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lawyer via @harvard_law; former Sr Advisor to Trump, now proud critic; made w/ Cuban parts; proud mami of 4 rescue dogs & 1 human boy, Wills (my 💙) #3:16
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3 Sep
A dog-rescue advocate informs me of the following:
My opinion of what happened is this:
I think when hundreds of thousands of $ started flowing in, Ms. Maxwell-Jones didn't want to part w it. So when offers came in of "Hey, I can fly out out. It'll be $300,000", she got skittish/evasive bc she didn't want to part w money/pay up.
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3 Sep
@MSyedt Hi Mohammed, why did you write a piece promoting the scam that is Kabul Small Animal Rescue and Charlotte Maxwell Jones? Aren't you a journalist? Shouldn't you have asked her where the $1.5 M in cash she has been given the past few days went?
Shouldn't you update your opec with the many questions, @RachelEwrites and @Msyedt circling? Why does she have 5 active fundraisers when she did not fly out a single dog? Why has she REFUSED to update with anything other than vague claims that she is going to rescue dogs 1/
that are already in a CLOSED airport (impossible to get to) and/or already taken by the Taliban? Why has she refused to explain where the $1.5 and counting in cash went, which was $ to fly out the dogs? 2/
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3 Sep
My amazing Twitter network informs me yet ANOTHER (this is the fourth or fifth?) fundraiser exists, 'created by' Charlotte Maxwell-Jones
This is yet another @GoFundMe. And this one has over $30K and is still collecting donations.
# of active fundraisers Charlotte Maxwell-Jones and her org have going:
gofundme.com/f/kitty-evacua… $780K
fundrazr.com/b1rsmb?ref=ab_… $318K
fundrazr.com/81s7Nd?ref=sh_… $210K
gofundme.com/f/emergency-do… $31K
This does not even include the funds sent directly to them OR the funds raised in conjunction with the F-rated @SPCAINT
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3 Sep
I don't believe it started out as a grift. I think it started out as crazy fucking nutjob (hello, what normal Western woman voluntarily moves to Afghanistan! something's off about this whole story) thinking she fly-out some dogs (even though our CDC has banned entry so... huh?)
And, I think at some point a ton of $ started coming in and things changed.
Her story has changed more times than I can count. At one point, when a few started questioning how high the GFM goal amount kept changing to (cont.)
(I mean, c'mon -- the charter wouldn't cost more than like $500-$600K), she posted something like "Don't worry, don't ask questions now. We'll sort it all out later and we have a ton due coming to us in refunds for charters we booked that didn't work out" (paraphrasing) (cont.)
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2 Sep
This MONSTER is STILL raising $ to 'rescue' the dogs & cats out of Kabul. Nearly $800,000 (and donations still coming in!) *BUTG SHE DIDN"T RESCUE A SINGLE ONE / IT'S OVER (airport is closed).*
The dogs are w the Taliban now. She didn't save a SINGLE one.
cc: @Jaclyndiaz, given that your write-up was huge reason why people donated and you gave the org legitimacy, I think @NPR has a massive obligation and responsibility here tog do a follow-up. See my tweets and those of #OperationExplanation, posted by @TheOvalPawffice.
Mind you, this is just one of THREE fundraisers she has.
When the dogs are already with the Taliban and/or dead already.
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2 Sep
OMG, they still have the GOFundME link on their Twitter profile!

(And, in case you're curious, it's over $750,000) (that does not include the over $300,000 sent to Charlotte via the Fundrazr fundraiser)

And here's the other fundraiser, which they did on Fundrazr: This one raised an additional $318,000

