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3 Aug
His writeup on this is truly incredible. Imagine creating an AI that can predict a person's racial background with almost perfect accuracy from just a few scans and assuming this must be an error of a biased AI instead of your own ideology
Pretty much every single paragraph is a gold mine in what it reveals about who is now doing our medical Science! and what they are motivated to confirm as True

It would be deeply funny except these are the people in charge of all of our health
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2 Aug
As the Ground Zero of the revivalism of THE SHIELD, this is your regular reminder that if you haven't already watched it, you should start doing so now
It is hard for me to express how much I love THE SHIELD without sounding like a maniac, because its combination of characters, narrative, morality, and the way these three interlocking elements drive the story is unparalleled in modern television.
Deadwood might be the most Shakespearean-sounding show, Breaking Bad has almost the same narrative urge, and The Wire has the most elite appeal

But I believe THE SHIELD is the closest modern TV has gotten to Shakespeare or the Greeks. For real
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31 Jul
This social blitzkrieg is completely fucking weird because it feels like it could alternately collapse by 2024 or reign for another hundred years

So it is easy to believe that either Anton (quick collapse) or Moldbug (long decline) is right. Result: schizophrenia
The American social trend is that progressivism undergoes rapid algal bloom every 30-odd years, though (2010s; early 1990s; 1960s; 1930s; 1900ish; 1865; 1830s), and then retreats for a generation

So the safe money is on this simply being another iteration of the cycle
The process of liberalism seems to be something like, Next generation comes up, finds the laws and norms it finds itself within ignorant and oppressive, and throws them off

You then enter a period of chaos and reordering
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29 Jul
This to me is the issue, if she got the yips, then sure, pull out if you're no longer confident in your athletic ability

It is the ideological response to this that I hate: that this makes her a *better* human, even a *superhuman*, somehow better than the actual winners
This isn't about her at all, it's about what the encompassing ideology wants from all of us:

To convince us that it is natural to be too anxious to function, and that rather than mustering the skills + will to push through your doubts, it is better—heroic!—to retreat from them
Simone Biles—definitely not us, the media!—could "change attitudes" about why it's actually good for you to be just as worthless as the massively dysfunctional journalist class that is redetermining your attitudes about the meaning of this event!
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17 Jul
It seems to me that a huge driver of leftism, on both its Marxist and liberal wings, is due to the fact so few people now own their own businesses or even *tenant* farms

A modern employee/renter seems to have less autonomy than even a serf expected to till his lord's land!
If this sounds insane, remember that the goal of the WEF is for you to own literally nothing, which means to be *responsible* for nothing. Which is a level of eternal childhood: for adulthood is the act of taking responsibility, and learning to steward for yourself
If I can stray off the reservation, I believe that much of the "alienation" of capitalism is in fact this, the alienation of people from direct ownership of their own businesses, or productive smallholder land.

That's what makes you feel human.
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17 Jul
When business was skeptical of if not tacitly hostile to the leftist urge, it created a kind of balance of powers

Now that it's working hand-in-glove with full-burn progressivism, we're standing on a very dangerous ledge, a political phase-shift we haven't seen since post-WW2
Between roughly 1948-2014, intellectual/bureaucratic life was essentially left-liberal

But business was largely right-liberal. So if you disagreed with gov-academic intellectual consensus, you could still exist within the economic sphere, that was not actively hostile to you
There was a kind of balance, which left politics essentially stable. Even during the Troubles of the 1960s-70s, when the ruling class reshaped political society, right-liberals could still participate within economic society. There was still an out to at least exist.
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16 Jul
Just lol

Despite all progressivism's efforts, humans still care about their own children. Since "education" is the most important element of your kid's life, deciding who controls that education is the best means to create a permanent cultural schism away from these people
This is why the campaign to ban CRT is critical. Not only is it working for once—fueled by parental urges that may be one of the only forces as strong as the leftist urge—but it opens the doorway to the creation of state-funded parallel institutions to the regime
Let's think through the three basic outcomes here

1) Anti-CRT wins outright, no more teaching white kids they're devils

2) Anti-CRT results in a muddled legal outcome that creates immense pressure for vouchers/school withdrawal

3) Supreme Court declares CRT the law of the land
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8 Jul
Yes, reminder that Orban and his party won Hungary's elections with a supermajority capable of rewriting its constitution at will.

