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11 Jun
New York Times wins Pulitzer Prize for public service for coverage of COVID-19. AP awarded two Pulitzer Prizes for photography.
The Star Tribune of Minneapolis won the breaking news award for its reporting following George Floyd's killing. And the Pulitzer Prizes awarded a special citation to Darnella Frazier, the teen who filmed his killing.
Louise Erdrich has won the Pulitzer Prize for fiction for "The Night Watchman." Other winners for books included the late Les Payne and daughter Tamara Payne for for their Malcolm X biography “The Dead Are Arising.”
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11 Jun
.@AP photographers win two Pulitzer Prizes for coverage of racial injustice protests in the U.S., and the pandemic's toll on the elderly.
.@EmilioMorenatti, @AP's chief photographer in Spain, won the feature photography Pulitzer Prize. He patiently built trust with elderly people to document the toll of the pandemic.
A group of 10 @AP photographers won the breaking news Pulitzer for their work capturing the drama and raw emotion of protests that roiled U.S. cities after the May 2020 death of George Floyd.
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26 May
The mayor of San Jose said several people were being treated for injuries after police and sheriff's officials responded to reports of a shooting at a railyard. Mayor Sam Liccardo said in a tweet that “the shooter is no longer a threat."
A sheriff's spokesman says there are multiple fatalities and injuries in a shooting at a San Jose, California railyard and that the suspect is dead.
BREAKING: Eight people were killed in shooting at a railyard in San Jose, California, authorities say. The suspect is also dead and a number of people were injured.
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26 May
New AP-NORC poll: A majority of Americans across racial and ethnic groups believe discrimination has worsened in the last year against Asian Americans, who became the target of attacks after being unfairly blamed for the coronavirus pandemic.
The AP-NORC poll finds 60% of Americans say discrimination against Asian Americans has swelled in the U.S. in the last year. That includes 71% of Asian Americans as well as majorities of Black, white and Hispanic Americans.
As documented Asian-targeted hate crimes rose substantially in 2020, the poll finds close to half of Americans “very” or “extremely” concerned that the COVID-19 pandemic led to an increase in violent acts against Asian Americans.
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25 May
Tulsa, Oklahoma, will soon begin marking the centennial of its storied and deadly race massacre. In 1921, a white mob carried out a scorched-earth campaign against a city business and residential district known as Black Wall Street.
Between May 31 and June 1, 1921, a mob of white Tulsans leveled over 35 city blocks, destroyed an estimated 191 Black businesses, and displaced roughly 10,000 Black residents from the neighborhood where they’d lived, learned, played, worked and prospered.
The Tulsa Race Massacre is just one of the starkest examples of how Black wealth has been sapped by racism and racist violence. It forced generations to start from scratch while shouldering the burdens of being Black in America, @aaronlmorrison reports.
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18 May
The Fourth Israel-Hamas War:

• Israel carries out a wave of airstrikes, levelling a six-story building in Gaza City.
• Palestinian armed groups fire dozens of rockets into Israel.
• More than 210 Palestinians killed, 10 in Israel, since war began.
Palestinians in Israel, Jerusalem and the occupied West Bank observed a general strike to protest the war and other Israeli policies that some rights groups say constitute an overarching system of apartheid. Israel rejects that characterization,
BREAKING: Israeli medics say 10 people wounded, 4 seriously, in attack in southern Israel.
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16 May
BREAKING: The Israeli military says it has targeted the home of Gaza's top Hamas leader after nearly a week of heavy airstrikes and rocket fire into Israel from the territory ruled by the Islamic militant group
BREAKING: Gaza Health Ministry says 23 killed in Israeli airstrike on Gaza City in deadliest single attack since fighting began.
Gaza medics say Israeli airstrikes on Gaza City have flattened three buildings and killed at least 26 people. It was the deadliest single attack since heavy fighting broke out between Israel and the territory’s militant Hamas rulers nearly a week ago.
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15 May
The owner of a Gaza high-rise housing the AP and other media outlets says he has received a call from the Israeli military that the building would be targeted. The man said he was told to make sure all residents have evacuated.
BREAKING: Israeli airstrike flattens high-rise building that houses The Associated Press, Al-Jazeera and other media in Gaza City, about an hour after evacuation order.
AP VIDEO: An Israeli airstrike destroyed a high-rise building in Gaza City that housed offices of The Associated Press and other media.
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14 May
Israel-Palestinians Conflict:

• Israel has launched heavy artillery strikes into Northern Gaza ahead of possible ground invasion.
• Palestinian armed groups have fired 1,800 rockets this week.
• Communal violence in Israel erupts for a fourth night,
Palestinians living along Gaza's northern and eastern borders with Israel are fleeing intense Israeli bombardment. They sought refuge in temporary shelters in central Gaza City, with families arriving in pickup trucks, on donkeys and by foot.
In the northern Gaza Strip, Rafat Tanani, his pregnant wife and four children, aged 7 and under, were killed after an Israeli warplane reduced their four-story apartment building to rubble, residents said. “It was a massacre,” a relative said.
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13 May
Israel-Palestinians Conflict Latest:

• Gaza braces for more Israeli airstrikes amid a somber end to Ramadan.
• Rocket fire continues from Hamas into Israel.
• Jewish and Arab mobs rampage across Israel after protests and violence in Jerusalem.
Palestinians hurled from their beds by Israeli airstrikes this week faced an all-too-familiar question: Where should we go? Recalling the horror of past wars, Gaza residents say they feel nowhere is safe.
VIDEO: Deadly cross-border violence in Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Read the latest developments:
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12 May
Israel-Palestinians Latest:

• Fighting bears hallmarks of devastating 2014 Gaza war.
• Israel has pounded the besieged Palestinian territory with airstrikes.
• Gaza’s armed groups have fired hundreds of rockets into Israel.
• Death toll rising,
VIDEO: Escalating violence engulfs Israel and Gaza. Read the story:
BREAKING: Gaza Health Ministry says death toll from Israeli airstrikes climbs to 43 Palestinians, including 13 children; Israel’s emergency service says one person killed and one seriously wounded by an anti-tank missile fired from Gaza.
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20 Apr
Former Minneapolis Officer Derek Chauvin convicted of murder and manslaughter charges in the death of George Floyd.