Over $1 million raised directly to @KSAnimalRescue for the result of... drumroll please... all the dogs being given to the Taliban and/or a life of being run over by an airplane or dying of starvation in the airport.
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2 Sep
Thx to anonymous Twitter follower, who sent me the tweet I was referring to.
@KSAnimalRescue posted the tweet below last weekend. Subsequently they DELETED it and changed their story (!!!). Crazy Eyes NOW decided to claim the flights were non-refundable/money gone!
My Twitter army never fails.
I knew I'd seen that tweet/wasn't going crazy!
So what happened here? Did Crazy Eyes/Kabul Small Animal decide that the way to keep the $$$$$ is to claim it was all used up on mysterious flights that never showed but are somehow non-refundable???
Bc it seems very interesting to me that they DELETED that earlier tweet.
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1 Sep
She also has refused to post any update herself, other than a very cryptic, short one on Facebook which basically said nothing, and no video.
She's essentially trying to hide out til this blows over.
It ain't gonna blow over.
And wait; there's more.
the reason why Crazy Eyes Charlotte's 'mission' struck me as fishy from the get go was this:
the CDC announced MONTHS ago that its was no longer allowing dogs in from outside the U.S. So...
what exactly was the plan? She knew she could not bring them into the U.S. (I knew that. Anyone with a brain knew that.) So what was the plan? Did she ever say she had a third-party-country lined up that was going to accept the dogs thru ITS customs?
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1 Sep
THREAD: There's a lot of confusion going around. So let me explain a few things about the dog rescue efforts, which I've followed probably closer than anyone.
First: the effort by the 'Brit.' That's NOWZAD organization. NOWZAD has been around for nearly a decade and is highly 1/
respected. Its founder is Pen Farthing, a former British marine (served for two decades) who stayed in Afghanistan to help rescue dogs and animals there, founding NOWZAD. If you ask in the British armed forces/vets community, Pen is a hero and as legit as they come. 2/
Pen, when the Kabul government fell, needed to suddenly evacuate Kabul and a worldwide mission commenced, with people donating from all over the world, to fund a charter flight to rescue Pen's staff and animals. That was OperationArk. 3/
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21 Jul
THREAD: Some of you have asked why the enforcement of the child support has taken so long. So you don't wonder if there's something I'm not sharing, here's a timeline, so you see for yourselves:
NOV 2019: Miller stops sending the agreed-upon, in Court, on the record, child support for no reason/no explanation given.
JAN 2020: We file a motion. Court offers to hear it (Jan 22nd). Miller refuses.
Court offers to hear on two dates in Feb. Miller's attorney claims Miller's forensic expert (who isn't necessary for the hearing) is unavailable on those dates.
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21 Jul
Srsly, attys won’t believe me but Very Special VIP Miller has actually argued the following in the past year:

- that he doesn’t have to appear at trial (yes, his atty was actually like, “I haven’t decided if he will appear.” At a trial. In a case where he is the Petitioner) 1/
- that he doesn’t have to sit for a deposition 😂😂😂 (yet he tried subpoena’ing my elderly PARENTS for deposition 😂)
(Guy has filed EIGHT motions-for-protective-order to avoid deposition, in a row. Eight! 🤡 Reasons inc things like ‘doesn’t feel up to it’)
(Did i mention there is a court ORDER commanding him? And that I already sat for a complete one? Did I mention there’s already an Order commanding his wife to sit for deposition?)
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21 Jul
In early May, judge’s asst said judge wanted to set contempt-hearing for May 27. Miller’s atty had a mini-meltdown & was basically like: How can this be happening? I spoke to the head-judge of the fam law division & she had assured me she had spoken to our judge (am paraphrasing)
Hm, you’re hm, not supposed to secretly go to any judge (without copying opposing counsel). When we told the Chief Judge what had been revealed and how troubling this was, he disqualified *his entire circuit* from our case. 😳😳😳😳
So now all of the Miami Dade bench and now all of the Broward bench has been disqualified from this case.
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3 Jun
THREAD: There's been a lot of chatter about the 'Trump thinks he will be reinstated.'
Let me offer my two cents as someone who spent significant time with Trump and with (ugh) Baby Daddy:
My take is Trump does not ACTUALLY believe this.
I'm sure he has mentioned it but doesn't actually believe it.

The reason it is leaked is because, as I mentioned on here weeks ago, Baby Daddy's and Trump's main preoccupation is for Trump to become irrelevant.
So they leak 'shit that sounds crazy' because they know you will all take the bait and talk about it for DAYS, and keep him at the very top of the news cycle.

As I mentioned weeks ago, the #1 concern/priority right now is that TRUMP NOT FADE AWAY.
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1 Jun
Also, Men of Twitter (and women! #PC here) Who Know About Mechanics, I call upon thee for your wisdom:
.... car question here...
my car does this weird thing every couple of months where I will be stopped (car on, just, for example, at a red light) and it will turn off, by itself. No noise, nothing. Just turns off. ...
It's still on "Drive", it's just... off. So then I have to move the key ignition into Off and move it back into On, as if I'm starting the car, and it starts right back up.

