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The Steele Dossier was a hastily cobbled together justification for two things:

1) to justify the spying on Trump's campaign team PRIOR to Mike Rogers shutting down NSA SIGINT database mining for Trump Team comms up to April, 2016.
2) to justify RESTARTING intelligence community intercepts of Trump campaign/transition team comms by proffering the dossier to the FISA Court by claiming Trump team members were foreign agents serving Russia.
We don't know exactly when FBI subcontractors began to be used by the DOJ/FBI Hillary/Obama/DNC nexus to mine the NSA SIGINT database for Trump campaign team comms & then to submit Sec. 702 unmasking requests to reveal the names of Trump team members in the intel incercepts.
What we DO know is that in April 2016, NSA director Mike Rogers was made aware of the fact there were an unusually high # of Section 702 unmasking requests being made that were coming through the FBI.
When Rogers investigates, he discovers much to his abject horror, that almost all these unmasking requests are as a result of an FBI subcontractor data mining the NSA SIGNALS INTELLIGENCE [SIGINT] database, which the FBI had given unsupervised subcontractors access to.
The NSA SIGINT database is the collection of intel intercepts of all electronic data. It's huge. It supposedly collects EVERYTHING. Phone calls, emails, texts, etc.

As you can imagine, the potential for the political & criminal abuse of that collected information is gigantic.
That is why there are supposed to be VERY stringent safeguards in place to prevent anybody using this collected intelligence for criminal or PARTISAN POLITICAL purposes.
And in April 2016, Mike Rogers discovered a group of people INSIDE THE DOJ/FBI had figured out a way to defeat EVERY SINGLE SAFEGUARD OF THE SYSTEM.

There is no way this could be done ACCIDENTALLY.
A group of people both inside the DOJ/FBI and inside the HRC campaign & inside the DNC figured out a way to defeat every single safeguard & collect these Trump Team comms intercepts, unmask the names & then pass them around.
Fun fact: you know the ONLY part of the DOJ that Inspector General Michael Horowitz couldn't get oversight of the past few years?

It's the VERY top of the DOJ, a section called the 'National Security Division' [NSD].
When Horowitz realized the very top of the DOJ, the NSD, had been sealed off from any oversight, he wrote a very specific letter to the then-Deputy Assistant Attorney General asking that this be corrected.
then wrote IG Michael Horowitz a very long memo in reply.

The Cliff Notes: "Go pound sand. You will never have any oversight over what the NSD sees or what it does with NSA SIGINT."
Yates knew very well people inside the FBI had set up a scheme in which subcontractors were data mining the NSA SIGINT database for Trump campaign comms intercepts, then sending up Sec. 702 unmasking queries, compiling reports and SENDING THEM TO THE DOJ'S NSD.
The DOJ's Nat. Sec. Division was then SPREADING THESE INTEL REPORTS containing Trump campaign info all around.

Watch Evelyn Farkas discuss this on Morning Joe.

That interview took place on March 2nd. Despite the attempts of sites like Snopes to spin what Farkas clearly said, she states intel was being COLLECTED & DISSEMINATED widely inside the Obama admin. detailing 'Trump/Russia contacts'.
Now, in March 2017, OF COURSE that's how the DOJ/FBI/Obama/Hillary nexus is going to SPIN why this intelligence was being collected, why names were unmasked & why these reports were spread around.

And why this started PRIOR to April, 2016 when Rogers was made aware of it.
"Well we were FORCED to do this, collect this stuff, and then make sure it was preserved because Donald Trump is a puppet of the Russians and so he'll HIDE the Russian hacking evidence n' stuff!"
So in April 2016, Mike Rogers shuts down the FBI - or an SUBCONTRACTORS hired by the FBI - from using the NSA SIGINT database for any more mining for Trump campaign team comms they can unmask & disseminate.
Read this to understand how Mike Rogers shut down the abuse of 702 queries and ordered a review of the process so it could be fixed so no further such abuses could take place:…
While Clapper and Yates and Holder and Lynch and MANY others were going along with blatant political use of classified intelligence from the NSA, Mike Rogers went in there and STOPPED the abuse in April 2016.
So the DOJ/FBI/HRC/Obama/DNC nexus had a problem. They'd been found out, and now they needed an EXCUSE to escape legal problems for the illegal use of the intel they'd leaked to each other.
So the very first problem that has to be addressed is these people who just got caught abusing intel collection have to come up with some valid NATIONAL SECURITY excuse to have been mining, collecting, unmasking the communications of Trump team people.
Then there's the SECOND problem they have to address: they *still* want to get access to Trump campaign comms. Only now, thanks to Mike Rogers, they have to find a way to get it LEGALLY.
And it just so happens, there *is* a legal way they could get surveillance of SOME Trump team member's communications: go to the FISA Court & convince the court that some Trump campaign members are RUSSIAN AGENTS.