But when it makes even the slightest move to do act on the will of its own people, its democratic action is treated as fascism by the unelected EU
In what sense is "democracy" real when the vast will of the Hungarian people can be overruled by unelected bureaucrats of super-national foreign powers imposing their own norms on a far smaller domestic electorate?

Is this colonialism, plz help me understand, democracy
You know what's really funny? Afghanistan

These people will spend two years scrubbing a country of its actual military hostiles, and the remainder of all of eternity killing Afghanis until they're willing to enforce American feminist democracy, which—whoops, we can't do lol
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7 Jul
Since liberalism is of the left, it will always enable the advance of the left, to the point where it's now advocating very principled liberal ideas like "the state must be allowed to teach white children that they are uniquely evil as a race"
Being a weak form of leftism, liberalism has no way to stop this process within itself

If liberals want to preserve their beliefs from getting devoured, this means they must sometimes resort to illiberal methods: like, say, banning CRT, and firing any teacher who breaks the law.
Rufo's managed to thread an incredibly fine needle (wielding illiberal power against lib "free speech," as used by the Cathedral) to assert post-WW2 liberalism (MLK-style equality) against left-illiberal "equity," at a *state* level, where the Constitution (might) still apply
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3 Jul
Liberation movements rely on the notion that freedom is somehow being expanded with each new civil rights movement

But all liberation movements ultimately require the elimination of the rights, norms, and traditions of the group the "oppressed class" is being "liberated" from
One of the biggest lies of Post-WW2 liberalism is that the legally-declared rights are all that matters. This automatically sacrifices rights so basic that no one ever thought they would need to be protected by the law

Like young girls not having to sleep among young "girls"
This also allows for the moral and legal mindset that all rights are fluid concepts that are up for constant renegotiation as we make more and more "progress," which discovers that the natural and inalienable rights of the Constitution were, in fact, neither of the two
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30 Jun
This feels dead to rights. Not only does it feed (lol) into the gray goo ideology, where no bodies are "healthier" than any others, but it absolves the managerial caste of having to address how its rule has inflicted a much lower standard of bodily living on its subjects
Liberalism loathes having to pass judgment, since it sees itself as holding no real authority to do that, so it never intended to do anything about this

Luckily, its leftward wing has provided it with the escape hatch of a liberation movement—being crazy fat was good all along
Since liberalism can't pass judgment, it's incapable of curbing problems—including all the new ones it's created—except through the one means it does (or did) well: science/tech

Since it hasn't managed to invent an anti-fat pill, it has to turn to ideological solutions instead
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29 Jun
"Age of consent" arguments are the absolute worst, because N. Europeans (and I believe steppes) didn't need them, yet largely abided by them, but for reasons largely irrelevant to modern reasons, so there were sometimes exceptions, so it becomes a complete ideological grab-bag
Medieval records get into this also, but if you are an Amerikaner, I recommend you go look at your family tree to see what was actually happening within the marriages of your colonial ancestors

The patterns are both very clear, but also show some exceptions
Here is exactly how it worked, in America, along my lines: early colonists married young, and with tight age gaps.

In 1650s Virginia, you had 14-year-old girls marrying—to 16-year-old boys

In 1750s German PA, you had 17-year-old girls marrying 19- to 23-year-old men
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27 Jun
Modern people act like early childhood education is a magical substance that finally makes brains bigger, as if the education medieval + prehistoric children got in helping their families survive/not get killed by nature was somehow less "real" than this, or learning that 2+2 = 5
We have been brainmaxxing our children since the dawn of time, parents have always been training them to be as useful and knowledgable as possible to not succumb to Malthus

As much as "neuroplasticity" is real we've been maxing it out in kids since before homo sapiens existed
Mass education serves two purposes:

1) Installing the culture's religious/moral values in children, and

2) Identifying kids who are unusually talented for whatever their background might be, and allowing them to pursue those talents beyond what they would have been able to
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26 Jun
CRT is best understood as a kind of cordyceps on the body of liberalism, a foreign fungus that redirects the interests of the liberal body ("human flourishing") to that of the fungus (progressivism, equity, the human fungus-patch: i.e. the gray goo of the leftist end-goal)
Any form of conservatism that recognizes this is a quantum leap forward akin to the monkeys finding the monolith

But liberals who want to preserve themselves need to understand why they're uniquely vulnerable to this cordyceps—and then engineer a penicillin against it
This is extremely difficult for liberalism to pull off, since it's at root a part of the left, and finds the process of adopting the rightist penicillin as painful as the sculptor who attempts to carve himself from out of his own stone
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25 Jun
Rare disagree. Crowdsourcing's already been ahead of the curve on menstrual irregularities and myocarditis/heart attacks stemming from the vax, and the jury's still out on some other issues

