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9 Apr
NEW: Florida v Weston (FL state court): Florida appeals court reverses trial court judge that struck down many of the state's firearm preemption law penalties in 2019.…
"We hold that the statutory penalty provisions disputed on appeal are valid and enforceable."
"Lest we overlook the fundamentally important broader context in which the present issues arise, we observe that, implicitly, Appellees sought to test the boundaries of the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution..."
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9 Apr
The DC Court of Appeals reversed a lower court today when it found that an officer from the city's Gun Recovery Unit did not receive consent before finding a handgun during a warrantless search of the appellant's satchel:…
"Denton said he was particularly concerned that Hawkins might have a gun because Denton’s unit had 'recovered many firearms' from satchels that summer."
"We just want to make sure everything is cool and nobody has any illegal firearms.”
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6 Apr
"Predictably, the killer used a semi-automatic handgun, a type of weapon the vast majority of civilians don’t need and which is far too easy to obtain in this country."…
"The people who moo along with these talking points, which ultimately trace back to the $62 billion gun industry and profit-protecting astroturf lobbies, all seem to be under the impression that their claims are unanswerable."
“'Our Constitution explicitly protects gun ownership.' Sort of. What it protects is the right to keep and bear arms for the purpose of membership in a well-regulated militia."
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26 Mar
Apparently they bought 8 MP5s from the Virginia State Police: Image
Well that didn't work Image
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11 Mar
"The fact that Heller and McDonald appear to have made no difference in at least four circuits is a powerful argument for this Court’s review."
"But holding that a constitutional right exists while then going on to eviscerate that right is indefensible, and being willing to assume that a constitutional right exists because that assumption makes no difference is arguably worse."
"But if New York has gotten away with suppressing constitutional rights because it has obscured the suppression with discretionary standards, rather than forthright rules, that too is a reason to grant review."
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9 Mar
"At the outset, it must be noted that despite being named as a defendant in the caption of the Complaint, there is no actual cause of action alleged against the National Rifle Association of America, Inc." Image
"Plaintiff’s Complaint contains allegations regarding events that post-date the incident and have no relevance to the incident." Image
"...that Colt may have sold a model of an AR-15 rifle with a bayonet lug (despite no allegation that the Subject Rifle had a bayonet lug or that it has any relevance to the claims in the Complaint)... clearly have no bearing on the causes of action set forth in the Complaint..." Image
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26 Feb
DC v NRA Foundation (DC local court): Defendant NRA's opposition to Motion for Reconsideration (1/4) ImageImageImageImage
(2/4) ImageImageImageImage
(3/4) ImageImageImageImage
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24 Feb
"The Court is therefore satisfied that the 100-day pause on removals satisfies the second condition and that it is, in fact, a final agency action under section 704."
"Here, the Government has changed 'shall remove' to 'may remove' when it unambiguously means must remove. Accordingly, the 100-day pause is not an action committed to agency discretion."
"But the law does require DHS to explain why a 100-day pause is needed by showing how the policy is logically and reasonably connected to DHS’s asserted reasons. This, DHS did not do."
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18 Feb
Sturm Ruger Q4 2020 Earnings Call Transcript: "...the available information suggests that retailer inventory of Ruger as well as most other firearms brands also remains largely depleted."…
"By mid-summer, we began to accelerate our hiring process, and as a result, since the middle of 2020, our workforce has been strengthened by 250 folks. This allowed us to realize a 30% increase in production during the latter half of the year."
"We have started to establish a manufacturing cells that will produce the Marlin rifles and plan on shipping the first Ruger-made Marlin lever-action rifles from our Mayodan facility in late 2021."
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17 Feb
NRA v Ackerman McQueen (N.D. TX): Plaintiff National Rifle Association of America’s motion for leave to file second amended complaint…
Plaintiff’s second amended complaint…
Ackerman McQueen, Inc.’s motion for leave to amend third-party complaint against Wayne LaPierre and join third-party defendant the NRA Foundation, Inc.…
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16 Feb
National Rifle Association (N.D. TX Bankr): Schedules A/B and D-H with Summary of Assets and Liabilities. Filed by Jointly Administered Party/Debtor Sea Girt, LLC…
Statement of financial affairs for a non-individual. Filed by Jointly Administered Party/Debtor Sea Girt, LLC…
Schedules A/B and D-H with Summary of Assets and Liabilities. Filed by Debtor National Rifle Association of America.…
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5 Feb
"The White House is facing mounting pressure to unveil a comprehensive plan to reduce gun violence, an issue that the new administration has not yet publicly tackled despite promises from President Joe Biden to make it a policy priority."…
"Guttenberg acknowledged there was some 'frustration' within the community of gun-control advocates at the lack of attention, even as he remained confident the president would ultimately take action."
"Democrats who support gun-control measures say that with the party in control of the White House and Congress, they must capitalize on the opportunity to act despite the other challenges"
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5 Jan
Moms Demand: “By kowtowing to the extremists in the legislature [DeWine] has failed his constituents and let the world know that he stands with the gun lobby over public safety. By signing this reckless, racist legislation he is putting Ohioans at risk.”…
Brady: "Gov. DeWine has failed the people of Ohio in signing this bill to become law."…
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2 Dec 20
NYPD: "No one hates guns and gun owners more than us!"

LAPD: "Hold my beer"
I see LAPD went with the "maybe he'll eventually go away" strategy before destroying the guns
Apparently LAPD argued that since they already provided notice when the guns were seized, they didn't need to provide notice nine years later when they asked a court for permission to destroy them.
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28 Oct 20
"In order to coerce John Doe-1 to travel to the PRC against his will, the co-conspirators forced John Doe-1’s elderly father, John Doe-2, to come to the United States to instruct John Doe-1 to return to the PRC, lest John Doe-1’s family members be harmed." Image
"During that same interview, U.S. border officials conducted an examination of ZHU FENG’s luggage and discovered night vision goggles..." Image
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21 Oct 20
Giffords Law Center’s chief counsel (at 2:20): "...what really the founding generation was trying to protect was the ability of states to maintain these militias that consisted of the people... It was really about a civic right of the people to come together to form a militia."
(at 21:20): "This new series of judges appointed by President Trump really threaten our gun laws today in a way that's unprecedented, which we just have not seen before."
(at 22:20): "We're not talking about your grandparent's Republicans here. We're talking about a new breed of Republican jurist with very dangerous views on the 2nd Amendment."
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16 Oct 20
The guy from "Colorado Gun Owners For Safety" says he has a concealed carry permit... which Giffords wants to give police "full discretion" to approve or deny:…
Don't think I've heard the phrase "common sense gun owners" before...
The guy from the Colorado group says they've testified for and against gun bills... what bills have they testified against? And were the bills supported or opposed by Giffords?
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14 Oct 20
Pittsburgh up first
Pittsburgh says PA preemption law doesn't cover "use".

Judge Leavitt says the PA Supreme Court has said "use" is covered.
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8 Oct 20
Hurwitz asks Rupp if Heller says that any firearm that's within the 2nd Amendment can't be banned. Says he can't find language saying that.
Hurwitz asks Rupp why the ban is automatically invalid, instead of being subject to intermediate scrutiny.
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