By quickly cobbling together a bunch of ludicrous, anonymously sourced allegations claiming Trump is compromised by the Russians & members of his team are Russian agents, they can solve BOTH problems.
Now remember this: the first problem in April 2016, when Rogers shut down their further access to 702 queries, was only a POTENTIAL problem.

These people FULLY expect Hillary to win the election in Nov. 2016. They see their job as making that EASIER for her.
So, they aren't really focused at THAT point on justifying the NSA intercepts & illegal unmasking they did. After all, Hillary is going to win the election and that goddamn Mike Rogers will gone soon, so who cares?
So, try to grasp how arrogant these people were. Rogers shut them out in/around April 2016, and they IMMEDIATELY focused on what they saw as the MAIN problem: getting their spying on Trump's campaign team started right back up again.
By June/July 2016 they are BACK with 'Plan B'. The Steele Dossier. They will take this #FusionGPS political product compiled by various people like Glenn Simpson & Nellie Ohr, use Steele as mostly a front man, and pass it off to the FISA Court as being a US intel product.
Remember, when they finally get this FISA Court warrant they wanted on the Trump campaign members, it's still around July 2016. They STILL think Hillary is going to win. This is still just oppo research for Hillary using US gov't surveillance, that's all.
Nobody's ever gonna see this dossier. The funding for it will never be traced. Nobody's ever really gonna find out about all that NSA SIGINT database abuse with the 702 queries either.

Hillary's gonna win.

This is all gonna be buried.
Actually let me amend that: nobody was ever going to see the STORY BEHIND the Steele Dossier. The funding or how it was used to restart surveillance of Trump's campaign team. Hillary was gonna win, all this stuff would be 'disappeared'.

Look at Obama's face:

"I am in Hell."
I'd have LOVED to have been a fly on the wall inside the rooms of the DOJ/FBI/HRC/DNC nexus that night of the election when it dawned on them that Hillary was actually going to LOSE & they would HAVE to use their 'insurance policy'.
And a big part of that insurance policy was - get this! - continuing their spying on Trump's campaign team now that it was a TRANSITION TEAM getting ready to assume control of the Executive Branch in just 90 or so days.
Trump's win changed EVERYTHING.

These people who broke all these laws & did all this illegal spying are now VULNERABLE to being found out and prosecuted.

So they have to act FAST.

They need a plan to use what they've got to get Trump impeached early into his Presidency.
At the very least, they need to manufacture a scandal so bad it will cripple the incoming Trump administration and render it ineffective in fomenting any real change to policy - or the uncovering of Obama/HRC/DOJ/FBI criminal activity.
So yes, these people were *still* using the FISA Court surveillance of Trump's team AFTER the election during the transition.

Listen again to what Devin Nunes says he was shown in March 2017 in his press conference:
He clearly says 'President-elect' and 'Transition team' there.

Nunes was absolutely shocked to see excerpts of intel intercepts contained in intel reports showing Trump transition team members discussing stuff having NOTHING to do with Russia or any foreign country.
There are literally signs of a gov't at war within itself. 'White Hats' trying to stop/expose 'Black Hats' who are abusing intelligence collection for their own partisan political purposes.

And this has been going on for YEARS.
People within our gov't who knew what was going on blew the whistle. That's why Nunes had this press conference. He was SHOWN the evidence of this politically partisan use of classified intelligence.
Want another sign of this internal war between Black Hats & White Hats?

