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11 Jun
The things we share with doctors and other care providers are often highly sensitive.

That’s why patient-doctor confidentiality is a cornerstone of medical ethics and effective care.
Recently, the Department of Health and Human Services proposed changes to the HIPAA Privacy Rule — the rule that protects patient information from being shared without their consent — that would radically erode patient privacy.
The proposed change to the HIPAA Privacy Rule would mean that that info like history of trauma, mental health diagnoses, domestic violence, current or past drug use, and more, could possibly be shared without a patient’s consent in an expanded set of circumstances.
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9 Jun
Yesterday we testified before the US Department of Education about how new Title IX rules can:

▫️ help stop sexual harassment and assault in schools
▫️ ensure fair processes for resolving complaints
▫️ end discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity
We’re fighting to ensure new Title IX rules explicitly prohibit discrimination against all women and girls — including trans students — in all school activities, including sports.

Trans people belong EVERYWHERE — including on sports teams.
Over the past year, we have seen a direct assault on trans women and girls who want to participate in school sports.

But we see these efforts for what they are: fear tactics intended to push transgender and non-binary people out of public life.
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9 Jun
Next week marks 50 years since President Nixon famously declared drugs “public enemy number one.”

This proclamation launched a new war on drugs that led to the incarceration of millions of disproportionately Black and Brown people while doing nothing to prevent drug overdoses.
Today we’re releasing a poll with @DrugPolicyOrg showing overwhelming bipartisan support for ending the war on drugs.…
Our poll found that nearly two-thirds of the country believes we need a new approach based in public health, not law enforcement.
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31 May
One hundred years ago, in Tulsa, Oklahoma, an armed white mob attacked Greenwood, a prosperous Black community.

Hundreds of Black Tulsans were killed and Black Wall Street was burned to the ground.…
Since 1921, there has been a deliberate attempt to cover-up the Tulsa Race Massacre.

The original account from the local paper and city officials was that Black Tulsans were armed, intoxicated, and unjustifiably violent.
This racist narrative around the 1921 massacre is false.

The Black community was preventing a lynch mob from killing a Black man who was unjustly arrested.
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28 May
President Biden released his first full budget proposal today, and it's a mixed bag.

The exciting news: This budget marks the first in decades without the Hyde amendment, a discriminatory ban on insurance coverage for abortion.

But it also funds 30,000 beds in ICE detention.
In Spring 2019, an ACLU Rights for All volunteer secured a commitment from Biden that he would work to end Hyde if elected, which was a reversal of his long-held stance.

Today is a historic moment towards finally ending coverage bans that have perpetuated inequality for decades.
For more than 44 years, Hyde and related abortion coverage bans have pushed abortion care out of reach for people working to make ends meet, particularly impacting women of color.

Now Congress must pass appropriations bills that are free from all harmful abortion restrictions.
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26 May
BREAKING: We are suing the state of West Virginia over its ban on trans students in school sports.
Our client Becky Pepper-Jackson wants to try out for her middle-school track team and would be banned from doing so under this law.

Becky should have the same chance to try out for a team as any other girl.
We filed this lawsuit with the @ACLU_WV, @LambdaLegal and @CooleyLLP.

This is our second challenge to several anti-trans laws that passed around the country this year.

And we're not done yet.
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24 May
Black women researchers and activists have led the way in studying and revealing the dangerous biases lurking at the heart of face recognition tech.
When MIT researcher @jovialjoy and coauthor @timnitGebru conducted a study of face recognition tech in 2018, it failed up to 1 in 3 times in classifying the faces of Black women.…
On the ground, @Combsthepoet and other Black women activists are working to protect communities of color from these dangers.…
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21 May
Teaching students about systemic racism and discrimination people of color and other marginalized groups face in this country is not a “harmful ideology.”

It’s a right protected by the First Amendment.
Recently, Tennessee Republican lawmakers passed a bill to ban teaching critical race theory in schools, threatening to withhold funding from public schools that teach concepts like white privilege.
Banning talk about race and gender issues is a disservice to all students.

All young people, especially students of color, deserve an inclusive education and the right to express themselves around issues such as racism.
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20 May
Meet Souleymane.

He's one of the immigrants released from ICE detention because of our COVID-19 litigation. Photo of a Black man who appears to be middle aged. He is we
Souleymane came to the US 11 years ago because his life was in danger in his home country of Mali.

His wife is a lawful permanent resident, and he has three daughters — all of whom are US citizens.
His application for asylum was denied several years ago, but ICE was unable to secure travel documents to deport him to Mali.

So they released him to live with his family instead, asking him to regularly check in with ICE.

Souleymane did this for almost a decade.
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19 May
In 1956, we went to court to defend people arrested for acting "lewd and dissolute" at Hazel's Inn, a gay bar in San Fransisco.

This was the earliest of many actions we've taken in response to police violence toward LGBTQ people that continues today.

Let's recap some recents ⬇️
🗓️ 2015
📍 Des Moines, Iowa

Meagan Taylor was arrested for trying to check in to a hotel while being Black and trans.

