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OK - #TrumpTrial home stretch, Cohen on the cross then redirect and gov't ending. Then what? Inner City Press put out "The Fixer" (if like & can, support paypalme/matthewleeICP
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and will live tweet, thread
Trump has arrived blue suit and ligher blue tie. On police / court officers squawing walkie-talking, Protesters heading north on Centre Street. Trump whispering in Todd Blanche's ear. Countdown....
All rise!
Clerk: This is the People of the State of New York versus Donald J. Trump!
Justice Merchan: Good morning, Mr. Trump. Thanks for coming in early. It's become apparent we won't be able to sum up tomorrow.
Justice Merchan: Looks like evidence will end this week, with summations next Tuesday.
Prosecutor Hoffinger: If Mr. Costello testified, this is hearsay...
Trump's lawyer Todd Blanche: This email from Mr. Costello's colleague is direct impeachment of Mr. Cohen
Prosecutor Hoffinger: This is just the opinion of Mr. Citron.
Trump's lawyer Blanche: But it was sent to Mr. Cohen.
Justice Merchan: I'm not going to allow it in.
Blanche: The People offered emails to Mr. Cohen just like this, and they were admitted
Justice Merchan: I'm not going to allow it.
Trump's lawyer Blanche: I'll show him the email and then potentially offer it.
Justice Merchan: What would you ask him?
Blanche: If he answered. If not, it could be admission by inaction
Justice Merchan: Not allowing it
Justice Merchan: And here's my ruling on Brad Smith: defendant proposes to ask him about definitions. But he would have to interpret Federal law. This would result in the battle of the expert which would confuse the jury.
Justice Merchan: This has been rejected by SDNY Federal Judge Lewis Kaplan in US v. Bankman-Fried
[Inner City Press book on that trial:
Trump's lawyer Emil Bove: The "irrespective" rule is critical to the jury understanding the government's charges in this trial. Things changed when both sides submitted proposed instructions on FECA. Your Hnor has not indicated on instructing on FECA...
Trump's lawyer Emil Bove: It's not a good position for a lawyer to be asking questions to the Court. But it would help us to know how you intend to instruct the jury.
Justice Merchan: The way I instructed the jury in People v The Trump Org. Less is better
Justice Merchan: You could have come to me for an earlier ruling - just relax - I'll let you know at the pre-charge conference.
Trump's lawyer Bove: Since February, now FECA is buried under the NYS Election Law...
Justice Merchan: Make me an offer of proof
Blanche: If we could approach...
[sidebar. Trump sits at defense table, Alan Dershowitz in the front row of the gallery behind him]
Justice Merchan: We'll start at 9:30
[If like & can
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They've back.
Justice Merchan: Let's see if you can agree on the definitions, and get it to me. Let's get the witness please.
[Cohen re-takes the stand, purple tie.]
Jury entering!
Trump's lawyer Blanche: Since Thursday, how many reporters have you spoken to?
Cohen: I spoke to reporters but not about this case.
Trump's lawyer Blanche: This year, how often have you spoke with the prosecutors?
Cohen: Twenty so. Last time 10 days ago
Blanche: They asked you questions similar to what they asked you on the stand?
Cohen: Yes
Cohen: But I heard many questions from Ms. Hoffinger that I had not heard before.
Trump's lawyer Blanche: You were shown documents that you were not then shown last week, right?
Cohen: Yes.
Blanche: Do you know Dan Goldman?
Cohen: Now a member of Congress.
Trump's lawyer Blanche: How many times did you meet with him before testifying to Congress?
Cohen: Twice.
Blanche: And that was one of the times that you lied... On Stormy Daniels, you say when you spoke with President Trump is was about that issue
Cohen: Yes
Trump's lawyer Blanche: Did you speak with Mr. Pecker about a potential extortion of Tiffany Trump about photographs?
Cohen: Yes, sir
Blanche: Do you know John Lydon?
