalculable burden on citizens... 2/ Image
...resulting in a boiling cauldron of violence, crime, and chaos. Society begins to break down. People flee once thriving neighborhoods to get away from it. Trust plumments. Systems are abandoned. This deluge of bodies is fatal to a healthy society. 3/

As more "gimmedats" flood through the open gates, word spreads. "They aren't guarding anything anymore! There's free stuff everywhere you look! These people are like sheep and cattle, we can take whatever we want from them!" This is the mentality of many "new" migrants. 4/
This feeding frenzy creates economic pressure, not growth. Labor suffers from undercut wages, while housing, food, etc. all increase due to demand. Social welfare is stretched beyond its limits. As trust plummets, productivity declines. 5/

This creates an economic time bomb that will destroy everything. America is not immune to this, as we are seeing in real time. This is precisely the point.

The Regime has been clear in its rhetoric and aims: using migration as a genocidal pogrom against its domestic enemies. 6/
We know the government finances this project directly via NGOs with grants, tax breaks, etc. This has reached a fever pitch in recent years as the Regime has ramped up its looting of the treasury and exploitation of citizens by pursuing a policy of intentional debt inflation. 7/
In addition, cottage industries crop up around the corruption, magnifying it. Like coyotes responding to a rung dinner bell, NGOs, charities, non-profits, investors, etc. swarm the migrant industry for a feeding frenzy of unimaginable proportions. 8/
It is laughable that any of these leeches in the "private sector" pretend to do anything of value for society. They are parasites who see themselves as entitled to lord over you and siphon away you and your family's future, to their benefit. 9/ Image
What's equally egregious are the types of migrants coming for this cornucopia of free stuff. Mostly military aged males - violent criminals, traffickers, and worse - streaming over the border in numbers greater than entire US field armies every week. 10/
Ultimately this leads to the destruction of a people, diluting their culture and identity. And that is precisely the point. All interested parties despise what we are and what we represent, and seek our destruction by their hands as some form of cosmic social justice. 11/
Eventually even thinking about the pre-migrant past will be considered a deadly crime by the Regime and its enforcers. All memories of the past will be erased, brown-washed to prevent you from remembering that things weren't always this way, and that they don't need to be. 12/ Image
It's clear we have passed the tipping point for any "conventional" remediation of this problem: but don't despair (watch for demoralization). No land is truly lost and no people are truly dead until every drop of their blood has been spilled. We can reverse this, and we will. 13/
Mass deportations will be a necessity. This is non-negotiable. Extreme border security measures will also be needed: symbolic, technological, and political. We need real teeth behind enforcement, and that means having the willpower to see it through. 14/ Image
To summarize : the Regime's mythology about migration, especially its false economic premise, is collapsing. This means they will hit the gas and accelerate even further. But it also means we have a chance to build our cause and prepare for the battles ahead. 15/END Image
"They're just innocent women & kids bro, they just want a fresh start, they're orphan victims, they'll juice the GDP, please bro number go up" - they say as well-organized fully kitted out drug trafficking gangs mow down police officers in broad daylight:

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May 3
DOOMERS: "The campus is taken. It is over."

ANONS: "You said this campus would never fall while your men defend it. They still defend it. They have been doxxed defending it!"

[Shrieks from blue haired leftists echo through the doors. The normies and boomers on college campuses cower in fear.]

ANONS: "Is there no other way for the normies and boomers to get out of the universities?"

DOOMERS: "..."

ANONS: "Is there no other way???"

CAMPUS PD: "There is one passage. It leads into the sports complex, and out to Greek Row. But they will not get far. The obese protesters are too many."

ANONS: "Send word for the normies and boomers to make for the pass through the sports complex to safety in Greek Row. And barricade the entrance!"

DOOMERS: "So much Soros funding. What can men do against such reckless hate?"

[The protestors keep trying to pick the doors to the university library with their nose rings, unsuccessfully. They wail in frustration at the cold pizza delivered by their NGO enablers because it isn't vegan.]

ANONS: "Ride out with me."

DOOMERS: "..."

ANONS: "Ride out and meet them!"

DOOMERS: "...for death and glory?"

ANONS: "For white boy summer. For your people."

WHITEPILLERS: "The sun is rising."

[ANONS scroll on X as the feed refreshes.]

FRAT BOYS: "Look to my coming at first light on the fifth day. At dawn, look to the East."

DOOMERS: "Yes.... Yes! The call of the white boy shall sound in the deep... one last time!"


[Chants of "USA USA" fill the air. Fat Marxist protesters begin crying uncontrollably.]

DOOMERS: "Let this be the hour when we draw swords together."

[The party brandishes their cell phone cameras.]

DOOMERS: "Fell deeds awake. Now for wrath. Now for ruin. And the red white and blue dawn!!"

[The doors to the school library break open.]

DOOMERS: "Forð Eorlingas!!!"


