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The critical question in the Russia probe right now is whether the president got George Papadopoulos his job on the campaign's NatSec team.
2/ The only explanation for a new college grad with no experience being on that team—with generals and admirals—is his connection to Russia.
3/ Sergei Millian—a Trump pal said by some media reports to be Source D in the Steele Dossier—admits to contacts with George Papadopoulos.
4/ 72 hours after joining a national security team he had no business being on, Papadopoulos revealed himself to be an agent of the Kremlin.
5/ That Trump didn't fire him, contact the FBI or express any surprise at this revelation suggests he knew *before* the kid joined the team.
6/ He responded to learning—via Papadopoulos—Putin wanted a meetup with a directive to his team to change the GOP platform to benefit Putin.
7/ He then allowed his campaign staff to lie about what happened at the meeting at which Papadopoulos revealed himself as a Kremlin agent.
8/ Aides claimed Papadopoulos was permanently shut down, but not only was he *not* fired, they discussed the Kremlin's offer for many weeks.
9/ They say Papadopoulos was told never to bring up the Kremlin's offer again—a clear lie, given that he did so 5 times in the next 5 weeks.
10/ They got media to falsely report they quickly nixed the offer to meet top Kremlin officials given to them by Kremlin agent Papadopoulos.
11/ But by early May they were debating sending a "private citizen" to Moscow to meet with Kremlin officials. And indeed they did just that.
12/ Carter Page travelled to Moscow, loudly saying he was going as a "private citizen." But the IC says he met with top Kremlin officials.
13/ And as soon as the Russia hacks were revealed, Trump *disbanded* his NatSec team—literally the *most* surprising time to have done so.
14/ But consider who was on the team: Papadopoulos; Page; the aide who changed the GOP platform, at Trump's direct command; Jeff Sessions...
15/ By then, Jeff Sessions had already begun his secret—and illegal—sanctions relief negotiations with Russia's Ambassador, Sergey Kislyak.
16/ So the NatSec team, which existed to give Trump an excuse to be close to Papadopoulos, Page and key Sessions aides, had no more utility.
17/ So when the current President of the United States "discovered" a secret Kremlin agent on staff, he did *everything* a traitor would do.
18/ His actions amounted to collusion, and once he was briefed on Russian hacking on August 17th, 2016, they amounted to *criminal conduct*.
19/ Trump aided and abetted Russian interference before and after the fact by engaging in secret sanctions relief negotiations with Russia.
20/ All these facts are taken from major media reports by outlets that say we have no clear proof of collusion. But we do—ample proof. {end}
PS/ Congress has declared Papadopoulos a "person of interest" in the Russia probe, and its staff are grilling all probe witnesses about him.
PS2/ We know, too, that Mueller has made Papadopoulos and the NatSec team a big part of his investigation—so it's *not* just me saying this.
PS3/ Papadopoulos isn't being discussed on the news nightly because Trump has thrown out so many distractions our news media can't *focus*.
PS4/ We—as news consumers—can use social media to help journalists focus. I hope you'll consider retweeting the first tweet in this thread.
PS5/ Given the place he occupies at the very center of Trump-Russia collusion, George Papadopoulos should be a household name. But he's not.
NOTE/ Mueller now needs to interview Sam Clovis, who handled the hiring for the NatSec team. But he might be waiting until he has even more.
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