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I’m an autistic spirit sensitive millennial. - Feel free to ask me questions about spirits or the afterlife. 🇺🇸My pronouns are Red, White and Blue🇺🇸
10 May
My guide is insisting that there is a very common mineral/metal that was used to make an ancient device that could use energy from the sun to move very heavy objects. He says this metal was pressed and when it was pressed it changed.
In this different state this metal was used to coat a triangle shaped device that was placed upright and when the sun hit it, it became charged and would vibrate.
My guide adds that civilizations on other planets established trade with earth leaders to mine this mineral and a multi solar system trade was established just for this mineral.
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9 May
Enough vax mumbo jumbo.
Last night before I went to sleep i was meditating. When I meditate alone, my spirit guide physically manifests right there in front of me. When he appears to me, it’s possible for us to communicate non verbally thru our thoughts.
Our conversations occur on a psychic level. I focus my attention on his forehead just above his eyes and i can send my thoughts to him. And he sends his thoughts to me.
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4 May
Sleep: Most people don’t realize that when we sleep, our spirit doesn’t just sit there asleep too? It, goes out of the body and explores. But it is still tied to the body by a silver string.
We experience these nighttime adventures as dreams. But since most people aren’t connected with their subconscious minds, they don’t have 100% control over their dream states.
The next time you get into bed, try this. Say “I will be able to remember and control my dreams. “
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3 May
@TiffanyBlueSkys Do you remember when you told me that you thought I might have been Willie in a past life? I think I now know what was going on. I think that life was 10%. That life was not a full incarnation.
Last night after i had i got back from dinner. I had visions of that life as Willie L. And another life where i was a young man in France durring WW1. I was killed in the war. My guide says that this splitting of a spirit is how one spirit can have...
Multiple simultaneous lives. But in my case during these other lives most of my spirit remained at home and was directing the energies down into these two bodies. These lives were research lives.
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2 May
My spirit guide has had past lives on other planets. He tells me, that on one of these planets there are 30 foot tall reptiles similar to dinosaurs on earth. He says that when this planet was being explored?
The race of being he used to be, had issues with these giant reptiles. On occasion one of their nests was accidentally stumbled upon and the beings were forced to defend themselves against these reptiles.
My guide says that it was not considered appropriate to immediately kill these reptiles. Instead these beings used a shocking or stunning device to repel the reptiles. This device would be the equivalent of a shark stunner or a pole with a electrode...
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2 May
My Lakota spirit guide has been telling me about the inner earth passage that is in the Black Hills of South Dakota.
He keeps telling me that they have lights down there that don’t use electrical power. They are crystal in nature and draw their power from the universe. He wants me to go down there to show me the main passage.
He says that it has a bunch of these crystals sprayed onto the ceiling and walls and these crystals all light up so you can see your way down. He says that at the middle of this entrance there is a small pyramid that’s made from this crystal.
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8 Apr
When I was in 5th Grade, I had an encounter with the spirit of a sophisticated gentleman by the name of Charles W. White. Charles was dressed in an expensive suit and I noticed that in his breast pocket he had a pen.
I immediately took notice of this pen and this caused him to pull it out of his pocket. And he said: “Young man, you have good taste”. “This is my Conklin self filler” “He added that the guy who invented this pen was an employee of his.
So, I took note of the name of this pen and ever since, I wished that I could find one? His wasn’t a physical pen. It was something that his spirit was manifesting.
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6 Apr
Update: lets see if the Flying Fox goes near the Evergiven?
See the red ship still in the canal at the bottom? Thats the Flying Fox its headed north towards the Evergiven.
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6 Apr
Spiritual Amnesia, what causes it and why it is a thing:
When a baby is born, the spirit does not just immediately occupy or enter the body. This is actually a slow deliberate process. That takes five years to complete in most people.
For the first few years the spirit is coming and going from the babies body. During sleep the babies spirit leaves to reevaluate wether it has chosen the right parents. If they spirit decides that the circumstances of its future life...
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3 Apr
So? I have been up in the Hall of Tapestries and i have been looking at several of the life threads of the military people involved in Task Force 68 or Operation High Jump. Task Force 68 was its official name.
I looked at the life threads of every single Commanding Officer of all of the ships involved. Richard Byrd was not the one in charge of this expedition. Another not very nice dude named: Richard Cruzen was.
There were 2 Destroyers: The USS Henderson, USS Brownson and there was 1 aircraft carrier the USS Philippine Sea. That experienced encounters with unusual aircraft. Or what is today called AAV’s.
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31 Mar
The invisible truth about our origins and aliens:
What if there was an ancient and current disinformation campaign that wants people to believe that we are nothing but smart animals.
