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1. Folks - we need to have a brief chat about 'Photoshopped' versus 'Modified'.
I am contending that the photograph supplied by Mrs. Tweeden as evidence Senator Franken committed a crime was staged by all participants in the photo.

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2. Nothing in the photo Mrs. Tweeden presents seems to be altered. Al Franken is 'honking her breasts' while she feigns or fakes sleeping. I'm saying they were posing for a joke picture that she is cynically presenting as evidence in a crime.

3. She presented this photo (inadvertently, I'm guessing) as evidence in her article - attaching this file to it to 'prove' her allegations of sexual molestation. She literally states that 'Al Franken Groped Me'.

All other versions of this photo have that metadata stripped.

4. Her account was so stomach-churning, I wanted to find out who the photographer was - being an EYEWITNESS TO A FELONY ABOARD A UNITED STATES MILITARY AIRCRAFT.

Hence, #FindthePhotographer.
I was trying to help her get justice, because NO ONE in the media had asked.

5. So - I looked where I thought I would find the photographer's information. She's a professional model, and photographers OFTEN watermark their work. I was hoping the rat bastard slipped up.

I found that the owner's info was gone.
And that other things were deleted.

6. Then I re-read her account.
The file SHE provided contradicts her testimony, folks.
Then I got sick all over again.
Go through the original thread - I give you links to the files and methods I used to get the information I have now. You can even find other info.

7. Part of the data the jpeg header holds identifies the date of creation and the date it was last modified -- Modified in this case means 'saved, opened and resized, color corrected, red-eye removed' or ANYTHING happening after opening it.

8. If you have Photoshop and have ever opened a file, and zoomed in or performed ANY OTHER ACTION - notice that it asks when closing 'Would you like to save your file?' - you have modified the image by interacting with it.

9. What I believe happened was - A Nikon D2H took this photo - it was transferred to a CD which Mrs. Tweeden has currently in jpeg format. It was LAST MODIFIED (at the time of being uploaded to her article) on Al Franken's election day in 2009 at 10:30 PM.

10. The 'modification' was copying it for a political operative friend of hers on election day - or saved for a rainy day -- like when indictments are coming down and it could help a political ally versus a political enemy.

11. Other data surfaced - like she works for the Mercers indirectly. Roger Stone predicted this like Nostradouchebag, and Sean Hannity admits he saw this photo a long time ago, but was asked not to say anything.
#FindthePhotographer and get his account of things.

12. So - no - Al is there. She is there. He's honking her breasts, and everyone in the photo agreed to pose this way. She is lying about the context of the photo in a cynical bid to burn down a good man, with help from her pigfucker alt-right squad of dipshits.

13. Sorry - It's really hard to be objective when the facts are clearly that she's not telling the truth. #FindthePhotographer

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