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BREAKING: The UN just released its first actual investigation into October 7 and ongoing Gaza genocide by Israel. It concludes that though there was violence against women (SVGB), there is no proof of any rape, let alone "mass rape", or that it was "ordered by Hamas". It's over Image
the investigation by the UN's Human Rights Office also concludes the Israeli regime does actually engage in a systematic campaign of sexual and gender violence against Palestinian children, women and men, rooted in the very nature of the occupation and can only end with it: Image
the UN's Human Rights Office, unlike Pramila Patten's office, actually does have an investigatory mandate and abilities, and this is their conclusion from their investigation: The NYT, AP, Reuters, Guardian all lied. And even Patten had concluded the same:
read the UN Human Right's Commission report in full: . There is only one mention of "rape", saying there's no evidence for it, and zero mention of "knives/nails in vaginas and genital mutilation". It was all a genocidal propaganda hoax from start to finishohchr.org/en/press-relea…
now what will the media class do with this first actual UN report? Let me predict it for you. If they report on its conclusions at all, they will lie and claim that the references to "sexual and gender violence" proves their "mass rape" hoax, when it explicitly debunks it in its only mention of rape. The use of "sexual violence" refers to any violence they believe was targeted against women, not referring to rape, sexualized torture or genital mutilation which it again explicitly only mentions once in paragraph 26 I highlighted.

But here is the problem for them. If they go with that obviously and intentionally deceitful reading of the report's use of "sexual violence", then it means they also have to accept that it was not ordered by Hamas as a systematic weapon of war, which is what the NYT, BBC, Reuters, AP and Guardian falsely claimed, whereas in the Israeli regime case it is actually systematic, "part of their operating procedures."

So the actual "mass rape" in that case would not be done by Hamas on October 7 as the New York Times and all the others claimed, but by their precious genocidal Israeli regime, and not just since in the ongoing Gaza genocide, but stretching back to the entire history of the occupation.

But of course they will ignore the term's usage in that context, and simply lie about it to launder their genocidal mass rape hoax, exactly like they did with the Patten report which finally months later The Times of London came out as the first mainstream Western media publication to accurately report on while also confirming it with her directly.

Now watch and see how accurate my prediction is.

I know these scumbags in and out. I know exactly what they're right now writing and putting as their headlines to put on their frontpages: BREAKING, UN HUMAN RIGHTS COMMISSION FINDS MASS SEXUAL VIOLENCE ON OCTOBER 7.

This is the lie they will all go with. Just watch.
another crucial part of the report no Western media outlet will report on: There are only two uses of "sexualized torture" in the report. The first in section 26, saying there's no evidence of it on October 7. The second in section 65, saying Israel does it to Palestinians: Image
so to summarize: The entire prestige Western media class fabricated the "mass rape" hoax as genocidal atrocity propaganda on behalf of the Israeli regime to not only launder the ongoing Gaza genocide, but do cover for the actual systematic Israeli mass sexual violence and rape
exactly like they did with the 40 beheaded babies genocidal propaganda hoax. They fabricated it, spread it, and then used it to launder the genocide and cover for their own actual systematic campaign of mass beheading Palestinian babies and children:
now you know why Israel blocks investigations by UN bodies that have an actual investigative mandate and abilities, unlike Patten's office, though again even she concluded there was no Hamas campaign of mass rape, which the media class then lied about
so now you have two UN reports, one by the UN's Human Rights Commission which has an actual investigative mandate, concluding there was no systematic Hamas-ordered campaign of mass rape/sexual violence. The NYT, Guardian, BBC, AP, Reuters: Will you retract your genocidal hoaxes? Image
the Israeli regime and media are going insane. The Times of Israel propaganda rag admits: The UN report doesn't verify a single rape. Then they immediately deflect to Patten's report, and lie about its status which this actually investigative report supersedes per Patten herself Image
hey Times of Israel, it's actually much worse than just that: The actual full and legal investigative report by the UN's Commission for Human Rights, which Pramila Patten herself in her own report defers to as it is the higher body in the UN that actually has an investigative mandate unlike her office, concludes there is no evidence for a single rape on October 7 and of genital mutilation, "nails and knives in vaginas", all the deranged hoax lies that you and the NYT, BBC, Guardian, Reuters, AP, CNN have all been fabricating and spreading, alongside Genocide Joe and the political class.