This invisible group also wants you thinking that you only get one life or one try to get it right and that reincarnation is a myth.
In the 1950’s this group began a public campaign to convince people that spaceships and evil aliens from other planets were visiting earth in physical form to take it over.
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12 Mar
So, when a person dies, or passes away. The spirit leaves the body and is actually more aware then it was at anytime during life. Its as if we the living are the ones who are asleep. Not the dead. There is no such thing as death!
Death is a fear structure that is placed into the ego mind in childhood.
One of the first things that happens is that the spirit has an epiphany. This usually occurs with a “Oh, am I dead” question or statement like “I must be dead?”. An advanced spirit will bypass this reawakening.
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11 Mar
MOUNT KENYA: First, I will start by talking about the geology of Mt Kenya:
Mt. Kenya is an early Pliestecene shield volcano that first emerged from the remnants of an ancient layer of sea life deposits that was thrust up as the African content drifted north and tried to rift apart.
In its most active state it produced massive eruptions and a lava field that changed the western African coast. During this 1 M. Year Period long and wide lava tubes were formed on it’s slopes...
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4 Mar
Umm???? I can feel them searching and throwing devices down ventilation holes! Then 🔥💥💥🔥🔥💥💥🔥🔥 volcanodiscovery.com/earthquakes/qu…
I saw a guy with this on his collar:
He was sliding down a black rope and he had this in his hands:
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4 Mar
Interesting? Yesterday I asked my mom if there was a disease or medical condition that would cause dark circles around the eyes? She said: “This can be the result of extreme malnutrition, where the liver isn’t processing nutrients properly...
Or it can be caused by extreme anemia (low blood iron). Kidney malfunction is also a cause.”
I obviously with out any evidence suspect that these kids who have black eyes are being bled on a regular basis. I found an article that talks about this, but it does not mention anemia: leadstories.com/hoax-alert/202…
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1 Mar
Roads in tunnels: I’ve been searching for proof of this underground road system that my guide keeps telling me about. I’ve finally found it:
I showed this to my dad and obviously he can’t confirm the alien side of this, but he thinks this road system branches out to strategic military command centers around the US. I’ve been telling him about this for years!!!!
My dad has told me, that on several trips to San Diego he has observed long lines of trucks going onto military bases and he can’t figure out where these trucks go! They go into a building and don’t come back out.
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28 Feb
Contrary to popular belief. Modern man is not descended from “cave men” as they want you to believe. Example: In Southern California there is an ancient rock wall:
That is older then the oldest Native American nation in this area. This wall is the remnants of a once great civilization that stretched from the Pacific to the Atlantic. On the Catalina Islands there is a massive cemetery that this civilization used...
To bury its dead. This cemetery was an organized well thought out ritualistic burial place. Each body was buried standing up and with the hands tied across the chest. The head was adorned with a solid gold cap and face shield.
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3 Oct 20
When I look at this map of the quake swarm in Southern California, I’m drawn to the area just off the coast of LA. Something is happening there that is causing these quakes.
Flashes of men with guns. Wearing breathing masks walking thru tunnels and talking on a radio to people in charge? There’re checking 🚪 and throwing things in the rooms. Lots of smoke.
One of these dudes has a mustache. His name on his shirt is S. Sanchez. He has a thing on his collar that looks like a black bar????
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2 Oct 20
1111 many people are seeing this number on a regular basis. What does it mean?
Usually it means that you are about to receive a wake-up call and that you are a light worker trying to finding balance in your life. This awakening, heightened awareness and consciousness is related to 12/21, 2012 and activation of previously encoded 🧬
Many people notice it on a clock. In this form it signals that spirit knowledge is about to come to you. Or that a pathway or a door is going to open up. For some this could mean that your higher self has made the decision that your
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1 Oct 20
I’ve tweeted about this before, but when a infant baby dies before the age of 3? It is the spirit backing out of the potential life path!
This spirit does not go through the same death experience as an adult that has been in body for years.
It immediately returns to the planning hall and reviews its past life threads and either chooses to try again with the same parents or different ones.
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30 Sep 20
I was just perusing Google Earth and it wouldn’t let me look at anything but this area just south of Columbus, Ohio. My spirit guide said that this was the site of pyramid 42. Image
But about 12,000 years ago it was directly hit by a targeted impact of some kind??? This impact then helped to start the melting of the 1.5 mile ice cliff that was less then 5 miles to the north.
After this impact this area was volcanically active due to shear stress of the impact. And these eruptions helped to retract the ice a further 20 miles north.
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