Cohen: A mortgage broker out of Florida.
Blanche: What his company?
Cohen: Resolution Consultants
Trump's lawyer Blanche: Let me show you B-130... Do you see a text message from someone called Kerry?
Cohen: I believe so.
Blanche: Well, do you or not?
Cohen: I do.
Blanche: And Kerry is John Lydon's wife, asking about medallions?
Cohen: Yes sir
Trump's lawyer Blanche: You were having financial problems with Mr. Friedman?
Cohen: Yes. He was having marital problems. I tried to bring them back together, or to help him find a lawyer.
Blanche: Did you help him find a place to live?
Prosecutor: Objection!
[After sidebar]
Trump's lawyer Blanche: You opened Resolution Consultants, you didn't open it because you were considering doing a deal with the Florida firm?
Cohen: No.
Blanche: You were in London, did you communicate about a suit against Mr. Pecker?
Cohen: Yes
Trump's lawyer Blanche: You were sent a video link about the niece of MLK supporting President Trump?
Cohen: Yes.
Blanche: All of this was happening in the week of Otober 24, 25 and 26?
Cohen? Yes.
Blanche: And Tiffany Trump- that was at the same time?
Trump's lawyer Blanche: Do you recollect what President Trump was doing?
Cohen: No sir.
Blanche: I show you this-
Prosecutor: Objection!
Justice Merchan: Sustained.
Blanche: A sit down interview with his family on ABC?
Prosecutor: Objection!
Trump's lawyer Blanche: So on the day, you didn't speak with President Trump about any of these other matters?
Cohen: It was Stormy Daniels that personally concerned me.
Trump's lawyer Blanche: You said $130,000 for Daniels, $50,000 for RedFinch for polling?
Trump's lawyer Blanche: But you only paid RedFinch $20,000. How'd you get it for him?
Cohen: I took it out of TD Bank over several days.
Blanche: In a duffel bag?
Cohen: No. In a brown paper bag
Blanche: You were square with him?
Cohen: He would have liked the 30k
Trump's lawyer Blanche: But Allen Weisselberg grossed up to $100,000 - so you stole from the Trump Organization, right?
Cohen: I did.
Blanche Have you been prosecuted for larceny or even made to pay it back?
Cohen: No sir.
Trump's lawyer Blanche: You stole from the Trump Organization?
Cohen: Yes.
Blanche: If you'd had a retainer agreement it would have been with Mr. Trump?
Cohen: Yes.
Blanche: Let me show you B-260, your email with Mr. Weisselberg, forwarding from Normal Ornelas?
Trump's lawyer Blanche: Put up People's Exhibit 1. The email from Allen Weisselberg to Jeff McConney. Why would Don Jr. and Eric approve your payments?
Cohen: They were on the board of the Trust.
Blanche: In 2017 you used Personal Attorney to President Trump?
Trump's lawyer Blanche: You told TMZ? You gave a little scoop to the NYT about it?
Cohen: Yes. I was proud of the role.
Blanche: Show B-261, an email. Do you recognize it? Your farewell email to the Trump Organization?
Cohen: Yes.
Justice Merchan: Admitted
Trump's lawyer Blanche: You worked on a real lawsuit, with filings due, with Marc Kasowitz, right?
Cohen: Yes
Blanche: Show B-237. Subpoenas of the State Department? Did you do something on this?
Cohen: Yes, sir.
Blanche: In May 2017 Robert Mueller was appointed
Trump's lawyer Blanche: But it was Mr. Kasowitz, at least initially, who represented Mr. Trump on that - how did that make you feel?
Cohen: Probably happy.
Blanche: You also did work for Melania Trump, right?
Cohen: On personal matters.
Trump's lawyer Blanche: Let's talk about your consulting clients, starting with AT&T. Look at this - they paid you $50,000 a month - for how long?
Cohen: For one year. Consulting and advisory work
Blanche: What did you actually do?
