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As near as I can tell, every single public statement made by Trump's campaign about this March 31, 2016 meeting at the TIHDC has been a lie.
2/ The witnesses disagree on how Trump reacted to Papadopoulos' suggestion. They say Sessions shot it down but his team kept discussing it.
3/ They say they told Papadopoulos never to bring it up again, but Papadopoulos—just a college kid—felt clear to raise it *five more times*.
4/ They say the meeting was just for show, but one of the attendees says Trump directed him to change the GOP platform at that very meeting.
5/ They say Sessions outright nixed any Kremlin meeting, but for weeks thereafter his team avidly discussed its legality and its logistics.
6/ They say Papadopoulos—just a kid—was chosen for his qualifications, but now we learn he was in contact with Sergei Millian, a Trump pal.
7/ They say the meeting was of the full team, but it wasn't—two of its most controversial members (including Carter Page) were oddly absent.
8/ They say Trump planned to use the team a lot; in fact, he never paid them and they disbanded in July—possibly for Russia-related reasons.
9/ They say nothing came of the meeting—but shortly after Jared Kushner decided to call the Russian ambassador and get him to the Mayflower.
10/ The picture atop this thread is the single most lied-about event Trump was involved with in the 2016 campaign. So you *know* it matters.
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