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26 Jun 20
Today, the House of Representatives will finally vote on DC Statehood.
If DC was a state, it would be the only state in the US in which Black people are not a minority. DC Statehood is a racial justice issue. #DCStatehoodNow
DC residents have fought and died in every war, yet the tens of thousands of veterans in the District are denied their voting rights and privileges.
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25 Jun 20
BREAKING: Members of Congress just introduced a bill to stop law enforcement use of face recognition technology.
No one should have to fear the government tracking and identifying your face wherever you go.

No one, like our client Robert Williams, should have to fear being accused of a crime you never committed because of a flawed technology.

Pass the long-overdue bill.
Robert Williams was arrested for a theft he didn't commit because of a face recognition technology law enforcement shouldn't be using.…
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17 Jun 20
BREAKING: We’ve obtained documents that reveal Microsoft tried to sell its face recognition surveillance system to the DEA — the scandal-ridden federal law enforcement agency powering America’s racist drug war.
Even after belatedly promising not to sell face surveillance tech to police last week, Microsoft has refused to say whether it would sell the technology to federal agencies like the DEA and FBI.

Same goes for Amazon.
It is troubling enough to learn that Microsoft tried to sell a dangerous technology to the DEA. It is even more disturbing now that AG Barr has reportedly expanded the agency's surveillance authorities, which could be abused to spy on people protesting police brutality.
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15 Jun 20
BREAKING: Aimee Stephens, Don Zarda, and Gerald Bostock won! The Supreme Court ruled that it was against the law to fire our clients for being LGBTQ.

There is no question: LGBTQ people are protected from discrimination in the workplace.
This landmark victory is the work of decades of LGBTQ people — led by Black trans women — fighting for our community. It belongs to our clients Aimee, Don, and another plaintiff Gerald Bostock, and countless other individuals who spoke out when they experienced discrimination.
Our work is not done. We still need Congress to protect LGBTQ people from discrimination in public accommodations, federal programs, and more.

Congress must pass the Equality Act NOW.…
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12 Jun 20
The Trump admin has issued a rule that will embolden health care discrimination against transgender people, those seeking reproductive health care, and many other individuals who need health care — all while a global pandemic is occurring.
1 in 3 transgender individuals in the US report experiencing discrimination in health care.

In states around the country, we at the ACLU are fighting to prevent trans and non-binary people from being turned away from health care.
Evan was turned away from a Dignity Health hospital because he is transgender. The California court of appeals ruled in Evan’s favor and Dignity Health recently has appealed to the US Supreme Court.…
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11 Jun 20
BREAKING: Microsoft just announced it will not sell face recognition technology to the police.
When even the makers of face recognition refuse to sell this surveillance technology because it is so dangerous, lawmakers can no longer deny the threats to our rights and liberties.
It should not have taken protests against police brutality and for Black lives, and the deployment of military-grade surveillance equipment on those protests, for these companies to wake up to the everyday realities of police surveillance for Black and Brown communities.
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10 Jun 20
BREAKING: Amazon just announced it will impose a one year ban on the sale of its face recognition technology to police.
It took two years to get to this point, but it is about time Amazon started recognizing the dangers face recognition surveillance poses to Black and Brown communities and civil rights more broadly.
Face recognition technology gives governments the unprecedented power to spy on us wherever we go. It fuels police abuse. These dangers will not just go away in a year.
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6 Jun 20
We're facing a full-scale assault on our constitutional right to speak out against police brutality. Attempts to harm and silence Black protest and people will not go unchecked.

Here's how we're fighting back:
We're in court with @ACLUMN to defend our press freedoms after journalists were violently attacked by Minnesota police while covering protests.…
Less than 24 hours after the @ACLU_SoCal sued, LA Mayor Garcetti backed down on a curfew that restricted the right to protest.
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4 Jun 20
The right to protest is a fundamental human right guaranteed by the US Constitution and the First Amendment.
The police's main job during a protest is to protect your right to protest and de-escalate any threat of violence.
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28 May 20
Much as he might wish otherwise, Donald Trump is not the president of Twitter.

This order, if issued, would be a blatant and unconstitutional threat to punish social media companies that displease the president.
The president has no authority to rewrite a congressional statute with an executive order imposing a flawed interpretation of Section 230.

Section 230 incentivizes platforms to host all sorts of content without fear of being held liable. It enables speech, not censorship.
Ironically, Donald Trump is a big beneficiary of Section 230.

If platforms were not immune under the law, then they would not risk the legal liability that could come with hosting Trump's lies, defamation, and threats.
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26 May 20
We are calling for an independent and transparent investigation into the death of George Floyd by Minneapolis police Monday evening.

In an eyewitness video that brings back reminders of Eric Garner, an officer can be seen kneeling directly on the neck of a crying Floyd.
The officer stayed in position, with his body weight on Floyd's neck, for four more minutes after Floyd stopped moving at all.

At one point, the officer brandished pepper spray at bystanders who were pleading with police to stop.
Nearly six years after Eric Garner's death and four years after Philando Castile's, this video — where George Floyd is seen telling cops he can't breathe at least nine times — shows how little meaningful change has emerged to prevent cops from taking the lives of Black people.
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19 May 20
BREAKING: The Trump administration just extended its border restrictions indefinitely, halting asylum at the border.