Cohen: They wanted to acquire TW
Trump's lawyer Blanche: For 20 calls, you got $1 million. Nothing wrong with that, right?
Cohen: Right.
Blanche: How about Columbus Nova - how long?
Cohen: Was supposed to be a year. But it was six months.
Blanche: You never told President Trump of this?
Cohen: It was President Trump how introduced me to the CEO of AT&T.
Trump's lawyer Blanche: But you know Mr. Trump was frustrated you were getting paid to advise AT&T?
Prosecutor Hoffinger: Objection!
Justice Merchan: Sustained.
Trump's lawyer Blanche: Were their clients you rejected - like Avenue Ventures?
Cohen: They wanted lobbying
Blanche: BTA Bank - who much did they pay you?
Cohen: Supposed to be $150,000. It ended after three months. Also Franklin Haney, he had a nuclear facility
Trump's lawyer Blanche: In 2018 when the Stormy Daniels payments leaked, you told many people that President Trump knew nothing about it?
Cohen: Yes.
Blanche: Did you tell people you'd told Melania that President Trump didn't know?
Cohen: I don't remember.
Trump's lawyer Blanche: Did you tell the BBC there was no way you would have told President Trump - and did you record the call with the BBC?
Cohen: Yes. Yes.
Blanche: Until the April 2017 FBI raid, you said President Trump knew nothing?
Cohen: Yes
Trump's lawyer Blanche: On 4/17, 2017 you met with Mr. Costello?
Cohen: Yes. & Jeff Cintron.
Blanche: Then you had multiple communication with Mr. Costello - how many?
Cohen: 10 calls.
Blanche: Let me show you B-1006...Look at the redacted email from Mr. Costello
Trump's lawyer Blanche: You asked Mr. Costello to ask Mr. Giuliani to find out how it ended up at SDNY and how in Main Justice approved it, right?
Cohen: Yes.
Blanche: Now B-1008... Would it surprise you you had 75 calls with Mr. Costello?
Cohen: He reached out
Trump's lawyer Blanche: Nine hours of calls, two in-person meetings - all privileged, right?
Cohen: In anticipation of possible representation.
Blanche: B-1003, emails. You say, Great for Rudy. Then in June you emailed about the YouTube, Why send this to me?
Trump's lawyer Blanche: Then on June 14, on Trump Campaign to Discredit Cohen Already Underway, you told Mr. Costello, they are going down a bad path, right?
Cohen: Yes.
Blanche: You were discussing who was going to pay for Mr. Costello?
Cohen: MWE was invoicing
Trump's lawyer Blanche: You made $4.5 million in 18 months - but how did you get money between your guilty plea and the publication of your book?
Cohen: I had no income. I started my podcast in the Fall of 2020.
Trump's lawyer Blanche: How much do you make from your two podcasts?
Cohen: $400,000.
Blanche: You're pitching a TV show based on your life?
Cohen: There is a TV show. A guy who worked on Mea Culpa is working on it
Blanche: Has it been picked up?
Cohen: No.
Justice Merchan: Let's break here
w/ documents:
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The Fixed audio book:
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[They've back]
All rise!
Trump's lawyer Blanche: The show "The Fixer," how long have you been helping to pitch it?
Cohen: Three months.
Blanche: Are you writing a third book?
Cohen: I'm considering.
Blanche: And you're considering running for Congress?
Cohen: Yes
Trump's lawyer Blanche: Based on daily attacks on President Trump?
Cohen: Based on my journey...
Blanche: The Stormy Daniels payment was $130,000, you paid Red Finch $20,000. The rest is the gross-up and a $60,000 bonus you claim Mr. Weisselberg said you got?
Trump's lawyer Blanche: At the Trump Org you made $500,000 a year - since then, you've made much more, right?
Cohen: Yes.
Blanche: Do you have a financial interest in the outcome of this case?
Cohen: Yes. I talk about it on my podcast and on TikTok, and earn
Trump's lawyer Blanche: So you stand to make more money if President Trump is convicted?
