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an unrolled Twitter story with 15 tweets

Just 17 days after his hire, Trump sent self-admitted Kremlin agent Papadopoulos to Israel to talk Russia policy:
2/ So on March 31st, 2016, Trump learns Papadopoulos is a Kremlin agent. He immediately puts him on Russia policy (not actually his area).
3/ Papadopoulos was (at most, and speaking very generously) an expert on Middle Eastern oil markets. But Trump exploited his Kremlin ties.
4/ When a kid tells you he's a Kremlin intermediary and you immediately make him your new spokesman on Russia policy, that's collusion, too.
5/ Here's Papadopoulos acting—abroad—as a Trump spokesman on Russia *17 days* after outing himself as a Kremlin agent at Trump's D.C. hotel:
6/ After Trump learned Papadopoulos was a Kremlin agent—unless he already knew, from Millian—he sent him *everywhere* to talk Russia policy:
7/ As seen in the shocking final sentence of the preceding tweet, Trump *used Papadopoulos* to *communicate his sanctions policy to Russia*.
8/ Did I mention Papadopoulos' credentials were faked to make it *seem* he was qualified to be on the NatSec team?
9/ And from SigmaLive (Cyprus media) comes these startling paragraphs (remember—Papadopoulos was seated on the NatSec team with *generals*):
10/ AFTER learning he was a Putin agent and AFTER a briefing on Russian hacks, Trump had Papadopoulos attack sanctions in the Russian media:
PS/ I'll say it again: it's *not legal* to secretly offer unilateral sanctions relief to Russia via Sessions and a Putin agent POST-hacking.
PS2/ Papadopoulos attacked U.S. sanctions on Russia *twice* in his interview with Interfax, saying the sanctions were only helping China(?):
PS3/ This interview came 3 weeks after Sessions and Kislyak argued sanctions in Sessions' Senate office. Was this intended to clean that up?
PS4/ (Apologies for the dangling modifier in the first tweet here—didn't spend the time I should have to ensure the wording was just right.)
PS5/ So Trump got the headline he wanted in Russian media: "Papadopoulos: Sanctions have done little more than to turn Russia towards China"
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