During the transition, Clapper & other Obama officials STRONGLY encouraged incoming President Trump to fire NSA Director Mike Rogers.
You may have seen media reports in November 2016 about Mike Rogers suddenly making a surprise visit to Trump Tower on Nov. 17th, 2016 to visit the Trump transition team based there.…
The media focused on 2 things in it's reports about Roger's visit to Trump Tower: he didn't clear it with Obama or ODNI James Clapper first, and second, supposedly Rogers made this trip to beg Trump not to fire him.…
Here's what the media didn't tell you in it's reports following Roger's visiting the Trump transition team at Trump Tower on Nov. 17th, 2016.

The Trump Transition team MOVED to Bedminister NJ *the very next day* on Nov. 18th.…
Trump just abruptly announced to the media late on Thursday, Nov. 17th that he was moving his transition team from Trump Tower to Bedminster, NJ for meetings on beginning on Friday Nov. 18th…
So what's the LATEST that Trump and his team were alerted to the fact that Obama & others were spying on them? When Mike Rogers told them all their comms at Trump Tower were being monitored, intercepted, collected, unmasked & disseminated.

On Nov. 17th, 2016.
Patriots in our gov't fought attempts to marginalize them and attempts to get them fired before Trump took office.

Obama/Clapper strongly encouraging Trump to fire Mike Rogers, then floating a story Rogers went to beg for his job is par for the course.
So...Trump and his were very likely well aware the Obama admin. was abusing intel collection to spy on them well before November 2016. They had no doubt after Roger's visit to Trump Tower.
The only question is, what ACTIONS would the Obama/Hillary/DNC/DOJ/FBI nexus take once Trump assumed office?

How were they going to come after him?

Well, Hillary & Obama's actions right after the election provided clues.
Immediately after the election, Hillary began shrieking about Russian interference in the election to benefit Trump & help him win.

That was not just sour grapes talking there.
I don't have ANY doubt the HRC campaign was hard wired into the sharing of all that Trump campaign team intel being passed around inside the Obama gov't prior to April 2016 and right up to the election itself.
Remember once Mike Rogers stopped any further abuse of 702 queries, the justification that was manufactured to get surveillance started back up was the Russian allegations inside the Steele Dossier, which HRC's campaign had created for it.
Now that Trump actually won the election, & they have to find a way to get him out of office - FAST! - before all their malfeasance is exposed, there is a PURPOSE behind Hillary's campaign team instantly launching the 'Trump/Russia' narrative.
Strong suspicion must be created that Trump is in fact, compromised by the Russians, he's being blackmailed at the very least and members of his team are actually AGENTS of the Russians.
A DNC Media absolutely infuriated that Queen Hillary's Long Awaited Coronation will not happen is only too happy to spend 2 months relentlessly flogging to the public the idea Trump only won due to Russian collusion.
Then, in late December, in literally is last month as President, Obama suddenly announces Russian hacking has been proven to his satisfaction, so he hits Russia with a bunch of harsh new sanctions & expels 35 Russian diplomats from the US.
This presents Trump's transition team with it's first crisis that it will have to deal with.

And the Obama/HRC/DOJ/FBI/DNC nexus also sees IT'S opportunity to start trying to get Trump impeached.

Take ANY action Trump's team makes & turn it into a crime.
The man on Trump's transition team tasked with reaching out to the Russians & counseling them not to overreact to Obama's harsh new sanctions is:

this guy. Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, Trump's incoming National Security Advisor.
To make a long story short, or this thread will never end, ha ha:

Obama imposes sanctions on Dec. 28th.
On Dec. 29th Flynn has a series of phone calls with then-Russian ambassador to the US Sergey Kislyak.
All such calls to Russian diplomats on unsecure phones are monitored, recorded, transcribed, intel reports are written about them.

Flynn knew that. He in no way thought he was having secret or private conversations with Kislyak that day.
The nexus then turned to their media allies in early January to do TWO things:

1) publish & spread the Steele dossier allegations [Jan. 11]


2) present Flynn's phone calls to the public as if Flynn had just been caught committing a MAJOR CRIME. [Jan. 12]
Buzzfeed brought the 2-months long media narrative driving about Trump Russia collusion to a full raging boil by publishing the Steele Dossier on Jan. 11, 2017.

