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22 Jul
the "boring" company:
one of my friends awhile ago asked me about the boring company and i answered that, actually that one is kind of boring
and he pushed back on that, and really changed my way of thinking about it. to paraphrase some of what he said, its not just a matter of what is the actual boring company doing but putting the elon brand on the much larger phenomenon of underground infrastructure
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18 Jun
here we will examine an interesting puzzle within the larger puzzle, and though there is no neat and tidy conclusion to be drawn just yet it has been bothering me since utility computing came up and i think it is worth documenting here.
as mentioned in the thread on 'cloud', the state of computing in the 1950s and 60s was such that computing resources were centralized in large mainframes and accessed in a slow card-based batch system Image
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20 May
early silicon valley history, first pass:
this will be an attempt to cover some of the important aspects of what became known as the silicon valley area, and its relation to the broader history of wireless transmission and electronics
although now best known for its relation to semiconductors, the region played a crucial role during the *pre* semiconductor era of electronics as well Image
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16 Mar
money ritual:
throughout the world, there is a persistent phenomenon of people doing ritual human sacrifice in order to become wealthy
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2 Feb
early spacex history:
im going to do my best to cover here the period of history between founding (~01) and the first successful launch of the falcon i (sept 08).
the sources will be mostly limited to whatever proquest turned up for these years, that is the only news database i have access to.
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4 Jan
strategic defense initiative:
this is an initial pass at some of the most relevant aspects of the sdi.
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15 Dec 20
i havent forgotten about the original target, i am drawing a big circle around elon musk and dont want to rush the process. besides, the benefit of 'exposing' elon musk comes from placing him into context
'cloud computing', 'fog computing' etc are terms that sound gimmicky and annoying. 'cloud computing' itself has been overloaded to mean multiple unrelated things, which is alienating and discourages people from seeking a concrete understanding.
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30 Nov 20
what is 'the point' of silicon valley:
i think a lot of people understand that consumer tech is all spunoff from the military, but struggle to place it all in a context that leads to further understanding
for example, they know intuitively that their phone tracking their location/analyzing their speech is somehow related to uav warfare elsewhere but arent confident to connect these two other than that hypothetically these systems could be linked
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12 Nov 20
katrina was used as a drill for uav and conflict zone communications networks:
the entire katrina genocide was engineered and carefully planned and this + the aims and results have been covered elsewhere but i think its worth reexamining the technological drill aspect in context of this broader review of uav and communications history ImageImageImageImage
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12 Oct 20
the dotcom and telecom bubble as part of the 9/11 plan:
the inflation of the dot com bubble was the product of manipulation by large players like merrill lynch and salomon smith barney ImageImage
and its popping was influenced also by analysts and government policy, in the end hurting the 'average investors' who fell for the con ImageImage
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8 Oct 20
reorganization/appointments in consumer tech, military contractors and government circa 9/11
eric schmidt becomes head of google, march 2001 Image
spacex, of course, starts around june 2001 Image
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7 Oct 20
countering the spacex origin story, looking at early employees
the spacex origin myth is elon and some rocketry people he cold called went to russia to buy rockets, which they couldnt do so elon said 'ok we will build our own rocket'. Image
michael griffin was along for the ride, though some accounts of this story dont mention him and some accounts say he was a business partner. so who is mike griffin? lot to say about his work in 80s/90s, but notably around this same time ('02) he became pres of in-q-tel Image
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2 Oct 20
elon musk tesla and spacex are a giant fraud:
first of all the idea that tesla and spacex can take on not just the established auto majors but ***lockheed and boeing***, because of what elon musk's visionary genius, is obviously a lie. Image
nobody seems to even try to put a reason behind tesla's stock price ImageImage
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