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BREAKING: Yesterday I wrote about Clovis being the likely target for Papadopoulos intercepts. And now we get this:
2/ Mueller bringing in a top Trump aide to question only *after* getting intercepts via Papadopoulos would fit with investigative protocols.
3/ Bringing in Clovis this early suggests he's *not* a final target—and I'll say again that Sessions not being questioned yet means he *is*.
4/ As discussed in previous threads, Phase 3 of the probe began Monday—indicting those who can deliver targets. Sessions comes in Phase 4.
5/ Trump also comes in Phase 4, as will Mike Flynn *if* he hasn't secretly flipped already. Kushner was a tossup—and now looks like Phase 4.
6/ So:

Lvl 1 persons—Papadopoulos, Gordon?, Page
Lvl 2 persons—Manafort, Gates, Clovis, Cohen
Lvl 3 persons—Trump, Sessions, Flynn, Kushner
7/ Then you have a gaggle of Russian/Russia-connected witnesses, e.g.:

(Emin) Agalarov
(Aras) Agalarov
8/ Then you have campaign aides *unlikely* to be targets in any capacity—but still useful as witnesses—e.g. Hicks, Spicer, Priebus, others.
9/ Finally, there are folks whose place in all this—witnesses or defendants—is still unclear:

Trump (Jr.)
Trump (Ivanka)
10/ The preceding charts can give at least a sense of how far along Mueller is in his investigation, and what roles various people may play.
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