David Ignatius of the Washington Post started the Flynn Caught Red Handed Narrative in his column on Jan 12th, 2017.
That Jan. 12th column was followed by almost 2 weeks of media driving a narrative that Flynn needed to be investigated for attempting to undermine Obama's newly imposed Russia sanctions because he tried to do a 'secret' deal.
Now watch: here comes YET ANOTHER example of White Hats/Black Hats inside the DOJ/FBI actually working at cross purposes with each other.
Acting quickly to stem the media driven mis-characterizations of Flynn's phone calls with Kislyak, one segment of the FBI looks at the phone call transcripts & clears Flynn of any wrongdoing. This is announced in the media on Jan. 23rd.…
The VERY NEXT DAY, on Jan. 24th, a group of FBI agents led by PETER STRZOK, show up to interview Flynn about those Kislyak phone calls.
During the interview, Flynn realizes from the questions Strzok is asking him, he has the agenda of trying to get Flynn to admit he was told by Trump to make some kind of secret deal with Kislyak about the Russian sanctions Obama imposed.
Try to picture this. The White Hats, not knowing the Black Hats were coming, clear Flynn by looking at the phone call intercepts.

The very next day the Black Hats, not knowing Flynn'd been cleared already, show up to try to entrap him.
That's where things were at in January before Trump and Sessions took office.

You had total confusion going on.
Strzok can't get Flynn to tell him Trump asked or directed him to make those phone calls to Kislyak on Dec. 29th.

Frustrated, Strzok settles for charging Flynn with perjury during an interview.
So now, although they weren't successful at directly bringing Trump into this frame up, the Black Hats begin building their investigation of Gen. Flynn.
As Trump takes office on Jan. 20th, 2017, the Black Hats are confident they can turn this Flynn investigation into what they need to get Trump impeached, or at least launch a scandal that will force him to resign.
Having used the Steele Dossier & a fake narrative about Flynn's phone calls to place the entire incoming Trump administration under suspicion of Russian collusion, for awhile it looked like it could work.
The Flynn Investigation/Steele Dossier *should be* enough to get a special counsel appointed where key members of the team will be made up of Black Hats from inside the DOJ.

From there, they can start work on Trump's impeachment.
Now, there are various theories out there that James Comey is really a White Hate *pretending* to be a Black Hat.

I'm going with Occam's Razor here and concluding for now he's a black hat.
Comey isn't telling Trump or Sessions anything. I think he gets caught trying to hide stuff. So he doesn't last long under the new administration. He's fired in May, 2017.
Comey is key in what happens next. He wrote memos to himself detailing conversations he supposedly had with President Trump. 1 of these private conversations, Comey claims Trump ordered him to end the FBI investigation of Gen. Flynn.
Comey leaks 1 of these memos to a friend, who leaks it to the NYT's, who publishes excerpts from it.

Comey is called to testify before Congress about his claims, and there he demands that a special counsel be appointed to investigate Russian interference in the 2016 election.
On May 17th, Comey gets his wish. The special counsel he is demanding is appointed - it's his old friend, Robert Mueller.

Mueller quickly assembles an ace team of top partisan Democrats.

Looks like the Black Hat plan is all coming together, doesn't it?
Why , Trump is as good as gone the way things looked at the end of May, 2017.

Because while the Black Hats were working hard to get their plan underway,
the White Hats were laying in wait, watching them, laying traps for them.
Nobody even noticed this when it was announced back on Jan. 12th, 2017.

I like to think I'm pretty wired into the news, and I don't remember hearing A THING about it:
You see, while the Black Hats in the DOJ/FBI were investigating Trump & Flynn & others on Trump's team, they had no idea there were White Hats inside the DOJ/FBI who were investigating the investigators.
So carefully, so quietly were the White Hats at work, nobody even KNOWS what's coming UNTIL Gen. Flynn makes his plea deal on December 1st.

Guys, that was LESS than 2 full months ago.…
All of a sudden, like a submarine suddenly breaking the surface of the ocean bow first, the long hidden DOJ IG investigation surfaced.

By Dec 20th, the news was chock full of names like "Strzok" "Page" "Ohr" "McCabe" "Priestap"

DOJ IG Horowitz released a SMALL SAMPLE of his evidence to Congress prior to Dec. 12th. This included the Strzok/Page texts. Then the media was shown.…
All of a sudden, in just the last 2-3 months, think about all that stuff that surfaced.

