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I shitpost | nullius in verba — NFA! | @county_cap | Weekly news dump: | @nftmachine rugged 277 ETH from @0peNFT presalers, never forget that.
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Feb 16 27 tweets 18 min read
Today is a sad day.

Today we mark a full year(!) since @nftmachine opened the telegram chat for @0peNFT, an @opensea competitor.

He raised 277 ETH from 130+ investors to his ENS, never shipped any semblance of product, ran away, and used the money to buy NFTs.

Full story. 🧵 I hope this time this story will gain more attention than it previously did. @nftmachine aka Tyler Gaye, is a doxxed American citizen. He *will* have to answer for what he did, I and others are making sure of it.

Please tag every small, medium and major NFT influencer and share.
Feb 9 25 tweets 7 min read
Long term, I'm bullish on NFTs. I really am.

I will take a minute, however, to dismantle this post and why I think it's way off, at least for now.

1/x 🧵 This highlights exactly what's awful in today's prominent Early Access models.
The premise is: You can buy our still-in-development game for a discount, as long as you understand it's still in development.

Some games take *years* to officially launch 2/x

Nov 24, 2021 48 tweets 65 min read
List of useful tools in no particular order #3: Electric Boogaloo #2

As with previous lists, PLEASE, feel encouraged to add more tools in the comments for others to use

Enjoy these 250+ tools❤️ This is by no means a complete list of course. There will be a #4 in the future, most likely. Please add more.
Nov 23, 2021 37 tweets 10 min read
Gaming and crypto, two of the fields in which my life revolves around

Here are my comments on @wvaeu's lovely, insightful article: First of all, let me start by commending Eva for a wonderful article. She formulates her theses, explores them in-depth, tries to poke holes and voice counter-arguments, and utilizes examples, explanations, and data to articulate her points.

As a sucker for good research, kudos
Nov 16, 2021 5 tweets 2 min read
Even before EVE Online, Second Life, Runescape and WoW gold farming, there was Entropia

It makes for a good case study wrt digital currencies, virtual land/assets and pegged assets

If you're building your P2E thesis, imo, this is a must if you want to do it seriously Configuring the player - subversive behaviour in Project Entropia

Death in Space and the PIracy Debate: Negotiating ethics and ontology in Entropia Universe…

The Virtual Future - Entropia Universe…
Nov 3, 2021 44 tweets 9 min read
Allow me to interrupt $BADGER's god candle, @KylieJenner photoshopped memes and various L1 shills on your timeline to talk about a cool, extremely-niche subject that's dear to my heart:

Lucid dreaming In the course of everyday life, we rarely reflect on our global reality orientation and state of consciousness.
Even less do we question whether we are awake or not.

Ask yourself this question right this instant — "Am I dreaming right now?"
Aug 14, 2021 6 tweets 9 min read
@mevcollector @PranksyNFT @beaniemaxi @DerpyBirbsETH Am I doing this right senpai?

'1. For this project, there was an usual buying by known addresses of famous influencers.

Checking their addresses and their subsequent balances and tx history, this leads me to believe that this crunch on supply might drive up demand.' Image @mevcollector @PranksyNFT @beaniemaxi @DerpyBirbsETH '2. Checking to see if paper mache hands are dumping the listing we can see that nansen probably has a hard time tracking this data from @opensea as the collection is unverified still and the data is kinda messed up or there aren't many sellers' Image
Jul 31, 2021 35 tweets 38 min read
List of useful tools in no particular order #2 -- new and improved!

As with the last iteration, you are encouraged to add your own tools so people can always go back to this list and find whatever they might need.

Enjoy. 👇🧵♥️ 1. - market data/analytics
2. - analytics
3. - analytics (on-chain)
4. - analytics (on-chain)
5. - analytics
6. - DeFi analytics