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On this page I will be bringing you One Piece theories & discussion content on a range of other media including - Film, TV, Manga & Books
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Sep 18 25 tweets 12 min read
#ONEPIECE Theory: The Ancient Kingdom

'A Place Where The Past Became The Future.'

Collab With @BlacktyonteXavi Image Xavi presented me with the idea that could explain the story of how the Ancient Kingdom was founded, and how it fell.

We start at 'The Beginning."

A "Blue Planet" that promised salvation and power to the settlers who would go on to form the Ancient Kingdom. Image
Sep 17 29 tweets 14 min read

The Future Role Of Boa Hancock: Image This theory will attempt to identify the future role of Boa Hancock by discussing her character story so far; the plot lines she has been involved with; and the themes, and mythologies she is associated with.

Let's get in to it. Image
Sep 10 26 tweets 12 min read

The Crocodile Paradox Image This theory will attempt to identify and solve all of the apparent paradoxes presented by Crocodile's character, relationships, and motivations.

Let's get in to it. Image
Aug 24 28 tweets 16 min read

The Destiny Of Jinbe: First Son Of The Sea Image Although Jinbe did not join the crew until the post time skip, he is actually one of the members who was introduced earliest.

Jinbe was first mentioned in chapter 69, at the end of the Baratie arc & at the beginning of Arlong Park. Image
Aug 23 26 tweets 10 min read

The Event Horizon This theory will focus on the rivalry between Shanks & Blackbeard, the history of their conflict, Shanks' current mission to stop Blackbeard, and what we can expect from the conflict in the future.

Let's get in to it Image
Aug 15 22 tweets 9 min read

Admiral 'Kizaru' Borsalino: A Cog In The Machine Image Warning. This theory will contain brief mention of spoilers from chapter 1090. These parts will be attached with the hashtag #ONEPIECE1090
Aug 8 25 tweets 13 min read

Reading Between The Lines

The Hidden Implications of Chapter 1089 Image Chapter 1089 has revealed a lot of new information to us, but there are many things that went unsaid and were not shown.

This thread will focus on 'reading between the lines' & identifying the unspoken implications within this chapter.

Let's get in to it. Image
Aug 2 15 tweets 7 min read

Fujitora's True Identity Image This theory will take the perspective of Kurouma as he continues his investigation in to the incidents that happened at the Reverie.

I believe that this investigation will lead Kurouma to discovering Fujitora's true identity. Let me explain how. Image
Jul 30 18 tweets 9 min read

The Future Role of Trafalgar D. Water Law

"You Can't Even Call Yourselves Pirates Anymore." Image Law has been defeated by Blackbeard, and the damage done seems so great that it is hard to imagine how he will recover. He has lost his crew, his submarine, and even his hat.

It seems inevitable that this means Law's retirement from being a Pirate. But what will he do instead? Image
Jul 23 15 tweets 8 min read

The Lost Lineage of the Monkey D. Family

The 'People of D' are known as 'God's Natural Enemy.' The name lives on in the dark shadows of history around the world.

So far, we have met 8 families of the D. Clan. This thread will focus on the Monkey D. family, and attempt to trace it's lineage back to the Void Century. Image
Jun 22 33 tweets 14 min read

The Story of Bartholomew Kuma

Since the Reverie flashback has ended we are all anticipating the return to Egghead.

I think it is generally agreed that we can expect to transition back to Kuma's memories again soon.

This thread will discuss what I expect to see through this flashback.

Let's get in to it. Image
Jun 7 24 tweets 13 min read
#ONEPIECE1086 Theory

It's Not An 'Ancient' Weapon Anymore Image #ONEPIECE1086

This chapter has revealed more details about the weapon that was used to destroy Lulusia.

According to Imu it was created by Vegapunk and it is called, 'The Mother Flame.' Image
May 28 27 tweets 9 min read

Soul King Brook: Music Is The Expression of Soul

Featuring art by @_eiKei Image In this thread, I will aim to explore the significance of Brook's character, Bink's Sake, and of music in the One Piece world and in the real world.

Let's get in to it. Image
May 20 28 tweets 13 min read

The Story of Nefertari Lili

Warning. Contains #ONEPIECE1084 Spoilers Image This thread will aim to establish what the true story of Nefetari Lili may be.

In order to do this, we'll look at likely real world inspirations, and details from within the manga itself that may connect.

Let's get in to it.
Apr 15 33 tweets 17 min read

All Roads Lead to God Valley Image Ever since God Valley & the Rocks Pirates were revealed in chapter 957, Oda has been steadily increasing the amount of plots revolving around them.

In 1049, Oda broke the 4th wall through Kaido & told us that everything revolves around the Rocks Pirates.

Let's see how. Image
Apr 14 10 tweets 7 min read

The Approaching Future Image ImageImageImage
Mar 23 36 tweets 18 min read
#ONEPIECE Theory / Analysis #ONEPIECE1079 +

Is This the End of Eustass Captain Kid? The finale of chapter 1079 has been perhaps the most shocking development since Wano, or the Reverie.

Eustass Captain Kid & his crew have been completely defeated by Shanks & the Giants.

But is this really the end for Kid? Let's consider the possibilities & implications.
Mar 21 20 tweets 8 min read

How the Story of Humpty Dumpty can help use predict the Egghead Island Incident. Now, I know what you all most be thinking. 'Joe. Wtf are you talking about?! This is ridiculous.'

Well, hear me out. I'll explain why it's actually not so crazy.
Mar 9 29 tweets 16 min read

Dragon's Retribution Monkey D. Dragon was first introduced to us in chapter 100.

We did not know who he was at the time but he appeared to save Luffy from Smoker.

As Luffy escaped, Dragon quoted Gol D. Roger -
Mar 1 20 tweets 13 min read

Analysing Zoro's Family Tree (The Direct Family) The first two characters mentioned in Zoro's direct lineage are his grandparents. Roronoa Pinzoro & Shimotsuki Furiko. Ushimaru's older sister.

Pinzoro / ピンぞろ means, 'Snake Eyes.' A gambling term.

Furiko / 振り子 means, 'Pendulum'. A weighted device used to help track time.
Feb 9 23 tweets 11 min read

The Traitor Among Us Ever since the defence system mysteriously went down in chapter 1071, it has become apparent that someone is betraying Vegapunk & the Straw Hats

But who could it be?