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in October the President of Israel Isaac Herzog said they recovered Shani Louk's body, and Hamas had beheaded her

yesterday the Israeli regime again said they recovered her body, her family saw it and said it is "complete and beautiful." Yet another fabricated beheading Image
here is the President of Israel Isaac Herzog, who is still treated as a credible source of information by the Western media, saying on October 30th that Shani Louk's body was recovered and Hamas had beheaded her. These freaks make up beheadings like they're drinking water
also, a body does not remain in perfect condition for 7 months. That's utterly insane. So what happened here should be obvious to anyone who isn't a liar. The Israeli regime had her body all along, kept it on ice, and then uncovered it when they needed a PR boost. That's it
they recovered her body in October, lied about it being beheaded and the bullshit "skull fragment" line which was utterly absurd to prevent people from finding out that they had her body and kept it on ice, then released it to justify the Rafah assault and ongoing Gaza genocide
these Zionists freaks are the most depraved lying scumbags alive. They fabricate physical evidence, ISIS flags, pamphlets, photos of burnt babies, all to launder the Gaza genocide. And now Shani Louk's body magically appears "complete and beautiful, her skin is perfect" to justify the genocidal assault on Rafah.

And Western media gleefully launders every single one of their lies, as detailed in this thread:
everyone knew the "we identified Shani Louk from a skull fragment DNA sample" line was utterly deranged. How the fuck do you randomly stumble on a skull fragment in Gaza then decide that's definitely Shani Louk's and test it for DNA. And prestige Western media ate it up. NYT, BBC
no, they found her body in October, that's how they knew it was her. Then the deranged Israeli President added the "she was beheaded" line to add some plausibility to the "skull fragment" line. "Uhhh, they actually found her head!"

now her body is "complete and perfect" again
if you work at the NYT, BBC, Guardian, and you're seeing all this happening in real time, and you just keep writing article after article laundering all the lies, "Shani Louk beheaded", "Shani Louk skull fragment found", "Shani Louk's body found in perfect condition", fuck you
you are the scum who are laundering the ongoing Gaza genocide by laundering the most insane absurd Israeli atrocity propaganda. A child with object permanence would look at all this and be embarrassed by your scumfuckey. Good job, you laundered the Rafah genocide with Shani Louk
btw, there are people across the Western world who are medical experts, forensic pathologists, who know that all this is an obvious deranged lie. A body does not remain in perfect condition for 7 months unless it's in a morgue kept in that state. Why are you all quiet? You scum
the poor family too. They're shocked. They saw her body and are like "wow, it's in perfect condition. It must be because the Hamas tunnels are so cold." This is how the Israeli regime treats their own people. Chen Kugel was 100% involved in this operation:
it's ok though, in 6 months Haaretz will do a piece about how Shani Louk's body went from being beheaded and skull fragments being randomly found in Gaza and ID'd in October, to suddenly "perfect complete beautiful" form in May, how the Israelis had kept it all along, pulled it out for the Rafah PR.

When it no longer matters, they'll admit it was all a lie, it was all bullshit, and no one who laundered it at the NYT, BBC, Guardian will of course correct the lies.

Same with the Shura base where all the October 7 bodies were brought and freaks like Captain Mayaan and Shari Mendes said they saw women's bodies with broken pelvises, genital mutilation, raped, all cited in the New York Times, BBC, Guardian, stil up today with zero corrections and still being used and cited as credible information:

Then Haaretz comes along 6 months later and says: Yeah all that Shura base and Nova music festival bodies having signs of rape and mutilation and broken pelvises is all bullshit that we, including the head of our elite investigative police unit, made up for PR so we could mass murder and behead and rape Palestinians as part of the ongoing Gaza genocide.

But it's ok, we ultimately admitted it when it served it purpose, so you can trust Haaretz for the next genocidal propaganda lies which they're all publishing in real time before they debunk themselves later on after it's no longer useful.

