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Feb 21 54 tweets 10 min read
OK - now in Honduras ex-President JOH trial, opening statements - Inner City Press covered jury selection & will live tweet, thread below / declaraciones de apertura: Inner City Press cubrió la selección del jurado y publicará un tweet en vivo, hilo a continuación Image Judge Castel: Jury entering!
[Then] Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. A few instructions at the outset. The defendant is charged with participating in a conspiracy to violate the narcotics laws of the US: to import cocaine, to manufacture cocaine for importation
Feb 20 42 tweets 8 min read
OK - Narcos Honduras, trial of former president JOH begins now with jury selection. Inner City Press covered brother Tony's trial and now this one, book(let) coming, will live tweet, thread below [juicio de JOH comienza ahora con la selección del jurado, abajo] Image All rise!
Judge Castel: This is a trial in which a man is accused of committing a crime. We have a large jury room. We have a fridge in there. I expect the trial will take between two and three weeks to complete. If that is a hardship, please raise your hand.
Feb 15 54 tweets 10 min read
OK - now at People of the State of NY v. Trump, NYPD everywhere, after multiple security screenings, ready to live tweet, thread (and link to book/audio book of Trump Trial II, Carroll v. Trump) below - thread will start now, even before Trump arrives 9:30 am, Trump is entering the courtroom. Red tie, sits at defense table. Judge Merchan still on on the bench. But it's coming together
Feb 9 12 tweets 3 min read
OK - on little advance notice, President Joe Biden set to speak at 7:45 pm - Inner City Press, having earlier today cover the Trump / ballot exclusion Supreme Court oral arguments, and the Hur report on Biden & classified info, will live tweet it, thread below 7:45 pm has come and gone. Banner(s) "Moments Away: Biden to Address the Nation."
Feb 8 15 tweets 3 min read
Checking in on Supreme Court arguments on ballot exclusion
Justice Jackson: Are you arguing that the office of the Presidency should not be considered one of the barred officers?
Trump lawyer Mitchell: Yes we are arguing that.
[Trump Docket Justice Gorsuch: Why do the terms carry such different Constitutional weight?
Trump lawyer Mitchell: Members of Congress can't hold offices of the US... These are textual inferences we are drawing. This language in Section 3 was a compromise
Feb 5 6 tweets 2 min read
OK- heading to US v. Aimee Harris, was to be 2:30 sentencing for taking Ashley Biden's diary from Florida rental but Aimee has a letter from Helix Urgent Care so will Zoom in - Inner City Press has covered and will live tweet, thread below…
Image Now in courtroom. Aimee Harris is on video screen, in large glasses. Her appointed Criminal Justice Act lawyer is at defense table, and an FBI agent at prosecutor's table.
Feb 1 54 tweets 10 min read
OK - now at sentencing of CIA leaker Josh Schulte, convicted of giving Vault7 US malicious hacking tools to Wikileaks (& having CP). DOJ wants life sentence. Inner City Press cover the trials and will live tweet, thread below. Book:… All rise!
Judge Furman: We are here for sentencing. It has been a long road, but we are finally here. I have read the letters.
[One by his youngest brother Reagan says "he can be arrogant, selfish, condescending and more"…
Jan 30 16 tweets 3 min read
More Trump in SDNY: now covering civil case of Arlene Delgado v. Trump for President: "in 2016 Delgado learned that she became pregnant by her supervisor, Jason Miller." Discussion is of when depositions can be taken. Inner City Press will live tweet, thread below Image Judge: The scheduled deposition of Priebus was canceled without notice. The plaintiff is entitled to get some core discovery that was always contemplated. The Feb 14 date has to stick, unless you get court approval.
Jan 26 105 tweets 18 min read
OK- Carroll v. Trump 2d trial closing arguments - and jury deliberations. Trump is here - but not in the courtrom yet. Inner City Press will live tweet as it did 1st trial (incl in this book ) thread Judge Kaplan: I notice the defense is not yet in the courtroom...
Judge Kaplan: Now Mr. Madaio is in the courtroom.
[Habba enters.]
Judge Kaplan: Ms. Habba, it is now twenty minutes to ten.
Habba: I'm sorry, I can't hear you.
Jan 25 99 tweets 16 min read
OK- Carroll v. Trump 2d trial, after days' hiatus. Trump is here, Habba too. Inner City Press will live tweet as it did 1st trial (incl in this book ) thread All rise! Judge Kaplan: The jurors in seats 2 and 3 are going to be socially distanced.
Carroll's lawyer Roberta Kaplan: Can we put our witness on the stand?
Judge Kaplan: Yes.
Jan 22 6 tweets 2 min read
Jury entering!