Cohen: No - I would make more if he is not convicted. It would give me more to talk about.
Blanche: You are willing to lie out of loyalty?
Prosecutor: Objection!
Trump's lawyer Blanche: You claim to have a specific recollection of these calls with President Trump?
Cohen: I do.
Blanche: I have no further questions.
Justice Merchan: Re-direct?
Prosecutor Hoffinger: May we approach?
Prosecutor Hoffinger: Did you testify truthfully in Congress in 2019?
Cohen: I did. I thought he said 2017
Prosecutor: On the call with President Trump, you said you didn't have a specific recollection about other matters - but it is possible they were?
Cohen: Yes
Prosecutor Hoffinger: In October 2016 were you too busy to finalize the terms of paying Stormy Daniels?
Cohen: No, sir. Or sorry, No ma'am.
Hoffinger: Did the $420,000 have anything to do with work you did for Mr. Trump?
Cohen: No.
Prosecutor Hoffinger: Red Finch, what was the work?
Cohen: To create an algorithm to have Mr. Trump raise in a poll of businessmen on CNBC - into the top 10. Red Finch acquired IP addresses until Mr. Trump was Number 9.
Hoffinger: Then Mr. Trump wouldn't pay?
Prosecutor Hoffinger: The extra $30,000 - why'd you keep it?
Cohen: I was angry because of the reduction of the bonus. It was almost like self-help. I had laid out money to Red Finch.
Hoffinger: The letter to the FEC, People's 201
Bove carries a binder
Prosecutor Hoffinger: You wrote, the payment does not constitute a campaign contribution - was that not true?
Cohen: It was not true.
Justice Merchan: Jurors, Mr. Cohen's guilty plea is not evidence
Prosecutor Hoffinger: Did Mr. Trump approve these false statements?
Cohen: He did.
Hoffinger: And this, "Client says thanks for what you do"
Cohen: It was about that.
Hoffinger: Was this NDA perfectly legal?
Cohen: No, ma'am.
Hoffinger: Did you plead guilty?
Prosecutor Hoffinger: I know you may feel you are on trial here, but are you?
Cohen: Yes.
Hoffinger: How is this different than 2018?
Cohen: My wife is not being threatened.
Hoffinger: Your invoices were false?
Cohen: They were false. The stub too.
Prosecutor Hoffinger: You didn't hire Mr. Costello, right?
Cohen: I did not. I did not trust him; he kept invoking Mr. Giuliani and I felt anything I told him would go to Rudy then President Trump.
Hoffinger: Is this your waiver of attorney-client in 2019?
Prosecutor Hoffinger: When you sought early termination of supervised release, how did the Google Bard cases get in?
Cohen: I searched for cases in the [NYS] Second Department
[in a filing to a Federal court? Note: Inner City Press filed to unseal, below Image
Justice Merchan: We're going break early for lunch. See you at 2:15.
[Jury leaves]
Justice Merchan: Let me hear from the People.
Prosecutor: These are Oct 24, 2017 photos showing Keith Schiller and President Trump together. The witness has ID-ed the parties.
Trump's lawyer Blanche: We argued about the topic of the call to Keith Schiller. And these are hearsay. They say they're going to have a paralegal say they Googled it
Justice Merchan: Didn't the CSPAN witness lay the foundation?
Blanche. Rules of evidence apply
Prosecutor Steinglass: We have a right to show that President Trump's speech ended at 7:57 pm.
Justice Merchan: The CSPAN witness was detailed. What would the paralegal say?
Prosecutor: That they retrieved it from CSPAN's website. We could fly the CSPAN witness in
Blanche: I'm sure the People knew about this issue before today
Justice Merchan: I think it's relevant. Hearsay after lunch

Venmo: [at] Matthew-Lee-675
Thread back at……
[They're back]
Justice Merchan: Over lunch I did receive the People's submission citing People v. Goldman; I read through the previous testimony of Dr. Browning. [Reads from it]
Justice Merchan: Dr. Browning testified about the exhibits he was asked about. A paralegal cannot now do it. So the objection is sustained. Those images will not come in as offered.