What can this be? The transmission?
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4 May
This is all so transparent.
1) Trump announces he's building a social media "platform", in order to scare Zuck (who's a known weakling) into letting him back on.
2) Trump waits until AFTER Facebook has already made its decision (yes, folks -- the decision was made a few days ago. Only the ANNOUNCEMENT is tmrw) to reveal that "Whoops, his social media platform was never going to be a threat. It's just a fucking blog."
3) But the Facebook decision has already been made. THAT's why the "platform" reveal was TODAY (after the decision).
It would not surprise me if Zuck has already personally informed Trump that he's being let back on.
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2 May
THREAD: Quick thread on how the "Trump-endorsement effect" is largely something the *media* has created/believes in.... and is not an actual thing:
1/ For some time now, astute observers have noted that Trump waits to endorse and then endorses those candidates that the polls show have the best chance of winning. Then he can turn around and claim: "Look! My endorsement is the Midas touch!"
2/ His advisors can then say: "See? Mr. Trump's endorsement is what moves the needle! Hire me as a consultant for your campaign, and I'll make sure he endorses YOUR candidate!"
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16 Apr
Hi Twitter:

As many of you know, I had a miscarriage in 2011, which impacted me GREATLY.

Trump spox Jason Miller sent an email last night to my attorney (in a series of insane emails) bringing it up out of the blue and THREATENING me w it, to tell the public I had an abortion.
He did this in direct response to his panic over he and his wife's financials coming to light in our case.
I want to share this because I want people to realize that (a) my safety and my son's is in danger bc this man's behavior is not normal and his emails show he is completely unhinged and (b) to show how yet again a very ugly, lost man tries to weaponize a woman's pregnancy history
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16 Apr
Got home from park, put Munchkin to bed, and now catching up on Jason Miller's utter breakdown earlier tonight... lol. A fusilage of unhinged desperation.

Oh, and he continues to email my attorney, Laline, directly and call her "Crayline." #glorious
Apparently, Greaseball was very upset that I mentioned to you all that he wants to 'shut down' discovery bc, hm, he somehow still thinks public filings are.... not public. (Again, not the sharpest tool in the shed.)
Also, why does Greaseball, four years in, CONTINUE TO LIVE ON MY TWITTER PAGE? It's cringe.
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25 Mar
Hey all, in response to Miller telling The Guardian that he takes his responsibilities seriously, he's lying.

Here's a screenshot of his child support payments to William, during months where Miller was making as high as $99,000 *PER MONTH.* He sent William... $500 per month.
That is a screenshot of the incoming wires from him those months (I have redacted his banking information/wire information.)
Miller thought it was funny to send a three-year-old innocent child $500 each month (and, note the date, often late in the month - no rhyme or reason) when he was making more in a month than most Americans make in a year.
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23 Mar
🚨🚨🚨Incoming!!! Great news!!!!! (thread)
Thanks to @baezjorgea (!!!) who found and cared for the dog for days (bad-ass), Picolini’s Rescue here in Miami (a rescue group I met when they rescued the rottweiler w the eye illness) stepped in. Working w one of their partners, the good doggo....
headed up to Virginia. That’s all I knew but was praying for him. Today, I received this photo from the folks at Picolini’s!..... He was been adopted by a lovely young couple! Look at him!!! 🥳😝👍👊 Image
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18 Feb
Reminder that while the psychopath, who constantly lies to reporters, says this case could be solved in "15 minutes":

- he refuses to sit for deposition
- refuses to let any subpoenas go out
- refuses to FILE A FINANCIAL AFFIDAVIT (req) to let us his monthly income
Miller has filed, astoundingly, EIGHT motions for protective order, in a row, to avoid sitting for deposition. Every time his depo is set, he has a now excuse why he can't do it.
Moreover, this case does not involve only child support. There are other issues to be resolved, including but not limited to attorney's fees. Bc he's refused to pay my attorney's fees, that opens the doors to ASSETS bc the court now has to determine who's going to pay what.
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