Strong probability @RepAdamSchiff and @RepSwalwell were the 2 anonymous sources (leakers) from House Intel Committee to @mkraju (CNN) yesterday. [Leading to false reporting on @DonaldJTrumpJr .]

Both fit leak profile perfectly.
Highly partisan allies of Brennan/Clapper agenda.
2. Both Schiff and Swalwell are 'interests' within the ongoing FBI criminal probe into the Awan Brothers.
3. Both Schiff and Swalwell are likely already being monitored by the new FBI investigative unit in charge of leaks.
4. Both Schiff and Swalwell are regulars on CNN and have provided material for @jaketapper , @mkraju , @evanperez , @jimsciutto and @carlbernstein
5. In fact, several reports from the aforementioned CNN crew were previously identified as coming from congress, not from the 'intelligence community'.
6. There's a surreptitious benefit from having Senator Dan Coats now in place as head of the ODNI. He would well know the cloakroom chatter surrounding congressional allies with political intelligence operatives like Brennan, Clapper and Comey.
7. Which is most like why DNI Coats said: [08:17] "these National Security breaches do not just originate from within the Intelligence Community. They come from a wide range of sources within the government, including the Congress.”...
8. This was just prior to AG Sessions, DNI Coats and Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein, assembling a new elite FBI counterintelligence unit specifically assembled to target National Security leaks. A new unit to investigate those within the intelligence community and congress.
9. [01:43] ..."we’ve created a new unit within the FBI to focus on those leaks, and we’re going to devote whatever resources are necessary to get them under control.”...
10. Notice how strongly @CNN is defending the two sources who provided them false information.

12. Indeed @JulianAssange and @wikileaks are correct here. It was more than just "two sources" to CNN. 🤔ABC and NBC supposedly independently confirmed with their own "sources"
13. Such a narrow amount of false information (a single date, on a single piece of paper), amid a very small group of people (congressional intel committee).
14. The pool of people, "sources", able to *verify* and/or authenticate the very specific details (a date on a page), amid a heavily controlled small-group environment, would itself be very small. Think carefully about it.

[Also see DJT-Jr. description of controls below]
15. Apply a reasonable amount of intuitive common sense.

*The End*

• • •

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