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Home of the brave #mvos365 🚴‍♀️🚴‍♂️people. #MVOSGameofThrown, #MovingBeyondZero & #MobilityMentalityChange news exchange. We ❤️ @ProVelo_lu @CycleLuxembourg
Aug 6, 2019 8 tweets 10 min read
@Stockdog23 @malgravajhoj @RTLlu @STATEC 🤬
"Who is Gaël Arellano @RTLlu?"

"It's me!"

"Wtf were you thinking when writing such a biased piece of crap, seriously?"…

"But those are STATEC stats!"

🥺😣😭"You are either a statistics illiterate or biased as f***. Now get out of my sight!" @Stockdog23 @malgravajhoj @RTLlu @STATEC If you flip a coin 100 times, and heads turns up 60 times and tails 40 times, you know that the coin is obviously rigged.

If the coin was not rigged, heads should be 50 and tails also 50!
Nov 17, 2017 10 tweets 8 min read
"Fehlverhalten von Fussgängern"? #alternativefacts

Greetings to RZ5237 van driver, who DID NOT stop for me while I was already on the pedestrian crossing. He saw me, waved, looked away and drove on. True story, happened today Having clean windows is a good thing, but not enough. Adjusting mirrors equally important. It is crucial to always look what is happening *around* the vehicle

In my experience, lots of drivers suffer of "stiff neck": they don't see walking & cycling people coming from their side
Apr 12, 2017 10 tweets 4 min read
Is #PontAdolphe suspended active mobility bridge (still under construction, will be below road surface) violating monumental protection? 😱's Jo Simon reveals the story of his suspended active mobility bridge idea under #PontAdolphe…