But it also concludes that there is no evidence for a Hamas-ordered campaign of systematic sexual violence or rape, and even worse for you, it also concludes that it is actually you, Israel, that does systematic mass sexual violence and torture against Palestinian children, women and men.

You depraved genocidal scum have finally been exposed, and all your pathetic deflections, these "OMG BUT PATTEN SUGGESTED IT WAS LIKELY MAYBE SO" are transparent to everyone. Patten herself defers to this report. It's over.
Ruth Halperin-Kaddari's propaganda spectacle with Patten, who she personally recruited for her "fact finding mission" which her office has never done before, blew up in their face, and there is absolutely nothing they can do about it except desperately lie
CNN is now showing how the media class will report on this: They will desperately minimize the UN Human Rights Commission's conclusion that they did not find evidence for a single rape on October 7, ignore that they concluded the same about genital mutilation/sexualized torture and that there is no evidence for a "systematic Hamas campaign of sexual violence/rape", and instead frame this as "well it was probably just because they couldn't go to Israel and verify the genocidal propaganda hoax that we fabricated and laundered."

Then when they move to reporting on the Israeli documented and proven systematic campaign of targeted sexual and gender violence against Palestinian children, women and men, suddenly CNN demotes it to "allegations". It's just "allegations" now.

Patten's report, which by its own admission was not a full and legal investigation and was therefore totally meaningless in whatever it said as it has no investigative mandate and only looked as Israeli provided propaganda, which again Patten herself has reiterated recently in the Times of London (see ), was constantly framed as a confirmed proven report of rape on October 7.

But now when the actual UN body that has an investigative mandate comes out with its full legal investigation and report, it becomes "allegations". It's just "allegations".

Do you see how depraved and genocidal the Western media class really is? How they lie as a routine part of their job? The most grotesque scum alive.Image
the UN Human Rights Commission's report confirms that not just "mass rape" but also sexualized torture/genital mutilation and the claim of a "Hamas ordered campaign" of it is a genocidal hoax with no evidence, exactly as the Times of London concluded:
the pathetic, deranged, hysterical and desperate Zionist smears and attempts to deflect and distract have begun. Again, as the Time of Israel, CNN and others have been forced to confirm, the UN Human Rights Commission report states that they could find no evidence for any rape on October 7, nor for any Hamas plan for sexual or gender-based violence (SGVB).

Those are the accurate, proven statements of fact I made in the first post, and those are the parts of the report I cited to back it up with: Section 26 and the relevant part of section 95 regarding the non-existence of a "Hamas plan". The rest of 95 confirms what I said the report does note, namely that there was indications of sexual violence against women on October 7. I was actually making that stronger by not even using the term "indications", which the report does do in 95.

Now this brings me back to the earlier point I made in this thread about the Zionist and media class propaganda deflection being to try to conflate the use of "sexual violence" with rape (see ), although again the Times of Israel, CNN and others have now definitively preempted that because they didn't want to accept that standard for the part of the report that uses "sexual violence" in relation to Israel, and which is much worse, namely by concluding that it is actually a systematic part of Israeli standard procedure against Palestinian children, women and men.

If they accepted the conflation of "sexual violence" with rape throughout the report, it would mean that the actual systematic mass rape did not come from Hamas, but from Israel, the exact opposite of all their own reporting. So it would not just defy the actual content of the report, which only uses "rape", "sexualized torture" and "genital mutilation" in section 26 to say they found no evidence of it, but also expose themselves directly as genocidal atrocity propaganda hoaxers. So instead they have decided to just downplay that and ignore it as much as possible and desperately hope the news cycle moves on and washes it away. The same tactic they used by lying about the Patten report's status, content and conclusions.Image

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Jul 9
BREAKING: A new detailed investigative piece meticulously goes over every aspect of the "mass rape" hoax and thoroughly exposes and destroys it. From the main "witnesses" Sapir and Raz Cohen being debunked by the Patten UN report to the report itself, it is all covered here Image
this is the crucial part that many have overlooked, regarding the deranged claims of "gang rape" from Sapir and Raz Cohen, repeated in the New York Times and other Western media. We already knew they lied from other evidence, but Patten's UN report also debunked it: Image
the Times of London in its recent investigation also confirmed that "Sapir", who claimed she personally saw gang-rape, breasts being cut off, and a Hamas militant "carrying severed heads of three more women", was a deranged hoaxer as police could not find any physical evidence to match her fantasy tales.