Prosecutor Steinglass: We will try to bring the CSPAN expert back...
Blanche: We have witnesses here. They should have done this earlier. It's patently unfair to allow the People --
Justice Merchan: I could just adjourn for the day. People, check if this witness can be here tomorrow 9:30 am. We'll recess
Thread will continue
They've back
Justice Merchan: People, have you reached C-SPAN?
Prosecutor: We reached C-SPAN and they are booking travel now.
Trump's lawyer Blanche: This is unfair.
Judge Merchan: After the charge conference you'll get the charge on Thursday
Trump's lawyer Todd Blanche is talking with Prosecutors Steinglass and Hoffinger. Trump is speaking with Bove.
Prosecutor Steinglass: We may be able to short circuit. The exhibit will come in, through Mr. Cohen, with this stip that 417B is of 7:57 pm
Justice Merchan: Mr. Blanche, I understand that it's a strategic decision, but has your client agreed to this?
Trump's lawyer Blanche: Yes he has.
Justice Merchan: Let's get the witness then jury.
All rise!
Prosecutor Hoffinger: Put up People's 417B, only for the witness. You see it? Keith Schiller in it, wearing a red tie? And Mr. Trump? Fair and accurate?
Cohen: Yes.
Prosecutor Hoffinger: I offer it.
Trump's lawyer Blanche: No objection.
Stipulation read.
Prosecutor Hoffinger: Who many conversations with Mr. Trump did you have about Stormy Daniels in October 2016?
Cohen: At least 20.
Hoffinger: Let me play - oh, we're having tech difficulties, let's take a break.
[They do
Thread will continue]
[Trump is talking with Blanche, and Bove with Nechless. Then audio comes on, loud.]
Justice Merchan: Let's get the witness and jury.
Prosecutor Hoffinger: Play the clip.
[Cohen: What would you do if you were me? Would you write a book? Would you join with Bannon?
[still audio: Cohen: Nobody's thinking about Michael... Everyone said it was the right move]
Prosecutor Hoffinger: This was your conversation with Mr. Davidson?
Cohen: Yes.
Hoffinger: Have you faced attacks?
Cohen: Yes.
Hoffinger: I have nothing further
Trump's lawyer Blanche: You lost your law license - is that President Trump's fault?
Cohen: In part.
Blanche: But wasn't part of it your false statements to a bank, and tax evasion - in NY any felony costs you your license, right?
Cohen: Correct.
Trump's lawyer Blanche: Mr. Schiller would be with President Trump at every rally, right?
Cohen: Yes.
Blanche: You insist that in 90 seconds you spoke with Schiller about the caller, then told President Trump about Stormy Daniels?
Cohen: Yes.
Trump's lawyer Blanche: Is this the only time you saw President Trump overpay?
Cohen: Yes.
Blanche: I have no further questions.
Justice Merchan to Cohen: You may step down.
Prosecutor Steinglass: The people rest.
Justice Merchan: Counsel, please approach
Justice Merchan: Mr. Blanche, does the defense which to present any evidence?
Trump's lawyer Blanche: The defense calls Daniel Sitko. Where do you work?
Sitko: Blanche Law.
Blanche: You work for me?
Sitko. Yes. I was asked to create a summary chart of phone calls
Trump's lawyer Blanche: We offer it.
Justice Merchan: Accepted into evidence.
Blanche: What is this?
[On screen, list of calls starting April 16, 2018 to June 23, 2018 - total of 75 calls.]
Blanche: Call 48. 96 minutes, May 27, 2018.
No further questions.
Prosecutor Rebecca Mangold: DHC is just the general firm line, right?
Sitko: Yes.