Zionists are the lowest most shameless depraved scum alive.Image
think about how depraved the Israeli regime is. They lied about Shani Louk being beheaded, a skull fragment of hers being found, making her parents believe this for 7 months. Then only when they needed her to launder the Rafah genocide, did they give her parents solace. Pure evil
@JewsFightBack @LD259100 and there is no source for the claim that they found the skull fragment in Israel. Your lies are so deranged and insane that they explode the moment you utter them because they directly contradict the other claims you make. Do you have no shame at all, you fucking freak?
a Zionist just responded with a solution: They found Shani Louk's skull fragment in Israel, not Gaza, which is why the regime and Herzog thought she was beheaded

they keep posting the footage of Shani Louk being moved into Gaza and "paraded around" with her head intact. Now they're trying to plug the hole in their propaganda with "actually they found the skull fragment at Nova, so they thought she was beheaded". Just lie and lie and lie
the President of Israel said Shani Louk was beheaded. He said her body was mutilated. 7 months later, when they needed a PR hit to launder the ongoing Rafah genocide, it's found not just fully intact, but "complete and beautiful and the skin is the same color, looking like she's still alive."

Everyone knows what happened: The regime found her body in Gaza in late October, then made up the bullshit "skull fragment" and "she was beheaded" propaganda lie, which is insane that they ran with it because she is literally on video being moved into Gaza with her head intact, so the deranged lie only works if they found the fragment in Gaza and then concluded she must have been beheaded, which itself is deranged. You don't just stumble on a skull fragment in Gaza and decide to randomly test it and then discover it's from Shani Louk. That's why Zionist propagandists quickly moved to "no no, they actually found the fragment on a road leading away from Nova! That's why they thought she was beheaded! Ignore that she is on tape being moved into Gaza with her head intact, that's inconvenient for now, we're running with the lie that plugs the hole in the other lie."

But don't worry, Haaretz will have an epic investigative report on all this in 6 months from now, after the regime has razed Rafah to the ground as the entire Western media jumped on the "OMG SHANI LOUK OMG OMG" propaganda to launder it.Image

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Jul 22
Kamala Harris was such a terrible politician, so widely despised even by the Democratic base, that she was forced to quit the primary before a single vote was cast. Now all these deranged liberals and pseudo-radicals think they can meme her into having charisma. Utter insanity
what good luck for Kamala Harris that the DNC cancelled the 2024 primary so she didn't have to compete and instead got handed the presidential nomination, and every hack liberal and pseudo-radical is celebrating it as a major victory for democracy. The purest fucking scum
go look back at the Kamala Harris campaign events ahead of the 2020 primary that forced her to quit before a single vote was cast. She is more of a charisma-void than even Hillary Clinton. And this is the person they're rallying around with idiotic online memes.

There's no policy, there's not even a rhetorical attempt to address the ongoing Gaza genocide which Harris has backed 100% and has pledged to continue to back.

There's absolutely nothing aside from "well at least her brain isn't leaking live on camera."

And this will be the pitch going forward. Just watch. Do you think she is going to even bother with symbolic nods to the pseudo-radical progressives who have already pledged fealty? Of course not. But she'll become even more extreme in her devotion to the Israel lobby, because they are the only ones she and Dem leadership care about.

The only thing that might have changed the calculus here is if the progressive caucus and the broad left actually asked something in return for their endorsements. But they didn't. They didn't ask anything. They folded immediately and gave their gleeful endorsements alongside Hillary Clinton and the rest of the Dem leadership, so any leverage they might have had is immediately gone, just as it was with Genocide Joe.

They call this "smart electoral politics". Fuck off you fucking careerist scum.
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Jul 22
In 2017, as her first foreign policy vote for a resolution she co-sponsored, Kamala Harris joined Trump in criticizing Obama for daring to symbolically reprimand Israel at the UN for its illegal settlements. Instead, she demanded that the UN never dare interfere with her precious genocidal Israel.

In doing so Kamala Harris sided with Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan against Diane Feinstein and Nancy Pelosi, themselves also Zionist fanatics but this even went too far for them.

Harris then also celebrated the occupation of East Jerusalem, which is illegally occupied territory under international law, reaffirmed just recently by the ICJ.