The HRC/DNC funding of the Steele Dossier. That was NEVER supposed to be found out. EVER.

Use of that dossier to get a FISA warrant? NEVER EVER were we supposed to know that.
After a YEAR of using the narrative that Carter Page's Russia trip & the Steele Dossier was used to trigger the FISA Court surveillance of Trump's team beginning in June or July 2016, DNC Media suddenly CHANGED THE STORY once the truth about the Dossier & how it was used came out
Suddenly Democrats & DNC Media brayed desperately for two weeks that NEW EVIDENCE had surfaced it wasn't Carter Page/Steele dossier at all, it was George Papadopoulos having a drunk chat in a bar with an Aussie diplomat!
That's right. Dems/DNC Media attempted a desperate HEART TRANSPLANT of the narrative they'd been pushing to the public for over a year.

Replacing the 'heart' of Page/Steele Dossier w. "Papadopoulos Drunk Chat In Bar".

How'd that heart transplant go?

Now add in all the OTHER stuff that came out the past 2 months.

Hillary email investigation reopened
Uranium One Investigation reopened
Clinton Foundation under investigation
Sabotaging of Project Cassandra revealed
Sessions & Horowitz were *very careful* in how they planned this. It took OVER A YEAR to get to this stage.

People who think Sessions should've just fired everybody en masse last January have no idea what they are saying.
You had abuses of office and gov't powers here that were so massive, just FIRING these people wouldn't have been enough.

You need to CATCH them at it. You need to let them think they are safe & then give them time & opportunity to incriminate themselves.
You've only seen a small sample of the Strzok/Page texts. Only up to before the election.

I guarantee you until August 2017 when he was suddenly yanked off of Mueller's team and sent to the HR Dept. he sent more incriminating texts you HAVEN'T seen yet.
Sessions & Horowitz spent a year tracking, surveilling and collecting evidence against these political fixers & abusers. All their activity before the election, after and right up until Dec. 2017 was carefully collected.

The goal is to PROSECUTE them.
And their use of the Steele Dossier in manufacturing a justification for their illegal spying on Trump' team using illegal 702 queries and then 'legal' spying on Trump's team via a fraudulently obtained FISA Court warrant is going to do them in.
The paper trail was followed.
It is damning.
The Steele dossier is full of a fake, unverified allegations.
It was cobbled together as an after-the-fact justification.
It was proffered to the FISA Court as US intelligence.
The people who did that can't HIDE that they did it.
Hiding the Hillary campaign's & the DNC's funding of the Steele dossier by running it through the law firm Perkins Coie as a cut out probably looked brilliant at the time.
But these arrogant pricks aren't as clever as they thought they were.

Someone figured it all out, followed the paper & the $ trails and exposed EVERYTHING that was supposed to remain hidden.
And now, DOJ IG Michael Horowitz has a final report coming to the AG, Jeff Sessions. That report is not finished yet. It's release date is still unknown.

But Horowitz's investigation & collection of evidence is pretty much done.
That's why starting on Friday, we saw the beginning of the transfer of over 1.2 million documents from Horowitz's investigation from the DOJ to the Congress.
Initially, I was saying the release of Horowitz's final REPORT would happen on January 15th.

That was my mistake.

What DAG Rod Rosenstein actually told Congress was that 1.2 million docs would start to be transferred 'on or around' Jan. 15th.
And that is now happening. It started on Friday, the 12th.
There's nothing the Black Hats can do at this point.

The evidence has already been collected.

And as we'll see, a lot of this evidence was collected during the YEAR these people were left in place, thinking they were PERFECTLY SAFE.
Yes folks, Peter Strzok used to think he was perfectly safe.

So did Bruce & Nellie Ohr.

So did Glenn Simpson.

And Andrew McCabe.

And Bill Priestap.

And a lot of people in DNC Media who were taking Fusion GPS $ in pay for print schemes.
Only in the LAST TWO MONTHS have these people started to figure out how Sessions & Horowitz [And Trump!] played the people who thought they were in control, engineering the impeachment of a President.
Are they scared now?


They should be.

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