Mangold: And some lengths are zero? Some double counted so less than 75?
Sitko: Yes.
Mangold: No further questions.
Trump's lawyer Blanche: We call Robert Costello
[Then a sidebar, from which Justice Merchant emerges to say] Juror, I apologize, I ask you to step outside.
Jurors leave.
Justice Merchan: I wish this has been raised earlier.
Prosecutor Hoffinger: If it is admitted, it should be restricted to two questions
Trump's lawyer Bove: We are offering this witness to rebut their allegation of a pressure campaign by President Trump. We provided notice days ago. I intend to elicit many facts about how their relationship existed.
Justice Merchan: I don't think so
Bove: Judge.
Justice Merchan: I'm going to step down for 5 minutes. Do not leave the courtroom.
[Trump is talking to Bove, then to Blanche, who is holding up his own head with his right index finger and appears to laugh or at least smile.]
Justice Merchan: I'm not going to allow a trial within a trial about a supposed pressure campaign. And nothing about the retainer agreement. Get the jury.
Trump's lawyer Blanche: Can we get the witness first?
Justice Merchan: No. The witness has not been sworn in
Trump's lawyer Bove: The defense calls Robert Costello.
Clerk swears him in.
Robert J. Costello, Nassau County. From 1975 to 1982 I was a AUSA in SDNY.
Bove: Do you know Michael Cohen?
Costello: I met him on April 17, 2016 at the Regency Hotel.
Costello: Mr. Cohen was pacing, he was manic. He said, What's my escape route?
Trump's lawyer Bove: Did you give instructions on cooperation?
Costello: No. I informed him-
Prosecutor: Objection!
Justice Merchan: Sustained.
Costello: He said, I swear to God, Bob, I've got nothing on Donald Trump. He said, I don't know why they want to jail me for a couple of f*cking NDAs.
[Then after a series of sustained objections, a sidebar]
Costello: Michael said he did it on his own
Trump's lawyer Bove: Look at this email, did you send it on April 19, 2016? Why?
Costello: Yes. It was announced that Rudy Giuliani was joining the President's legal defense.
Bove: How did Mr. Cohen respond?
Costello: Great news for Rudy.
Trump's lawyer Bove: What do you recall about-
Prosecutor: Objection!
Justice Merchan: Sustained.
Costello: Jeez
Justice Merchan: Sorry?
Bove: Did the term backchannel -
Prosecutor: Objection!
Justice Merchan: Sustained.
Trump's lawyer Bove: What did you mean by-
Prosecutor: Objection!
Judge Merchan: Sustained.
[Costello shakes his head]
Justice Merchan: Can the jury step out?
[They do]
Justice Merchan: Mr. Costello, I want to discuss decorum- you don't say "Jeez"
Justice Merchan: You don't give me side eye or roll your eyes.... Clear the courtroom!
[In a half-emptied courtroom, Costello remains on the stand. Now filling up again.]
Justice Merchan: Let's get the jury back, please.
Trump's lawyer Bove: Bring up Defense 1008. You wrote, I will not pester you. If you want to talk, you know how to reach me or Jeff. And the chart-
Costello: Michael Cohen called me. 96 minutes.
Trump's lawyer Bove: And this call, 46 minutes... Did Michael Cohen ask you to call Rudy Giuliani?
Costello: Yes.
Bove: Now June 13, 2018 email...
Costello: Mr. Cohen was complaining about Rudy Giuliani. I told Mr. Cohen I would pass on any complaint to Rudy.
Trump's lawyer Bove: Whose interest did you have in mind?
Costello: Michael Cohen's.
Bove: Did he refuse to pay you?
Costello: He did. We didn't sue. It wasn't enough money.
Bove: Have you appeared in media about this case?
Costello: Yes. And House last week
Trump's lawyer Bove: No further questions.
Prosecutor Hoffinger: Didn't Mr. Cintron ask Mr. Cohen to meet with you?
Costello: Email speaks for itself.
