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That's right—Sessions moved *expeditiously* toward conducting his *own* secret negotiations with the Russians in April, July, and September.
2/ And while conducting those secret negotiations he *totally* lost sight of the fact that his subordinate had *told* him Putin wanted them.
3/ If you're at home believing *anything* Sessions says about Russia please for all our sakes don't light a stove or operate a motor vehicle
4/ Trump aides have used this non-answer all along—pretending they're being asked a question they've not been asked so as to "avoid" lying.
5/ Trump aides interpret *any* question about meeting Russians as "Did you guys help Russia hack the DNC?" Then they can say, "No meetings!"
6/ But there is literally *no one* saying that Trump's campaign had *hackers on-staff* working with *Russian* hackers to steal DNC/HRC data.
7/ The good news—this "Look, ma, no lying!" game Trump aides like Sessions are playing is first-grade checkers and *won't fly* with the FBI.
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