1. Forget the CNN Angle. Look around yourself at the big picture. Do you see what's happening here?
2. The leak that created the banana (Fake News) that has embarrassed CNN was based on "two anonymous sources" within the House Intelligence Committee.
3. The email documents those sources relied upon (to provide CNN with the bogus story) was centered around a date on those documents. September 4th 2016.
4. However, the accurate date -on the real documents- was "September 14th." The difference changes the entire story 180 degrees.... and makes the CNN report a nothing-burger.
5. But that's not the important part. The important part is that the information was FALSE, but the leak was real.
6. You see, the information the leakers saw (the documents) was bait to identify leakers.
7. And now the intelligence community know who is leaking information from within the House Intelligence Committee. See how that works?
8. This is what we have been watching happening for several months. This is what I call "Black Hat Hunting". The information is false. The leak to the media is real.
9. Another Example of planted false information to identify leakers within the intelligence community.
10. Like Bloomberg, CNN just reported on false (planted information), carefully placed to identify leakers.
11. The "Black Hat Hunting" has been increasing in frequency/urgency simultaneous to the reports that the Inspector General was close to wrapping up their years-long investigation.
12. This is how you would flush out the *system* of corrupt black hats. Seeding false information into the blood stream of a closed unit then waiting to see if/where/when it turns up is a specific way to flush out leakers and black hats.
13. There will be more seeds planted to capture the black hats. So BEWARE of increasing FAKE NEWS based on these leaks in the near future. *The END*

• • •

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AG Merrick Garland’s Daughter Married to Co-Founder of Company Selling Critical Race Theory Resource Material to School Districts
Last Month..."Existing backers Owl Ventures, Emerson Collective, Uncork Capital, the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative and Tao Capital Partners"...


cc: @BenjaminT0001 , @almostjingo , @MWBarnesEsq
AG Merrick Garland's son-in-law's real name is Alexander Newman Tanner.

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I do not appreciate the label of "personality cult". Specifically because policies of the Trump doctrine are unique to Trump. His use of strategic econ leverage to achieve national security & expanded econ growth objectives are unmatched.

I will debate anyone on this.
The border security and migration “agreement” with Mexico was a brilliant example of President Trump in action.

Most were so focused on ridiculous personality issues they had no idea what he put into place.

Overlooked by most financial pundits Trump pre-positioned risk mgmt with the basis for their analysis & internal investment advice.
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Overlooked by almost everyone. Pay close attention to the reason why General Mark Milley contacted the Chinese, as Milley stated during his testimony.
2) Video at 09:51

..."The specific purpose of the October and January calls were generated by concerning intelligence, which caused us to believe the Chinese were worried about an attack on them by the United States.”

3) The U.S. Intelligence Community, aka The Fourth Branch of Government, determined the Chinese were concerned.

Note what this is *NOT*...
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1) A good and reasonable question:

...Why would John Durham spend 27 pages, outlining in painstaking detail the Sussmann background, if his true intent was to simply to spray paint the rusting corruption?
2) The answer lies in really understanding how the DC system, that permits John Durham to exist, operates.

I mean the real system, how it works in actuality, not how the former insiders and defenders of the system want us to believe it works. But rather how it really works.
3) If you were inside the system and *initially* concerned about the very beginning of public scrutiny upon a series of corrupt events that took place.

If you were, say, in the latter part of 2017, and recognizing things were going to come out no matter what.
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(3) Part of the lobbying in the food industry by BigAg multinationals is to advocate for the expansion of U.S. taxpayer benefits to underwrite the costs of the domestic food products they control.
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(1)Australia has an unusual/unique parliamentary system reflecting history of their creation.

There are no recognized "natural" or inherent rights in Australia. All rights are granted by a governmental system structured around extreme democracy. That's why voting is mandated.
(2)It took me a while to figure out why the Australian people would be so compliant toward what looks like government authoritarianism.

After research, I understand it now.
(3) All rules, laws, regulations, etc. come from the top down. They are proposed by command and control and then approved by the people in mandatory elections where participation is not optional.
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