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It's apt that this issue has an obit for Tandy, the man who rescued Radio Shack in 1968... a company now on the brink of death.
It took Tandy 10-years to build Radio Shack into a company that would dominate its space for 10+ more years after his death.
Going to Radio Shack in the 80s was truly a magical experience.
Sound familiar? It should.
Correction... 1963. RS had been in business for 42 years before Tandy came along! The company is approaching its 100th birthday.
A quick search didn't turn up any details of his BASIC subset, but I did find this gem from Raskin --> (an APL-like)
Back when a "hobbyist market" was actually a thing... though I guess we call them 'Makers' now?
That last sentence _can't_ be correct! What about the earliest Lisp Machines and the B5000? More research around the distinctions needed.
The basis for a future series perhaps?!
Same. (Until then this is a worthwhile read -->
They still sell these "kits" at Walmart and Target! (C64 owners know this trick)
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That can't be Knuth's TeX right? There's a manual for DR TEX at and it looks different. More research needed.
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(original Apple listing -->
An early attempt at Agile?
Interestingly, these old ads LOVE to mention that they include text tools and utilities. Text processing must've been a Hellscape.
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