But the NYT cited her as their key testimony, and then covered for it in their follow-up by uncritically repeating the lie told them by unnamed and unspecified "Israeli officials" that "yeah, we definitely found the three severed heads", and then they hilariously add "without providing more details."

Hey @gettleman and @AdamSella1, any updates on Sapir's "three severed heads" that those unnamed and "Israeli officials" told you they found, directly contradicting the police statement as reported by the Times of London that they found no such thing, as well as the information the UN mission saw, and Haaretz confirming that no bodies with breasts cut off or any genital mutilation were brought to the Shura base or found at the Nova festival?

It has been 5 months. What happened to your three severed heads and women with their breasts cut off, you scumbag propagandists.

Where's your follow up on that?

That's the key part of your defense for your original hoax, that they said they found three severed heads and also that she saw genital mutilation. The Times of London and the UN mission said that's a lie. Haaretz in its investigation also makes no mention of these three magical severed heads, and proved that her claim of seeing genital mutilation and breasts cut off was false as no such bodies were seen at the Shura base or Nova festival:

Why didn't you include that the Patten UN report, that you Sella wrote the NYT write-up for lying about it confirming your own debunked "mass rape" hoax (see ), debunked her and Raz Cohen's deranged claims that you printed and laundered as fact?

You vile propagandist scum.
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Jul 8
Bari Weiss, who killed Refaat Alareer by putting an assassination target on him in an active genocide zone, is crying hysterically because her fav far right Zionist fascist Le Pen was defeated. All the genocidal Zionists are out in the open now, admitting their fascism proudly Image
see how it works? Far right fascists the world over, from the US to the UK, Germany, France, Netherlands, Hungary, Ukraine, express their love for Israel to launder their genocidal racism, and Zionists fund and prop them up to back their genocidal racism
Bari Weiss is the ideal-typical, perfect embodiment of the rot that embodies Zionism: She wants Trump to win, Farage to win, AfD to win, Wilders, Le Pen, Orban, Azov Nazis in Ukraine, anyone against Maduro, Cuba, Bolivia, Iran. Why?

Israel. All for Israel. Israel uber alles.
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Jul 7
in its latest piece on the Gaza genocide the New York Times adds the now standard genocide denial script of "the death toll doesn't distinguish between Hamas and civilians", which is code for "they're all Hamas", and then for a breakdown cites Netanyahu as a credible source Image
that line about "the death toll doesn't distinguish between Hamas and civilians" is now standard in every Western media article on the Gaza genocide, with the AP launching it in early June in coordination with the Israel lobby, as I will expose soon. Just pure genocide laundering
here's the exact same line from another frontpage NYT piece reporting the bombing of the UN shelter. They're using it as the standard script, to say "don't worry, they're all Hamas. All those videos of children with their jaws blown off and beheaded are fake. It's all Hamas." Image
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Jul 7
BREAKING: Chip Le Grand, of Australian paper "The Age", just wrote a piece regurgitating the "mass rape" and various other hoaxes under the guise of "combating denialism and disinformation." He extensively cites as one of his key sources Nimrod Palmach, an IDF reservist.

Palmach said in December that he personally saw "two young babies shot dead." These babies never existed, as Chip himself notes in his own article wherein he extensively cites proven hoaxer Palmach as his key source.Image
here's Chip Le Grand's key source stating proven falsehoods. He doesn't just claim he personally saw naked bodies of women Chip prints as fact, and also cases of rape, but two killed babies that never existed. He lied. He's a proven hoaxer propagandist, and Chip's credible source
it's actually much worse than just this. Nimrod Palmach didn't just lie about personally seeing two non-existent killed babies, he also repeated the debunked hoax that he saw a women with their organs cut out and genital mutilation, the hoax that they found orders to rape on the bodies of Hamas militants, and the hoax about a family tied up as Hamas prepared meals and cut the body parts of the children.

