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20 Jul 17
I'm not familiar with the author David T. Craig. Any further information on his other works is appreciated.
This is going to be fun.
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19 Jul 17
Retrocomputing find of the day. "Apple Pascal: A Hands On Approach" -->…
This book is especially interesting because it required the reader to have an Apple II with a Microsoft Softcard installed.
The SoftCard was a plug-in board with a Z-80 processor that was used to run the embedded CP/M OS.…
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29 Jun 17
It's apt that this issue has an obit for Tandy, the man who rescued Radio Shack in 1968... a company now on the brink of death.
It took Tandy 10-years to build Radio Shack into a company that would dominate its space for 10+ more years after his death.
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