Hoffinger: Didn't Cintron say he represented Leona Helmsley and George Steinbrenner?
Costello: Speaks for itself
Costello: I didn't know Michael Cohen from a whole in the wall. Jeff Cintron is a real estate lawyer.
Prosecutor Hoffinger: You knew Mr. Cohen was personal attorney to the President, it would be a high profile case, connecting you to the President?
Costello: no
Prosecutor Hoffinger: Wouldn't you put it up on your firm's website? Look at this.
Costello: From me to my son, April 20, 2018. Michael Cohen wrote to me... My son said "Congrats Dad." This is his response.... Mr. Cohen asked us to go to the Regency
Prosecutor Hoffinger: He had been raided --
Costello: I wouldn't say raided, they executed a search warrant. He was suicidal and acting manic.
Hoffinger: You can understand-
Costello: Talk into the microphone please... He was putting on quite a show
Prosecutor Hoffinger: To the grand jury you called him a drama queen?
Costello: I said I didn't know.
Hoffinger: You don't like drama queens?
Costello: I don't know.
Hoffinger: He went with another lawyer.
Justice Merchan: Please approach
[sidebar - its 4:35 pm]
Justice Merchan: We'll break here for the day.
[Jury leaves]
Prosecutor Hoffinger: I have 30 or 45 minutes left
Defense: Re-direct will be short.
Justice Merchan: So you'll rest early tomorrow.
Trump's lawyer Blanche: We request an order of dismissal
Trump's lawyer Blanche: There is no evidence the records were false. Mr. Cohen did legal work in 2017, he admitted it. There is no false business filing. And no evidence of any intent to defraud.
[Trump is turned to watch Blanche as he argues]
Trump's lawyer Blanche: There was no discussion at the October 2015 meeting of any catch and kill. Karen McDougal, she never even wanted her story out. Stormy Daniels? AMI wanted no part of it. So Mr. Cohen entered into an NDA. No criminal intent.
Trump's lawyer Blanche: We didn't just catch Mr. Cohen in a lie - he has a history of lies, now in this courtroom too.
Justice Merchan: You say his lies are irrefutable. You think he'd going to fool 12 New Yorkers?
Prosecutor: A rational juror could conclude the that business records contained false information. It is sufficient if the defendant set in motion the scheme that led to the false records.
Justice Merchan: I'll reserve judgment.
Trump's lawyer Blanche: What happened in that October 2015 is what politicians do all the time. How was Ms. Tarasoff supposed to book this? Cohen changed his story - they had to notify us.
Prosecutor: It did not change.
Justice Merchan: Again, I'm going to reserve decision.

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OK - US v. Menendez et al final day of closings, Daibes then jury instructions and deliberations. Inner City Press is covering for sequel to Gold Bar Bob and will live tweet, thread below
Daibes' lawyer de Castro: ... Suarez was endorsed by the Hudson County Prosecutors Association. She was qualified... Bob tapped Sellinger. He didn't check the diversity box, sure. The lunch with Sellinger? It was also about a friend who was the victim of ID theft
Daibes' lawyer de Castro: There is no evidence Senator Menendez knew in advance about the lunch with Paul Sellinger, I mean, Phil, sorry. The government doesn't know what was discussed. They want you to assume, to speculate. There were no texts about substance
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Jul 11
OK - now Miles Guo closing argument in SDNY, Inner City Press has been covering the case, for FoxhUNt Guo and will live tweet, thread below
Guo's lawyer: Maybe you're active in politics because you're interested in it, even if others aren't. The way it makes us feel? That's priceless, as MasterCard used to say. You heard Ms. Reyes - she traveled to Europe to see, there were things they could offer
Guo's lawyer: Ms. Reyes scored that Formula 1 opportunity. Pretty cool, right? They bought a Lamborghini. It was bought in G Club's name. It was intended to be leased to G Club members, so they could get that thrill. That's what the records show
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