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1. Notable provisions of the recently notified Aadhaar regulations on Aadhaar deactivation and cancellation:
2. Aadhaar numbers can be deactivated by the UIDAI *at any time* and *on any basis* ‘as deemed appropriate by the Authority’.
3. Aadhaar numbers can be cancelled ('omitted') by UIDAI *at any time* and *on any basis* if it deems the enrolment to ‘appear fraudulent’.
4. UIDAI is under no obligation to provide *any* notification to an Aadhaar holder prior to Aadhaar deactivation or cancellation.
5. The Aadhaar holder will only be notified *after* deactivation or cancellation has taken place ‘through such means as deemed fit’ by UIDAI
6. Any complaint in respect of Aadhaar cancellation or deactivation by the UIDAI can only be submitted to, and adjudicated by, the UIDAI.
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