Floyd’s death stirred worldwide protests against racism after video showed Chauvin pinning Floyd to the ground with his knee on his neck.
Derek Chauvin was on trial for murder and manslaughter after pinning George Floyd to the pavement in Minneapolis last May with his knee on his neck for what prosecutors said was 9 1/2 minutes.
The jury came back with its verdict after about 10 hours of deliberations over two days. Derek Chauvin's bail was immediately revoked and he was led away with his hands cuffed behind his back. Sentencing will be in two months.
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19 Apr
Prosecutor Steve Schleicher is giving closing arguments in the trial of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin, who is accused of killing George Floyd. Schleicher is part of a team of prosecutors who took turns presenting the state's case.
@AP Prosecutors began their closing arguments talking about George Floyd's life and his relationships with his mother and family. Here's how prosecutors used the "spark of life" legal doctrine in their case.
Prosecutor Steve Schleicher told jurors about "horrified bystanders" who watched Officer Derek Chauvin with his knee on George Floyd's neck. Prosecutors and Chauvin's defense attorney presented different views of the bystanders in the trial.
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17 Apr
BREAKING: Queen Elizabeth II seen in public for the first time since Prince Philip's death as she joins family for his funeral.
The queen, accompanied by a lady-in-waiting, wore a mask as she took her seat in the Bentley that will carry her to St. George’s Chapel for the funeral of her husband of 73 years.
Britain observes one minute of silence to honor the late Prince Philip as the royal ceremonial funeral gets underway.
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14 Apr
Americans' distrust of the press goes deeper than partisanship and comes down to how journalists define their very mission, according to a new study from the Media Insight Project, a collaboration between the American Press Institute and AP-NORC. @dbauder
The study defined five core principles or beliefs that drive most journalists. And it found that non-journalists offer unqualified majority support for only one of them – the idea that the press should provide people with facts.
There is less support for the principle that it’s important for the media to keep watch on public officials and the powerful, to give a voice to the less powerful, to put information out in the open and to spotlight a community's problems.
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2 Apr
BREAKING: Police say 2 officers injured after vehicle rams into barricade at US Capitol.
At least one officer was in serious condition, while the driver was in critical condition, the officials said.
A car rammed into two Capitol Police officers at a barricade outside the U.S. Capitol, and the driver got out of the vehicle while appearing to brandish a knife before being shot by authorities, two law enforcement officials told AP.
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2 Apr
A new AP-NORC poll finds solid -- although not overwhelming -- support from Americans for some of Democrats’ proposals to overhaul voting in the U.S.
Overall, 52% of Americans favor no-excuse voting by mail, one component of Democrats’ legislation. But the measure, like many on the poll, split partisans sharply. About three-quarters of Democrats were in favor, while about 6 in 10 Republicans were opposed.
Six in 10 Americans support automatic voter registration, including about three-quarters of Democrats and about half of Republicans.
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12 Mar
Millions of Americans have experienced a devastating toll during the yearlong pandemic, from lost loved ones to lost jobs. A new AP-NORC poll illustrates how communities of color have been hit especially hard by both the virus and the economic fallout.
The AP-NORC poll shows Black and Hispanic Americans are especially likely to have experienced job or income losses. For example, 38% of Hispanics and 29% of Black Americans say someone in their household was laid off during the pandemic. Image
Income losses during the last year continue to hurt Hispanic and Black Americans. About 6 in 10 Hispanics and roughly half of Black Americans say their household is still feeling the impact, compared with about 4 in 10 white Americans. Image
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11 Mar
The White House says President Joe Biden will direct states to make all adults eligible for coronavirus vaccines by May 1.
Officials said Biden would announce that he is deploying an additional 4,000 active-duty troops to support vaccination efforts and will allow more people — such as medical students, veterinarians and dentists — to deliver shots.
Biden is also expected to announce plans to expand mobile vaccination sites in communities hard hit by the virus and double both the number of pharmacies participating in the vaccination program and the number of federally run mass vaccination centers.
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11 Mar
THREAD: Even as vaccines increasingly promise a return to something close to normal life in many places, the coronavirus pandemic seems sure to leave permanent scars on the global job market.
The coronavirus recession has been especially cruel, victimizing people at the bottom of the pay scale.

In the 2008-2009 Great Recession, middle- and higher-wage workers bore the brunt of job losses.
“I can’t get anything.”

Gerardo González has applied for jobs at five companies in the month since he lost his job at a bakery in Mexico City. He has burned through his savings trying to support his family.
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11 Mar
AP-NORC poll finds about 1 in 5 Americans say they lost a relative or close friend to the coronavirus, highlighting the division between heartache and hope as the country itches to get back to normal a year into the pandemic.
Even as many mourn close friends and family members, the public’s worry about the virus has dropped to its lowest point since last fall. About two-thirds of Americans are at least somewhat worried, including about 3 in 10 who are very worried. Image
COVID-19’s toll is staggering, especially among communities of color. The poll shows about 30% of African Americans and Hispanics lost someone close, compared with 15% of white Americans. Low-income households also were especially likely to report loss. Image
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