Do not be fooled: Trump's goal is not to protect our health, it's to sow division and advance his anti-immigrant agenda.
Read more about the administration's latest attacks here:…
Stephen Miller has tried to use the threat of “disease” as an excuse to close the border since at least 2018.

Now he has, and the impact is devastating. Thousands of adults, families, and unaccompanied children are in immediate harm's way.…
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13 May 20
BREAKING: In a critical victory for our privacy, the Senate has overwhelmingly passed changes to our surveillance laws that will help ensure that government claims made to a secret intelligence court do not go unchecked.
Today's vote shows that a majority of senators agree that what we do online should not be subject to warrantless surveillance.

It’s past time for Congress to make this clear in our laws.
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12 May 20
With heavy hearts, we must share the news that Aimee Stephens, whose landmark case was the first case about the civil rights of transgender people to be heard by the Supreme Court, died today at her home in Detroit with her wife, Donna Stephens, at her side. She was 59.
Aimee was fired for being transgender. When she decided to fight back, she just wanted it to be acknowledged that what happened to her was wrong.
Aimee didn't set out to be a hero and a trailblazer, but she is one.

We all owe her a debt of gratitude for her commitment to justice for all people, and her dedication to the trans community.
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18 Apr 20
In early March, 59-year-old Mario Rodas was pulled over and arrested by Immigration and Customs Enforcement while driving to the supermarket with his family. He has been in ICE custody in Plymouth, Massachusetts since then.

This is his story.
When Mario heard about the growing COVID-19 epidemic, he was scared.

"I was worried because I have diabetes, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure. It was stressful, you know?"

A few days later, a staff member at the detention center tested positive.…
On March 25, we filed a petition asking a judge to order ICE to release Mario on the grounds that his medical conditions placed him at high risk for COVID-19 complications, in violation of his constitutional rights.

Two days later, Mario found out he was going home.
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26 Mar 20
👉 Public health experts agree: To address this pandemic, we must ensure everyone has access to care — anything less is dangerously inadequate.

Yet the Senate has passed a COVID-19 package that fails to protect millions of people, our rights, and our democracy.
1. The Senate COVID-19 package leaves out tens of millions of people — including green card holders, DACA recipients, TPS holders, & undocumented people — from accessing care and testing.

Everyone deserves access to testing and care. Anything less is irresponsible & detrimental
2. Law enforcement must use the money allocated by the Senate to reduce jail and prison populations, starting by releasing the most vulnerable.

The Bureau of Prisons must use its authority — given by the Senate — to let more people serve their sentences at home.
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12 Feb 20
BREAKING: A lawsuit has been filed challenging the rights of trans student athletes in Connecticut.

🗣Trans youth belong in sports. Trans youth belong EVERYWHERE.
This lawsuit is clearly about trans students, yet those students have no voice in the lawsuit. This is wrong. We at the ACLU will be seeking to intervene in this lawsuit as a new party, to give trans students a voice.
Trans youth know who they are. Andraya just wants to run, yet she is under attack.

Andraya knows where she belongs: Running on the girls team.
Trans people belong in sports." src="/images/1px.png" data-src="">
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3 Feb 20
Too many politicians are trying to manipulate the outcome of elections by making it harder to cast a ballot.

Here's how they do it.…
States suppress the vote by passing strict voter ID laws that reduce turnout. Not everybody can afford or access government-issued IDs, especially people who live in rural areas, people with disabilities, and low-income communities.
One of the most common forms of voter suppression is restrictions on registering to vote, including requirements to show proof of citizenship, or restricting the window of time people can register.
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23 Jan 20
BREAKING: Late last night, 9 parents who were cruelly separated from their kids by the Trump administration were reunited in the United States and will have their asylum claims reheard, thanks to our lawsuit.…
These 9 parents were deported without their children and were not given proper access to their right to seek asylum.

We won't stop fighting to reunite families.
Last year, a group of parents in the same situation crossed into the US with the help of legal advocates. Watch their journey and reunion here:…
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22 Jan 20
BREAKING: We're demanding the National Archives turn over all records concerning its decision to doctor a 2017 Women's March photo in order to remove protest signs critical of President Trump or referencing women's bodies.
In a statement, the National Archives said it was a “mistake” to alter the photo.

A mistake is tripping and spilling coffee on the photo. Blurring signs that are critical of the president or reference women's bodies is a deliberate act.…
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10 Jan 20
BREAKING: We reached a settlement in a lawsuit brought against the state of California and Fresno County, seeking to ensure the right to a lawyer in criminal cases is upheld in all of the state's 58 counties for ALL accused people, regardless of how much money you have.
We filed a lawsuit in 2015 with @ACLU_NorCal, @ACLU_SoCal, @Paul_Hastings, @MorganLewisLaw, @sdACLU and @NovellaYColeman against California and Fresno County, seeking relief for the county’s failing public defense system.
For decades, no state-level agency in California has provided financial or any other support to the counties for trial-level public defense services.
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