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Is #PontAdolphe suspended active mobility bridge (still under construction, will be below road surface) violating monumental protection? 😱
The men that made possible that we will be cycling in the shadow of #PontAdolphe
IMHO, monumental protection is less an issue than iced access ramps in winter when temperatures below 0° C. Counting on @CityLuxembourg!
Suspended active mobility bridge below #PontAdolphe will *not* be mandatory 4 cycling & walking people, but more pleasant than w/car traffic
Overrally, active mobility bridge below #PontAdolphe *increases available surface* for walking & cycling people.
Active mobility bridge below #PontAdolphe also makes it possible to cycle Gare to Center w/o illegally riding sidewalk on top of bridge.
To be fair, if monumental protection really had been an issue at any time, we should throw out cars of historical center of @CityLuxembourg!
Except buses, cars are *not allowed* to drive over #PontAdolphe *from Gare to Center*. Cycles now are allowed to do this legally! Progress
So the opening is today. It looks stunning.
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