If anything the IDW is just not good at pattern-matching. That's why they're in the IDW
"Smart" skepticism of the vax is a lot harder when science has been repurposed to something other than science. Even after science has finally caught up to the myocarditis problems in young men/boys, it's still pushing this. Uh okay, thanks CDC and WHO
Crowdsourcing is a mess and full of bias, so the frequency that it's been ahead of the curve despite these problems is pretty big

It's bad science, but so is Science!. It can at the very least be used to triangulate/get things on your radar to moderate risk
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21 Jun
Watching ALONE, a show about men isolated in the wilderness, makes me think about HATCHET, a story I was just enthralled by as a kid

Which makes me think about how utterly alien, and hostile, this new ideology is to what it's actually like to be a young boy
I have a bad memory, but I can still remember with incredible clarity how the boy had to swim back down into the lake and look at the fish-eaten corpse of that dead pilot in order to bring back what he needed to survive

I'm sure "My Daddies" will resonate just as strongly though
I spent a great deal of my childhood wandering around in the woods by myself, and if I have boys of my own, I want to give them the same.

I'm going to have to find them books like HATCHET, rather than any of these alien texts, that are all written to make their lives worse.
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14 Jun
I could be stupid but it feels like progs are on the defensive about CRT in schools right now. You can almost hear the 900-person Zoom calls spinning up in the background to discuss the ways they need to reengineer the propaganda to keep pushing it forward.
Always safest to bet on cynicism, but if the right has finally mustered the guts to fight the culture war like a real war, the odds of the Great Stalemate (two systems, one country) are going to jump by a lot
A Great Stalemate is one of the only ways I see out of this, because my basic operating theory is that neoliberalism has cut out its own guts that would be necessary to use force against states that just say "No—and what are you going to do about it?"
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10 Jun
Look, if this is the American Spanish Civil War, you are all on the side of the Nationalists, you idiots. Turn the firing squads on each other *after* you've defeated the commies, not while you're in the middle of it, you colossal jokes, *that's* when you get to settle grievances
Yes of course if you're a true lib NRx or modern "fascists" (lol) are your enemies

All of your territory is occupied by progressives, meanwhile you keep shooting at each other to slay any "true liberalism," yielding it all to the real enemy. Imagine being this stupid
These people are so owned by progressivism they would rather cede all ground to it on the mere *chance* that siding against the real enemy results in a Peron, Franco, Pinochet, or even Trump

Okay. Enjoy progressive rule, idiots. It's what you deserve
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9 Jun
Believing that freedom isn't a social construct and is in fact the natural state of man is both a historically insane position to take and why liberalism can't defend its freedoms from leftist takeover
Freedom, if that's the goal, can only be maintained when you *understand* that it's a social construct. It doesn't just spring out of nowhere

To keep it, you either have to construct a strong culture of honor, or an entire framework of law dedicated to protecting it
Despite some of their loftier propaganda, the Founding Fathers obviously didn't believe that freedom was "natural."

Why in the world would they need to construct the Constitution unless freedom is in fact a social construct?
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6 Jun
If Hannity started ranting "Ram evolves horns not through accidents of 'selection,' only learning to use them after they exist—but because he WILLS them into being! The spirit CREATES the horns that exert themselves on the world!" his weekly ratings would rival the Super Bowl
If any figure did adopt these insights, there would be nothing to directly point to—there are no specific policies that automatically come from it, or even a clearly recognizable ideology

The only difference shown would be in a new sternness of character
NRx thinking, for instance, is very near and dear to me, it can make sense of so many things that otherwise don't, and can easily produce insights and direct policies that would create order from disorder

But it lacks a critical, you could say a "vital," aspect to it
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5 Jun
Yes—the glitch is a misunderstanding of your audience and your purpose. "Leftists are hypocrites" does have a use, but it's not to win over independents or whatever

It's to convince soft rightists to harden their stance by showing them how *they* still believe in leftism
This isn't something that can be achieved through cheap or superficial "gotchas." The left is always running leftward, so its right-now policies will always be in contradiction with some of its earlier "principles"

This isn't a weakness, it's a strength
Taking them at face value is to admit on some level that *you* believe in their earlier principles. Otherwise why are you attacking the contradiction and not the original principle itself?

Shouldn't the principle be the real weak point that you can slam down on?
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