This is how fanatical and deranged Harris' Zionism really is and has always been. She is a totally deranged genocidal Zionist freak.Image
Kamala Harris also smeared BDS as anti-Semitic, and said any efforts at the UN to criticize Israel for its violations of human rights and international law are also anti-Semitic. She praised Trump's UN ambassador Haley for smearing the UN as anti-Semitic. This is Kamala Harris Image
I'm so coconut-pilled I'm overdosing! She's so epic and based! Remember the meme about being unburdened by the past? Her dad was a Marxist right? So epic and based. More of Momala's epic and based genocidal Zionist murderous depravity in this thread:
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Jul 21
Kamala Harris is asked about the bombing of a refugee camp in Gaza and if she considers it a legitimate target. Harris ignores the question, and instead does a deflection pretending to care about the countless babies, children, women and men killed by Israel in the bombing.

So the reporter asks Harris again if she considers the bombing of refugee camps and mass murdering of Palestinians to be legitimate.

She says: "We are not telling Israel how to conduct this war."

This is the epic based coconut-pilled candidate the US "left" has coalesced around immediately with deranged memes
Kamala Harris is asked about the ongoing Gaza genocide, and what she thinks about many young voters opposing it.

Her response? Immediately deflect to October 7, say "Israeli women were raped", repeat genocidal atrocity propaganda hoaxes, "Israel has the right to defend itself", and then end with the typical bullshit liberal Zionist platitudes about a two-state solution to finalize the laundering of the Gaza genocide she's arming, funding and giving propaganda cover to
Kamala Harris especially loves the "mass rape" genocidal atrocity propaganda hoax. She has repeated it over and over and even went so far as to host a White House event to launder a propaganda film that includes video footage of rape-tortured Palestinians:
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Jul 21
Kamala Harris literally promoted video footage of rape-tortured Palestinians just recently, and put that genocidal atrocity propaganda on the White House public media channel. Any "leftists" laundering her as some epic based hero are pure depraved scum. Fuck your bullshit memes Image
you fucking cunt scum did the whole "OMG JOE LOVES ICE CREAM LOL DARK BRANDON IS SO BASED" memes for years and now you're doing it for Kamala fucking Harris when she's not even been nominated yet? And you call yourself "communists"? Fuck you you fucking scumbags. Cunts
you're not even going to bother to criticize Kamala Harris for literally promoting video footage of Palestinians who were rape-tortured to death with dogs? After 10 months of pretending to be anti-genocide? Fuck you
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Jul 21
I'm seeing some people say they feel sorry for Joe Biden. Just to be clear: I hope every waking moment of his life is filled with suffering, humiliation, degradation, and endless pain. That depraved genocidal senile rapist Zionist scumbag is directly responsible for the mass murder and rape of not just Palestinians, but Iraqis, Afghans, Syrians, Libyans, every single US genocidal war going back decades, millions of lives, babies, children, men and women destroyed by this monstrous ghoulish freak.

If only a tiny bit of that is returned to him through personal suffering, it is not just an expression of the only bit of justice his victims can ever have, but it is what he deserves a million times over.

I hope he passes away soon utterly humiliated, shamed and despised by everyone, from the liberal class that propped up his genocidal rapist corpse, up to his closest friends and relatives. I hope he goes knowing he was hated and despised by everyone the world over, as he is.
after October 7 Genocide Joe's Zionist Israel lobby and regime owners wrote every atrocity propaganda hoax script for him to read, and he dutifully obeyed, even going so far to say he personally saw photos of the non-existent 40 beheaded babies:

at his recent Morehouse speech Genocide Joe once again went full deranged Zionist atrocity propaganda hoaxer, saying he saw non-existent photos of a daughter and mother being tied together and burned alive. And the liberal media class covered for him again

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Jul 19
the ICJ did not just rule that the West Bank is illegally occupied territory but also Gaza, as the genocidal Israeli regime always retained de facto control over it. In other words the ICJ reaffirmed that October 7 was a legitimate act of self-defense against a genocidal occupier
you can tell the BBC's Raffi Berg, who is one of the most odious Zionist propagandists there, was enraged as he was forced to write that the ICJ ruled Gaza to be occupied territory, which of course makes the BBC and the rest of the Western media class complicit in genocidal Israeli propaganda as they always denied and will continue to deny this truismImage
this is also why Zionists and the Western media class had to fabricate the most deranged atrocity propaganda hoaxes about October 7 and demonize Hamas as pure anti-Semitic monsters, all meant to erase the occupation as Mearsheimer brilliantly explains:
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