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1. Steele began work June 2016. FBI counter-intel investigation began July 2016. They are one in the same.

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2. Mr. Steele formerly worked under Sir John Macleod Scarlett, a retired senior British Intelligence Officer in Moscow.

3. Sir John Scarlett was behind the Tony Blair dossier claiming Saddam had deliverable weapons of mass destruction.

4. WaPo: “Fusion GPS did not start off looking at Trump’s Russia ties"… when commissioned for original oppo-research.

5. It's obfuscation to claim connection, based solely on Fusion GPS, because Steele didn't start until June 2016.

6. Steele began his "dossier" assembly after contracted by Clinton/DNC (through Fusion GPS) likely w/ coordination w/ Obama White House.

7. And that's where Comey and the FBI come in w/ their July counter-intel investigation which he admits they kept hidden from congress.

8. Dates are key. June 2016 was when FBI failed to get FISA warrant (was denied). Oct 2016 is when they managed to get a FISA warrant.

9. The FBI's failed FISA warrant (very rare) was at same time as Steele starting his work on now debunked "Russian dossier."

10. Comey Testimony: Q) "Why didn't you notify congress"? A.) "b/c of the sensitivity of the matter".

11. And therein we discover leverage Clinton had over Comey on joint oppo-research operation leading to Comey clearing Clinton on emails.

12. In Oct 2016 -height of pres. campaign- Steele approached FBI w/info… Oct '16 FBI successful with FISA warrant

13. Russia had U1 leverage on Clinton. Russia wanted HRC to win. HRC had leverage on Comey via his part of this joint intel op against Trump

14. Russia had interest in making up intel against Trump. Clinton held interest to use fake intel against Trump. Comey enabled/went along.

15. Intel community has exposure risk w/origin of Steele $$. Hence WaPo puts out Clinton & DNC story to hide bigger picture (protect Obama).

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