Well, if the latest Star Citizen patch seems better on the CPU, it's cuz after MANY weeks, whoever left Sleep (0) in the code, has now changed it to Sleep (1). Attached disassembly.
Of course, they need to ask Amazon why they literally removed almost ALL the calls to the devastating CrySpinLock in CryEngine. Star Citizen still has DOZENS in there. Each one can tied up a CPU to 100% utilization.
At this rate, I'm just going to have to keep disassembling this whole mess and just fix the performance bugs myself. God I hope they sue me. That would be hilarious.
They're literally not even touching the networking - at all. EACH client is still sending close to 4K bytes PER SECOND to the server; which responds with ->>> LOL!! ->>> over 170K bytes. To EACH client. I don't even.
These clowns aren't making an MMO. They NEVER were. They're stitching exceptionally buggy code in a cookie-cutter networking layer in an attempt to make something.
Going to say this again. This is never going to be an MMO. The best backers can hope for is a bog standard multiplayer game - which they currently have. Those $1000 chariots will NEVER work in it. Which is hilarious to me.
They've got over 400 CrySpinLock references in this. OMG! Please call up CryTek and ask them why that's very - very - bad. Like BAD.
And they're still using the base CryEngine + CryNetwork because they haven't actually migrated to LY fully. e.g. calls like CSocketIOManagerSelect::PushUserMessage were removed by Lumberyard, but still in Star Citizen.
Star Citizen CPU cores in motion. i.imgur.com/mV9bFz7.gif

• • •

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10 Oct 20
Well don't look now, but SQ42 no longer has a release date. Wait till you see Chris's response in an AMA on the game's 8th (it's actually 9, but whose counting?) anniversary.

As Star Citizen turns eight years old, the single-player campaign still sounds a long way off

But wait! Are you old enough to remember this 2014 interview?

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8 Oct 20
So there's a new Star Citizen controversy brewing and which various parties are diving into. I haven't done much digging, so I will just provide some of my own thoughts.

First of all, I want to make this clear - again...
Star Citizen devolved into an absolute scam years ago. The basis for the scam is that the creators and primaries were busy focused on unjust enrichment by taking money out of the project, rather than putting money into it. This has gone on for years now.
To the extent that not only have they done shady financial things like building a corp with backer money, then selling back that corp to themselves, but also taking out large sums from the venture, even as they run out of money year after year.
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29 Sep 20
For context, you'd have to do some catching up on my tweets since this fiasco started. To be clear, as a veteran game dev for 30+ yrs, as I see it, this battle was a long-time in the making, and needed to be waged.
Though some of my peers & colleagues in the biz are hesitant to publicly opine given the parties involved, my view is that with all the confusion as to the merits of the matter and what it means to gamers and game devs, this discussion is worth having cuz feelz aren't relevant.
To get started, this is what I said on 08/13 when news of the lawsuit went public, and which goes back to what I just stated in the first tweet of this thread.

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25 Sep 20
This is a very big deal indeed.

Amazon’s Luna game streaming service is powered by Windows and Nvidia GPUs theverge.com/2020/9/25/2145…
When Google decided to do Stadia, maybe they thought that because most of the leading game engines supported Linux - and thus Vulcan api for graphics - that devs would rush on board.
Thing is, like OGL, Vulcan hasn't exactly lit our collective butts on fire because it's new (to those not keeping up to date), and it's a major hassle to implement in a graphics pipeline. Forget about porting from DX to Vulcan; it makes grown men wheep.
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21 Sep 20
If you thought Chris couldn't be any more, what's the word - dismissive? Well, he told the community that he's so busy that he can't answer their [important] questions. However, he will answer a SINGLE question. I swear I'm not making this up:

"Tony’s goal (goal != promise) is to have elements of the Dynamic Universe start to come online next year, likely towards the back half of the year, where player’s actions can impact both the Dynamic Economy and other players."
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16 Sep 20
Epic Games lawsuit is just a publicity stunt, says Apple 9to5mac.com/2020/09/16/epi… via @benlovejoy
lmao! I doubt that very much. Despite my misgivings about how Epic went about this lawsuit and which was only revealed via Apple's filings (emails), Epic could have more publicity impact by putting money for these legal bills into worthy causes - or even marketing.
Generally, a company that has traditionally supported devs the way Epic has over the years, aren't likely to put those same devs at risk by engaging in a protracted publicity stunt like this and which has severe consequences.
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