Judge Kaplan: Juror 3 reported that he was ill. Rather than risk him coming together and having contact with you, we sent him home. He will COVID test today and report - we will not take testimony today. 1 or 2 of the lawyers are negative after test Judge Kaplan: Andy will tell you how to report if you have symptoms, and a number to call to find out if we are going to proceed tomorrow or not. This Court continued right through COVID, so I'm sure we'll get through this. Thank you, your transportation is coming
Jan 18 91 tweets 16 min read
OK- Day 3 of Carroll v. Trump 2d trial. Carroll still on cross by Habba, Trump not present, at funeral he's said. Inner City Press will live tweet as it did 1st trial (incl in this book
) thread All rise!
Judge Kaplan: Ms. Carroll, you're still under oath.
[But the jury hasn't been brought in. Some laughter]
Jury entering! [Good mornings exchanged]
Habba: Ms. Carroll, have you spoken to your counsel about your testimony since yesterday?
Carroll: No.
Jan 17 150 tweets 25 min read
OK- Day 2 of Carroll v. Trump 2d trial. Trump has entered the courtroom, seated in red tie at defense table with Alina Habba. Carroll will be the witness. Inner City Press will live tweet as it did 1st trial (incl in this book ) thread All rise!
Judge Kaplan: The delay this morning was caused by a transportation problem. Before the jury comes in, I have the following questions of law after yesterday's defense opening. Is mitigation of damages an affirmative defense? Is it waived?
Jan 16 108 tweets 19 min read
OK - Carroll v. Trump 2d trial, jury selection to start. So far E. Jean Carroll at front table - now Trump has entered the courtroom. Inner City Press will live tweet as it did the first trial (incl in this book) thread below… Trump is leaning over at defense table, whispering with one of his lawyers. E. Jean Carroll, seated at the front table, has not turned around to look at him.
Dec 18, 2023 60 tweets 11 min read
OK - now at Nikola's Trevor Milton's 11 am sentencing- he wants no jail time, US wants 11 years. Inner City Press published a book about the trial then interviews with jurors afterward & will live tweet the sentencing, thread below. Book: Trevor Milton is in the courtroom, chatting with his lead counsel Marc Mukasey. He's in big-rimmed glasses, sipping from a bottle of water.
Now Mukasey talks with Assistant US Attorney Nicholas Roos. It's about to begin
Dec 14, 2023 25 tweets 5 min read
OK - now at sentencing of ex-FBI Charlie McGonigal. US wants 5 years, he wants no jail time, citing among other things his "gift" of the Assange case to another agent Inner City Press will live tweet, thread below
All rise!
Judge Rearden: Both parties asked to seal portions of their submissions. Mr. DuCharme do you object to this sealing?
McGonigal's lawyer (and former EDNY US Attorney) Seth DuCharme: No objection, your Honor.
Dec 7, 2023 7 tweets 2 min read
OK - now in NY AG v Trump Org case, Trump expert says, Yes that is my report. Trump is at defense table; AG's lawyer objecting to testimony about what Deutsche Bank thought. Inner City Press will live tweet, thread below Trump lawyer: Professor, are these differences expected?
Professor: Yes. And I think DB agreed with me. DB didn't say, This is fraudulent, we don't deal with him
Trump lawyer: Does it read, "Through our due diligence, we find an expansive-
Judge Engoran: Extensive
Nov 30, 2023 15 tweets 3 min read
OK - now at SEC v Terraform Labs & Do Kwon, Inner City Press will live tweet, thread below All rise!
Judge Rakoff: We have an hour, at 4:30 I must attend training of our newly confirmed judge. First, we must address Mr Unny's submission - at the Daubert hearing, I struck Mr Unny as an expert...
Nov 17, 2023 11 tweets 2 min read
OK - now in crypto case of SEC v. Terraform Labs Pte Ltd. et al - defebdant want in a defi expert, Professor Parlor, from Berkeley. Inner City Press is on to Do Kwon cases (s) and will live tweet, thread below…
Image SEC lawyer: Prof Parlour says the use case for UST was as a fiat replacement- but admits she's never seen that. We'll be calling Terra employees as witnesses.
Prof Christine Parlour takes the stand, and says (in British accept) I put the system design in context
Nov 13, 2023 26 tweets 5 min read
OK - now in NY AG v. Trump trial, Donald Trump Jr on the stand. Inner City Press live tweeted Trump Nov 7 and Ivanka Trump Nov 9 and now live Xing Don Junior, thread below

Don Jr: When my father became president, we dropped our int'l licensing. Probably a mistake, because people said we were still doing it. We protected the projects that were underway.
Trump lawyer: How would you describe the structure now?
Don Jr. My brother & I
Nov 8, 2023 77 tweets 13 min read
OK - now Ivanka Trump on the witness stand in NY AG trial - Inner City Press live tweeted Monday's Trump after publishing book on Trump Trial 1 @SDNYLIVE (below) & will live tweet this, thread below
NY AG lawyer: Are you familiar with GAAP?
Ivanka Trump: Yes.
NY AG lawyer: Have you performed work for the Trump Organization since 2017?
Ivanka Trump: I don't believe so, no.
NY AG lawyer: Have you had an interest in the DC Post Office project?
Ivanka Trump: Yes