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Media must ask Trump aides who sent Papadopoulos to Israel to talk Russia policy a week after he revealed himself as a Kremlin intermediary.
2/ Papadopoulos' April '16 Israel trip is especially odd as some Trump official had changed his policy focus from the Middle East to Russia.
3/ Trump aides should also explain why, when the NatSec team was disbanded in July 2017, Papadopoulos was one of the only people kept on.
4/ Trump should explain why a "coffee boy" was allowed to give an interview to Russian media on Trump's sanctions policy 7 months post-hire.
5/ And someone should explain why the FBI felt a "coffee boy" like Papadopoulos had direct access to top Trump aides as recently as Monday.
6/ I also wonder why Papadopoulos was the only Trump aide Trump gave a personal judgment on in announcing him to his National Security team.
7/ And Lewandowski went on TV to say he can't remember Papadopoulos—but WP reported months ago Papadopoulos emailed him on Russian meetings?
8/ In short, Team Trump's "Papa-who?" media blitz is a B-movie hoodlum cover-up that insults the American people and its media institutions.
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