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BREAKING (on 9/29—then buried by FNC): Trump Was Flattered When Papadopoulos Revealed Himself As Kremlin Agent and Said Putin Wanted to Meet
2/ This is CRITICAL to criminal investigators because it means Trump ACKNOWLEDGED that he'd received Papadopoulos' missive from the Kremlin.
3/ So it's not just that Trump didn't reject the Kremlin's idea, he ENCOURAGED it by letting Papadopoulos see that the news had PLEASED him.
4/ And within 48 hours Papadopoulos had been REWARDED by being sent to Israel to act as Trump's mouthpiece on Russia policy to a key ally.
5/ The problem we're having here is that when—on rare occasion—FNC breaks news that's bad for Trump, they bury it and *never* re-report it.
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