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@ryangrim the PHRI and those who laundered it, in particular @IChotiner and the New Yorker, played the key role in mainstreaming the "mass rape" hoax for liberals. Now the PHRI has retracted it will Isaac and New Yorker also admit it and retract their propaganda?
@ryangrim also the Patten report and it's minimalist version of the "mass rape" hoax that debunked the maximalist version of it in the PHRI, is also a fraud. It's not investigative, and relies entirely on debunked Israeli "witnesses" like Sapir, Raz Cohen and Zaka:

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May 20
why did Karim Khan and the ICC specifically include the charge of "sexual violence in captivity" against Hamas leaders, but not against Israeli leaders who actually mass rape Palestinian hostages? Because Zionist rape of Palestinian children is normalized

of course the entire media class is running with that line like they did with Patten's UN report, lying that it lends credence to their "mass rape" hoax. But read the ICC case: They only charge "sexual violence in the context of captivity", explicitly excluding October 7 itself, which is what the "mass rape" hoax is about: That there was a systematic planned operation to engage in targeted sexual violence on October 7.

So the ICC does not bolster the "mass rape" hoax fabricated and disseminated by the entire Western media class, it directly undermines it. But of course they're all lying and pretending the opposite, and everyone allows them to get away with it
also absurd to charge the leaders of Hamas with what the allegations itself say was done by rogue guards who desperately tried to cover it up. That's not systematic, planned and ordered from the top. The actual Israeli rape is, but zero mention of that
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May 19
in his commencement speech at Morehouse Genocide Joe Biden just said: "I was there [in Israel] nine days after [October 7] and saw pictures of them tying a mother and daughter in a rope, pouring kerosene on them, burning them, and watching as they died.”

these photos don't exist
Genocide Joe Biden has been repeating this story that he personally saw photos of a mother and daughter tied with a rope and burned alive alongside beheaded babies for months now, even after the White House said he never saw any photos. This is utterly insane. He keeps lying Image
every speech Genocide Joe gives is pre-written for him by some AIPAC freak, which owns him entirely. So they know they're intentionally putting the most deranged long debunked atrocity propaganda hoaxes in his mouth, and he just says it as the media class then repeats it as fact.

He did the same with the "mass rape" hoax just recently, which Israel's own main media outlet Haaretz debunked:Image
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May 19
John Mearsheimer with an important truism confirmed again recently with the killing of the Western aid workers and American doctors and nurses trapped in hospitals by Israel: "If I visited Israel and I was killed, would there be any accountability? There wouldn't be. The Israelis can do almost anything and get away with it."
think of how utterly deranged this is. Israel kills Americans, Brits and other Westerners routinely and intentionally, and these governments not only do not condemn it, they keep funding, arming and giving it diplomatic cover. And the Western media class doesn't care at all
they killed the aid workers and their security guards which included people who served in the British military. Their bodies were displayed with their aid-vests on. And Israel admitted they deliberately killed them. And it was memory-holed in just 2 or 3 days. Disappeared forever
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May 19
the replies to this video of a baby bombed by Israel is full of Zionists saying it's actually a fake doll. They have been doing this from the beginning. But remember, you are not allowed to question a single one of the 1200 October 7 Holy Saints, or they will end your life
one of the main pushers of the "mass rape" and other hoaxes is Yaari Cohen who works for the Israeli regime's propaganda bureau. He demands you accept and cry over fabricated 40 beheaded babies and mass rapes, as he says killed Palestinian babies are dolls
the Jerusalem Post, which was used to launder the "UN halves number of Palestinians and women and children killed in Gaza" hoax, also ran a piece saying killed Palestinian babies are fake dolls. They all say this openly, without any shame

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May 18
in October the President of Israel Isaac Herzog said they recovered Shani Louk's body, and Hamas had beheaded her

yesterday the Israeli regime again said they recovered her body, her family saw it and said it is "complete and beautiful." Yet another fabricated beheading Image
here is the President of Israel Isaac Herzog, who is still treated as a credible source of information by the Western media, saying on October 30th that Shani Louk's body was recovered and Hamas had beheaded her. These freaks make up beheadings like they're drinking water
also, a body does not remain in perfect condition for 7 months. That's utterly insane. So what happened here should be obvious to anyone who isn't a liar. The Israeli regime had her body all along, kept it on ice, and then uncovered it when they needed a PR boost. That's it
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May 18
an investigation by the Times of Israel revealed that Israeli men lure Ukrainian girls and women to Israel to rape, torture and traffick them, and authorities are allowing it to happen. Victims of the rape were driven to suicide. This is the state doing "mass rape" propaganda Image
just recently the Israeli parliament gave an honorary award to a pedophile gang-rapist, who has a number 1 hit in Israel now about October 7, does official events with the military and leading politicians, and is beloved by Israeli society. But "mass rape"

Israeli toddlers, children, girls and women from Gaza border settlements are actually being raped and tortured by pedophile rapists, except it's happening in Tel Aviv, done by Israeli Zionists. Zero Western media coverage of this actual proven mass rape:
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