We sued, and reached a settlement in 2016.…
🗓️ 2018
📍 Phoenix, Arizona

Brianna Westbrook was arrested while protesting — police called her a slur and held her in isolation because she's trans.

We sued, and charges against her were dropped.
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18 May
BREAKING: Amazon announced it is indefinitely extending its moratorium on sales of face recognition technology to police.
This is a huge win for privacy and is the direct result of years of work by activists and advocates who have shed light on the dangerous use of this flawed technology. #EyesOnAmazon
Other companies must quickly follow suit.

We can’t let dystopian technologies supercharge police abuse and cause further harm to Black and Brown communities.
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18 May
The Biden administration has approved three Guantánamo prison detainees for transfer or release.…
It’s encouraging that release or transfer decisions for indefinitely detained Guantánamo prisoners are finally starting, but implementation is also key.
To implement, the Biden administration needs to re-establish a senior position charged with negotiating transfers and actually closing Guantánamo prison.
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17 May
Today was a big news day out of the Supreme Court.

Let’s talk about four things that happened today, impacting reproductive freedom, jury trials, and warrantless entry in our homes.
The Supreme Court decided to grant Jackson Women’s Health Organization v. Dobbs, which means they will consider a Mississippi abortion ban.

We don’t want to downplay this: Abortion rights are under attack and the case is directly challenging Roe v. Wade.
The Supreme Court today dismissed American Medical Association v. Becerra, which means it is now up to the Biden Administration to ensure patients continue to have access to accessible, high-quality reproductive health care through Title X.
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13 May
In testimony before a House committee today, Acting ICE Director Tae Johnson defended 287(g) agreements, which tap local law enforcement to conduct federal immigration enforcement.

Here’s why that’s a problem:
As a candidate, Joe Biden pledged to end all 287(g) agreements entered into by Trump — but ICE is openly undercutting that promise, continuing a program that is notorious for racial profiling and undermining public trust.
The 287(g) program has had devastating consequences for communities nationwide, turning local agencies into ICE “force multipliers” to target and instill fear in immigrant communities.
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11 May
We’ve filed more than 40 lawsuits against ICE to free people from detention during the pandemic.

More than 800 people have been released as a result.

We spoke in-depth to 19 of those people. Here’s what we learned.
We won’t mince words: ICE failed to protect people in detention and lied in several of our lawsuits — including in sworn declarations to the court.
ICE’s mismanagement led to widespread COVID-19 outbreaks in the communities surrounding detention facilities.

Estimates suggest that ICE contributed to as many as 5.5% of all US cases.
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10 May
BREAKING: We're calling on the United Nations Human Rights Council to investigate police killings of Black people and violent law enforcement responses to protests in the United States.
Police violence is not unique to the United States.

But the disproportionate killing of Black, Brown, and Indigenous people at the hands of law enforcement is.
We're joined by over 270 organizations representing more than 40 countries, as well as 171 families of victims of police violence, including the family of George Floyd.
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8 May
Daunte Wright should be alive today.
Instead, his life was cut short by Brooklyn Center Police at 20 years old after being pulled over due to expired registration.…
Today Brooklyn Center Mayor Mike Elliott introduced a resolution that will provide a model to other municipalities on the best way to re-examine the meaning of public safety and to invest in alternative public safety mechanisms and structures.…
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7 May
BREAKING: The FDA agreed to conduct a review of its restrictions on mifepristone, a medication used for early abortion and miscarriage care.

After four years of litigation, this is long overdue, but a major move forward.
Mifepristone is safe, effective, and has been FDA-approved for over 20 years.

Yet it remains subject to medically unnecessary restrictions that obstruct access and deepen health inequities for people of color, people with low incomes, and those in rural communities.
Years of advocacy from medical experts, providers, patients, and advocates got us here.

We raised our voices and made a difference.
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4 May
Equal access to housing is a civil right.

But institutional racism has long kept communities of color from accessing fair housing.
The Fair Housing Act's 2015 "Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing" provision established community centered processes to locate causes of segregation and establish actionable ways to root them out.

But during Trump's presidency, it came under attack.
Reinstating this provision would require jurisdictions to:
✔️ promote integration
✔️ address disparities in access to community resources
✔️ root out discrimination and systemic racism in housing
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4 May
In the past year, more than 90 anti-protest bills have been introduced across the country.

These bills are anti-democratic.
These anti-protest bills take on a variety of forms.

They could affect people attending a mass gathering.

They could affect people posting criticism of police officers, elected officials, or public employees online.
In Oklahoma, a law was enacted granting immunity to drivers who unintentionally hit protesters in the street.
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1 May
It's college decision day!

Today, we celebrate all the young people who are pursuing their dreams.

But we can't forget that these dreams don't come with an equal price tag for all.
The skyrocketing cost of higher education has placed it out of reach for most students — unless they agree to take on colossal amounts of debt.
Do you have student debt?
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