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4 May
We've travelled this road before. If the military warns of coup as Gen Nwachukwu has done, think of the witch that cries in the night and the child that dies the next morning.
There is no smoke without fire, as they say in our part.

Ask Shagari. Unfortunately, he has gone ahead
That was how the then COAS Gen Wushishi waxed lyrical in 1982, assuring Shagari that the military would not topple him, even when the Nigeria Security Organisation NSO was filing intelligence reports to the contrary.

Then, the military struck in December 1983
Are we back to 1983?

Well, the 1983 military is not the same as the 2021 military, which has become more ethnicized and heavily implicated in the Nigerian crisis.
Unlike Calphurnia, Caesar's wife, the military is not above suspicion. The military is part of the problem
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21 Apr
"One Nigeria" is a ruse. This became clear today when the north mobilize its number in the House of Representatives to oppose today's motion by Elumelu calling for the investigation and removal of Pantami.
Every conceivable northern Muslim representative across party political lines literarily held the House by its jugular as Elumelu attempted to move his motion
Amid the ethnic and religious divisions within the House, Gbaja pandered to the north by killing the motion with a spurious Rule of the House.
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21 Apr
Looking at the photos of lions at the OAU zoo, I wonder what Nigeria has become: a country of hunger and deprivation.
We have no lion in the Nigerian wild, but the ones we keep in zoos we can't feed them
The current conservation estimate of lions in Nigeria is pegged at 35. With 30 in the Kainji Lake National Park and 5 in Yankari. Here's the surprise
The 5 lions in Yankari haven't been sighted or their footprints tracked since 2016. Ostensibly, they have all japa - why won't they?- or they have been hunted down by trophy hunters
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19 Apr
On the increasing number of receipts being pushed into my private space by people who claim they were scammed by Ghenghiskhan - someone who is known to me as a younger friend - this is my position, albeit brief!
The first complaint I received was in December. I pleaded with the complainant to give me time till my return in March as I was holidaying abroad
On return, I confronted Ghenghiskhan with the complainant which he didn't deny. I asked when he would pay the balance of the two laptops that were sold to him. He said the seller declined collecting further payment of the balance. The seller denied
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18 Apr
Extremism fanned by Imams and clerics is at the root of the crisis in the north. Admit it or not, it'll remain a problem until the region does soul-search.
During my time as NANS Chief in 1990/1991, we contended with the most dangerous religious extremism fanned by Muslim Students Society of Nigeria. The hotbed was Bayero University, Kano
A NANS Convention slated for BUK in 1993 was disrupted by members of the Muslim Students Society. Students activists and leaders were knifed and macheted, with many sustaining life threatening injuries
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18 Apr
#PantamiResign isn't about Christianity v Islam, North v South, mediocrity v competence. Don't muddle things, Isa Pantami.
Here's what it is:
1) Your extreme and inflammatory Salafist rhetorics
make your present position untenable;

2) Your public support for terrorist groups and terrorists makes your position untenable;

3) Your rhetorics may have led to the deaths of countless Nigerians who took to extremist Salafist ideology based on your teachings
4) It is untenable to continue to occupy the high office of state when it is on record that you supported a group that murdered Nigerians on 9/11 in the USA
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17 Apr
The Pantaker's videos audio tapes I have came from sources in northern Nigeria. Other materials are online. Don't journalists have the materials? They do. Can't they report on them? Here lies the problem 》》
Our journalists and activists - many of them it must be said - have their heads in the anuses of politicians. They are so corrupt that I wonder if they have not surpassed the politicians
A journalist who is paid a little below N150k per month, who owns a big home worth millions with exotic cars parked on the lawn cannot report zilch
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17 Apr
Case of One Ministry and Two Ministers.

Do you remember that famous phrase, "If you Tarka me, I will Daboh you"?


Ok, let's see how it relates to #PantamiResign.

Let's go, history calls!
On 8 July 1974, Nigeria woke up to the claim by Godwin Daboh that the Minister of Communication, Joseph Tarka, had used his office to enrich himself
The claim was earth-shattering. Daboh claimed that Tarka had set up a company, Keatar ( with Ikeazor) to run multimillion contracts awarded by his Ministry.
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16 Apr
Like Che famously said, I am not a liberator; the people are the liberators. All I owe the people is to be truthful to my conviction and conscience and point them to truth, light and conscience. They Liberate themselves!
If you are an intellectual and all you do is turn your back on truth and worship falsehood, may your conscience set thunder and lightning on you!
If you are a journalist who ought to speak truth to power and all you do is hype the preachments of power, may the barrel of the pen swallow you.
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11 Apr
On the issue of the printing of N60b which was shared to governors, I am reminded of the public policy disaster of IBB in the late 1980's when he banned wheat import to boost local wheat production that was non-existent. The ban became the cover for fraud. How, Great Oracle?
Governors became soil and crop scientists as they marched to the seat of power claiming their soils were best suited for growing wheat. They were handsome funds to grow wheat in their states.
As it turned out, it was all a scam.
The ban on wheat import was reversed.
But, one thing was achieved with the wheat ban: it sparked a debate between our economists and industrialists. I recall late Alfred Rewane publicly pitched against late Prof Ojetunji Aboyade
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11 Apr
I am still struggling to understand how printing N60b is a recipe for growth. If you are student of Keynes, you may have an understanding of how of printing of money can help oxygenate an economy with revenue deficit, zero balance of trade; or poor economic growth
Or how new money can be held against existing public debt, while hoping that it will create good money. But, when you print N60b and share it to governors who'll pocket the money, you've opened the gate to hell - runaway inflation.
Lest you ask, Oracle, you are a lawyer; not an economist.