TRUMP: "It's like in the great stories, let me tell you America. The best ones that really mattered. Full of darkness and danger they were, bigly. And sometimes you didn't want to know the end, no you didn't. Because how could the end be, happy? How could the world go back to the way it was when so much bad had happened, so much bad I tell you."

[The blue-hairs flee Ole Miss. The frat boys shout in victory about SEC titles. Slogan signs and cheap keffiyehs slide down the streets, washed away by spring rains.]

TRUMP: "But in the end, it's only a passing thing, this shadow, a little passing shadow. Teeny tiny. Even darkness must pass. A new day will come. And when the sun shines it will shine out the clearer, the clearest let me tell you. And in that sun we will make America Great Again."

[Public opinion begins to turn against the Regime.]

TRUMP: "Those were the stories that stayed with you. That meant something, maybe not as much as me, I know, but still something. Even if you were too small to understand why. But I think, America, I do understand. I know now. Folks in those stories had lots of chances of turning back only they didn't, no sir, they didn't, they could have, but they didn't. Because they were holding on to something."

AMERICANS: "What are we holding on to?"

[Trump starts doing his rally dance.]

TRUMP: "That there's some good in this world, that we will make America Great again. And it's worth fighting for."Image
@MiddleearthMixr I humbly offer you this post my brother, my captain, my king
When I die I'm going to read this to God like I'm performing a Shakespearian drama

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Apr 29
Quick 🧵: The institutions typically entrusted with the care of citizens at various stages of life have become openly hostile, incompetent, and dangerous. At its core, this represents resource competition between the Regime and oppositional elements within society. 1/
Our lives are built entirely around accumulating enough resources to escape the consequential carnage of the Regime's revolution, to insulate your family/self from it. Dumb doctors, tr00ns in school, criminal streets, racialized judges, faulty airplanes, lost knowledge, etc. 2/
Everyone knows the economy is fake and the system is broken, so we're all cynically gathering resources and preparing for the inevitable collapse. But collapse isn't sudden anymore: it happens every day. So the pressure to accumulate resources is heightened exponentially. 3/
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Apr 28
Quick 🧵: Replacing the entire population of a civilization with third world schizos who hate that civilization doesn't "save" it from ruin. It kills it faster. This is fundamentally a problem of the economic brainwashing of "numbers only go up". This is wrong. 1/
Low birth rates are indeed a crisis of epic proportions, and Elon is right to notice it. But he misdiagnoses the solution. We need to be figuring out the spiritual, cultural, environmental and economic conditions that are causing low birth rates and fix them from the inside. 2/ Image
Migration is NOT the solution - in fact, it is a significant part of the cause. Hopelessness, social degradation and instability caused by the recent massive migration influx in the West has pushed more young people into a desperate struggle to escape its consequences. 3/
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Apr 22
Quick 🧵: Libs have this religious need to live out their fantasy of being "Le oppressed resistance fighter taking on the man" (despite the fact they actually control all of our major societal institutions) so they conjure up insane scenarios to justify this fantasy. 1/
This is a pretty common dynamic in modern politics. As leftists have infiltrated and taken over major corporations, government agencies, schools, entertainment, the legal system, media and other institutions, they've naturally become more and more obsessed with power. 2/
The left's position as "revolutionaries" is a deeply ingrained part of their identity. In the Communist Manifesto Marx writes about a global, permanent revolution without end. Keep in mind that this has replaced traditional religion as the major belief system for these people. 3/ Image
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Apr 19
Quick 🧵: Kingdom of Heaven is such a fantastic example of how aesthetics, when done right, will win out every time in hearts and minds, and how artistic mediums such as film (like any art) will have its greatest impact in ways its creators often aren't able to predict. 1/
The aesthetics of Kingdom of Heaven are so well conceived and executed that they completely overpower the film's modernist subplot. As a result, it is remembered for these qualities, which undermine the tepid modernist messaging shoehorned into an otherwise compelling story. 2/

Because of the overwhelming power of the film's aesthetics, that modernist message is drowned out in a sea of aesthetic quality, which moves the viewer in a far greater manner than anything else. Baldwin's speech itself winks at this phenomenon. 3/
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Apr 17
Quick 🧵: This Speaker has been a classic GOP bait-and-switch. Comes in, talks a big game, immediately does a complete 180, starts funding Regime pet projects, warmongering with the Intel agencies, etc. Blackmailed maybe? Who knows. But let's talk about controlled opposition. 1/
First we shouldn't pretend Speaker Johnson was going to be some based populist. He's essentially Mike Pence in the House. These are not people from "our" movement. Rather, these are people who walk the same halls of power as libs and have been corrupted by their influence. 2/
Johnson represents the "old GOP", which isn't really the "old GOP" because it's still mostly in control of the actual party apparatuses and donor streams. Trump's disruption, in their view, is a temporary hiccup, not a permanent change in direction or goals. 3/ Image
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