Haaretz, the UN, NBC News and the Times of London all proved that these claims are false, like the two non-existent babies he claims he personally saw in a car.

The "Hamas prepared meals as they cut the body parts of the children" comes from deranged Zaka hoaxer Yossi Landau, who also came up with the 40 beheaded babies in oven hoaxes, which Chip himself in his own article cites as atrocity claims that were proven to be false.

Meanwhile he's laundering as a credible source Nimrod Palmach, who repeated Yossi Landau's hoaxes and claimed to have personally witnessed it himself.

None of this makes it into Chip's article. No, Chip and Palmach made sure to present a whitewashed version of him for The Age. No more organs cut out of bodies, mass raped women he personally saw, orders to rape, kids bodies being cut up in front of their parents as Hamas prepared meals. And of course no killed babies he personally saw.

Chip made sure to turn Palmach into a credible serious direct eyewitness source countering "October 7 denialism and disinformation."

Palmach is the most deranged Zionist pathological propagandist alive, and Chip Le Grand in his piece about October 7 disinformation decided to not only use him as his key credible eyewitness testimony source, but to launder him as such.

It is utter insanity.Image
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Jul 6
Keir Starmer won the election with the second lowest turnout in UK electoral history, since 1885, and one of the lowest vote shares in history. All headlines are "STUNNING LANDSLIDE MAJORITY". Meanwhile for Iran they emphasize the low turnout in headlines. Just pure propaganda
Starmer's win is separated from the lowest turnout in UK electoral history by just 1%, and that's Blair's landslide victory in 2001, with 59%. Meanwhile Starmer got less votes than Corbyn in both 2017 and 2019, and a far lower vote share than in 2017:
if you actually care about low historic turnouts and vote shares, why not include that for Starmer in your headlines instead of doing the opposite and hailing his victory as historic and awesome? Why only emphasize that for countries like Iran? Just shameless propagandist scum
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Jul 5
Keir Starmer won the leadership of the Labour Party by pretending to be pro-Corbyn. That is the sole reason he won. Then after he won, he began a fascist purge of socialist members and MPs, including Corbyn himself and many Jewish socialists. He is an illegitimate Prime Minister
when Keir Starmer was running for the Labour leadership, he published ten pledges with his signature underneath each of them, all of which were core parts of Corbyn's and the socialist political project, like nationalizing rail and water and abolishing tuition fees. He sent leaflets of those to every member. Then he broke literally all those pledges shortly after becoming leader.

He lied to become a leader, then used his illegitimately gained power to purge anyone who voted for and supported him based on his lies.

Again, he is an illegitimate Prime Minister, and in any minimally democratic system he would have been exposed and ostracized from public life right after he did this.

But we don't live in that.

We live in a corrupt depraved system whose media and political class rewarded him for his lies, praised him for it, they wrote articles saying: "Look how smart Starmer is, he lied to his own members and the world to get elected, then betrayed them and purged them like the fascist he is, and then he became PM. He's so great!"

They are the most vile depraved scum alive.Image
it really is astonishing. Keir Starmer for years pretended to be pro-Corbyn as he was part of his shadow cabinet, then used his position to sabotage him in 2019 with the "second referendum" poison pill that he intentionally foisted upon the Labour party against the democratically elected leadership, and then got elected promising to continue his legacy, and it was all a lie.

Everyone knows it's a lie. Everyone knows Keir Starmer is a huckster scumbag of the lowest kind. The vilest depraved genocidal Zionist huckster cunt alive.

But they all covered for him. The media class formed a protective cocoon around him and prevented anyone from criticizing him, from The Guardian to The Sun they all came out in support of their pet Zionist boy who lied to do a fascist Zionist takeover of the Labour Party.

And they rewarded him by making him Prime Minister.

That's how real power works, and that's what they call "democracy".
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