True. But, I spent 5 years studying economics at the ordinary level and two years at the advanced level- the two years are equal to the first-two years of the undergraduate class in economics.
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11 Apr
I am deeply worried, Ose! We are already dealing with closure of the civic space by obnoxious power. As if that is not dangerous enough to the health of our democracy, we are now dealing with civic space capture
Existing theory in governance literature essentially deals with state capture of the civic space and not much attention - in fact no attention - has been paid to non-state and private interest capture of the civic space, which is as dangerous as state capture
What this private interest capture entails is that the civic space is crowded out by interests that gorged the commonwealth and supplanted by private interests. The outcomes are clear when the independence of the civic eroded and the independent organisation,
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9 Apr
Had always that the sinister culture of buying voices exists in 3 forms on these streets.
1. Become the unofficial PR handler of a personage of power at a fee and enrol voices for pittance;
2. Become PR contractor of MDAs at a fee, furnishing handles one controls
3. Become a contractor of MDAs with mobilization fees; enrol and control folks who beg online with giveaways to push the MDAs agenda and narrative.

In all three forms, one purpose is central: control the narrative, so that money can roll into the purse of the agenda setter
In some cases, as in Number 2, you may not know that your name/handle has been furnished to the MDAs. Someone is collecting money in your name... money running into millions!

Wise up!
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29 Mar
From your bio, you are a drug rehab campaigner, isn't it?
Can you point to a drug rehab centre owned by Rivers government, knowing that hard drugs' use in Rivers is now at a frightening level? Think of what N10m can do for a drug rehab centre
Before you come here and lie, here is Wike:
“As for the rehabilitation centre,  we will work that out with the
Commander in the State, to see how we can set up a Drug Rehabilitation
Centre in the state. We will also give you three Hilux Vans immediately
to enhance performance"
This quote is a year old. Think.

I may be empty; but at least as a Niger deltan of Edo extraction, I am not a victim of the pervasive shenanigans of the region - that nonsense about sharing the commonwealth.

Any wonder NDDC has never worked.
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29 Mar
There are uncomfortable truths we should tell ourselves and here are a few:
1. No govt across the three tiers is interested in talent management and human capacity development;
2. Our infrastructure development model is framed to line pockets;
3. Poverty of ideas is our bane
Last week, Gov Wike was attacked, and rightly too, for gifting public fund to a performing artiste and his gang of revellers for an award that has drawn global and local accolades to him and his craft. Wike's gift highlights the hollowness of our governance approach
In a country like Nigeria, talents are bound to break out; but the number that breaks out in trickles depends largely on the capacities of individuals than on the institutional supports of states' governance structures. Here lies our tragedy.
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5 Mar
Nigeria to tighten security at its borders. News.
How can she tighten security when there are 419 illegal crossings between Jigawa, NW and Borno NE?
Case of fetching water from a well with basket.

Good morning from the sanctum sanctorum of the shrine
Let's be honest, Nigeria has no secured borders, either in the South south in Ikom or over the creeks of the cross river estuary; or on the vast stretches with Cameroon, Chad and Niger on the NE/NW flanks
The border with Cameroon stretches for over one thousand kilometres between the tips of the South South and north east. Beyond the known crossing points, there are so many illegal crossings
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2 Mar
Had Marxist leanings didn't make him a Marxist. Two things are clear: 1) The influence of Master's Egypt made military adventurism at the time radical - but not Marxian;
2) If anyone was remotely Marxian, it was Ifeajuna -he had roots in the students movement in UI and was connected to the Ibadan group of intellectuals- then a mix of different ideological schools
If you read the exchanges between late Tunji Otegbeye and Nzeogwu, you would see that Nzeogwu wasn't remotely Marxian, though he had radical streak borne out of the circumstances of the time- the young country was going in a different direction
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27 Feb
These people forming patriots today should spare me their patriotism; they were terrible yesterday in their support for GEJ as Buharists are today
When your man and party are in power, you don't raise above your country. That wasn't the case for these patriots; their man and party were above the country. None criticised them
Even when security forces mulled 27 Nigerians during fuel subsidy protests of 2012; even when Deziani was ruining Nigeria with her mindless roguery.
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27 Feb
In the heydays of GEJ, I would rip the heart out of his government on Anakwe's AIT programme and still stopped-by at Oronto's office at the Villa and for a tète-à-tète with Oronto. No malice.
Occasionally catching up on the past and the failings of his boss. We need the criticisms, he would say. Same with Maku as Minister of Information.
Labaran Maku would in fact ask his SA to fetch me from the 10th floor of Radio House and bring me to his office, 4 floors below. "Comrade, you were on fire", he would scream while welcoming to his office.
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27 Feb
I belong to two big groups, big in terms of their elites' compositions, National Consultative Front and Restructure Actualization Movement and I left a third due to its theory and sociology of action - won't name it
Two things I find in the three groups are:
1. The willingness of members of southern extraction to engage with the trouble with Nigeria;
2. The utter silence of members of northern extraction
Northern members who occasionally break free from silence merely oppose contributions on the trouble with Nigeria, without advancing their solutions
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25 Feb
If I understand you well, there are two questions here. First is the attitude of the law as it relates to parents who refuse blood transfusion for a child
I think there is a Supreme court decision on this. Oh, I think it Esabunor v Faweya where the court held that it is the duty of the court to determine the right and welfare of the child, not the parents since
the child cannot make informed decision on his/her life. In this case the Supreme Court upheld the action of the Chevron clinic doctor
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