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BREAKING: Sessions admits under oath he discussed Trump's Russia policy in a long-undisclosed—lied about—September '16 meeting with Kislyak.
2/ That Sessions discussed Russia policy with Kislyak is something I wrote about here three months ago, but it was never picked up by media.
3/ I was contacted by Congressional staffers back then. I explained how Sessions' last testimony *inadvertently* revealed these discussions.
4/ Now Leahy's questions have made clear the fact Sessions was essentially negotiating sanctions policy with Russia during the campaign.
5/ Given that Trump was legally on notice Russia was committing crimes as of 8/17/16 his NatSec chief COULD NOT LEGALLY negotiate sanctions.
6/ 3 weeks after Trump knew Russia was committing crimes, he had his NatSec chief negotiate sanctions relief with Russia. That IS collusion.
7/ Proof of collusion is right in front of us now. Sessions agreed to meet with Kislyak AT THE RNC—it was a POLITICAL meeting Trump knew of.
8/ A presidential campaign CANNOT LEGALLY learn a foreign power is committing crimes against the U.S. and then offer them aid and comfort.
9/ We know from reports Trump's plan was to unilaterally drop sanctions his first month in office. So Sessions would have told Kislyak this?
10/ Sessions says he talked Trump's Russia policy with Kislyak in mid-2016. That policy was to drop sanctions. In context, that's collusion.
PS/ At this point, EVERY question the Democrats ask Sessions today should be about his September 2016 meeting with Kislyak—and its context.
PS2/ Any conversations Sessions had with CANDIDATE TRUMP about his then-upcoming Kislyak meeting couldn't be covered by executive privilege.
PS3/ So the Democrats could RIGHT NOW find out what conversations Sessions had with Trump about his campaign-period Russia meetings. So ask!
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