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14 Sep
Understand that mother of all reforms is being unleashed in India right now with farm sector ordinances

Don't let Communists stop this like they stopped Land Acquisition Bill

You want GDP growth? Support REFORM

Be vocal

Don't let jholawallahs capture the conversation

First understand how existing system exploits the farmer.

A farmer cannot sell his own produce anywhere. He has to go to the local sarkari mandi (APMC), pay a commission and sell.

Do I have to tell you the kind of mafia and corruption in these mandis?

So Farming ordinance removes these requirements completely. A farmer can sell his produce to *anyone* anywhere in India.

Second, no more commissions to APMC mafia.

They can buy and sell on online platform with ZERO commission.

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11 Sep
How "environmental laws" left by UPA have stopped 900 km of strategic road near China border in Uttarakhand.

Remember how Modi govt decided to build Char Dham road.

"Activists" got together, sued about "environmental impact" and won in Supreme Court.

Under environmental impact laws, it would take decades to get permission for a two lane road in Himalayas.

Govt used a loophole by claiming it was not a single 900 km project, but many projects each of less than 100 km (which do not require environment impact studies)

But activist groups got together and sued. They won in court. Now the road is reduced to single lane!

Who is the winner here? China, of course.

Do you think China is stopping its roads near India border because of "environment impact"?

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2 Sep
JEE exam controversy is a portal that shows why the elite left misunderstands average Indians.

And why the leftist discourse around India is so anti-Hindu and so disconnected from us.

A thread (1/n)
Modi-hating journalists jumped on to this issue. They thought it will have huge resonance with young people across India.

They thought there will be widespread outrage against the exams.

But there was none.


For average Indian, exams are an OPPORTUNITY to move ahead in life.

Often the only opportunity.

They stay up nights preparing for exams.

When they fall asleep, they dream about how their lives will change once they ace the exam.

They will grab opportunity at all cost.

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10 Jul
Today is Rajnath Singh's birthday.

Let me tell you a little known episode about how Rajnath Singh fought for the future of our country (and lost an election because of it)

And how Indian secularists won an election by promising to let students cheat in exams.

Cheating had become rampant in UP Board Exams.

When Kalyan Singh came to power, Rajnath Singh was education minister.

He brought a strict law against cheating in exams

At the time, cheating was so rampant that pass % crashed from 80% to 30% immediately.

Sadly, so pathetic is our politics that govt acting against cheating was unpopular.

In UP elections, Mulayam made it a huge promise to remove anti-cheating measures.

BJP lost the election. Mulayam Singh Yadav became CM.

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18 May
Truth of so called Kerala model.

Coronavirus spreads in cities.

Did you know Kerala has no cities?

No city from Kerala is in Top 50 in India.

Kochi, largest in Kerala, is 75th in population.

Check it.

So that's what "Kerala model" is. No cities.

So if you are someone who wants rest of India & world to learn Kerala model, get ready to shut down New York, Paris, Mumbai and Delhi.

Of course then you'd have to find a job in the Gulf.

But that's okay, because that's a lovely "workers paradise" run by secular law.

I also discovered something hilarious (and sad) about Kerala.

During 2011 census, seems Kerala was embarrassed about not having cities.

So they took huge extra areas around their cities and counted them as "metropolitan area"

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10 May

Listen to the contempt with which Satyajit Ray says Indian audience is "unsophisticated"

These were the Communist minded elite who did propaganda which kept India poor.

Then sold that poverty to the West.

Then spat on our faces and called us unsophisticated.
Yes, Feluda was a beloved character.

Doesnt change fact that Feluda was simply Ray himself, talking down to ordinary masses.

We were supposed to listen in awe to Feluda telling us that in phoren airports, they use aerobridges and not buses to carry people from the plane.
Fact is that in today's India, Satyajit Ray's Feluda would be out of a job.

We have aerobridges at Indian airports today, Feluda.

Even Ranchi.

What great stories of "phoren" will you tell us?
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27 Mar
Those who complain of "Godi media" should read this article to see what media bias really looks like.

Apparently CMs of Maha, Kerala, Raj, Chgarh, Punjab, Jhkhand, Puducherry made war with virus look easy.

Maha & Kerala lead in total cases.

300 fled quarantine in Punjab. (1/n)
Among the "achievements" of Chhattisgarh CM being touted :

(1) He installed banners of himself across the state

(2) Some guy called Sudhir Mishra praised him on Twitter.

As for Jharkhand, the state has so far done 61 tests.

Just 61 tests.

Can you imagine a BJP ruled state being able to flaunt "zero cases" after doing 61 tests?

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23 Jan
How Congress treated Netaji is well known.

Let me tell you about Kazi Nazrul Islam, another great Bengali icon and a mind blowing story of Congress callousness.

Nazrul is among greatest Bengali poets, second only to Tagore.

Born in Asansol, spent his whole life in West Bengal.

A true patriot, participated in freedom struggle.

A truly secular person, married to a Hindu woman, wrote the most famous devotional songs for Goddess Kali.
By 1950, he had lost his mental balance and had to spend time in the mental asylum in Ranchi.

In 1972, he was sick, dying in poverty and completely unaware of the world.

Congress govt handed over the dying man to Bangladesh!
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1 Dec 19
There are three mythical allegations made against Modi sarkar.

The first is arrogance of power.

The second is intolerance towards criticism.

The third is cronyism.

Each one is silly when compared to Congress years.

Let me take these one by one.

First of all, the arrogance of 10 Janpath is unmatched in India.

Whether Cong had 44 seats, or ruling with just 145 seats.

See their arrogance even now in Maharashtra after coming 4th.

Modi/Shah have 303 LS seats. That's not arrogance. That's electoral performance.

In case you don't know, 10 Janpath is the largest Lutyens bungalow, bigger than PM's residence.

Only Rashtrapati Bhavan is bigger than 10 Janpath.

And 10 Janpath is allotted to Sonia ji irrespective of her status as MP. Nobody knows why.

So who is arrogant? Modi or Sonia?
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14 Nov 19
Small bit of news: How many of you have heard of mathematician Vashishtha Narayan Singh?

Those of us from Bihar/Jharkhand and into science have all heard about the legend of the man.

Brilliant math mind but disturbed due to mental illness. Passed away in Patna today in poverty.
Since a lot of information about him is word of mouth and not documented, let me try to collect some confirmed facts here.

Vashishth Narayan studied from Netarhat school in Ranchi, which is even today one of the top most (if not the best) school in Jharkhand.
After his UG in math at Patna Science College, he went to the Univ of California at Berkeley for his PhD.

His adviser was John L Kelley, who is one of the most prominent topologists ever.

Kelley literally "wrote the book" on topology that every kid reads in 1st year today.
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13 Oct 19
Liberal wanted to ask me about decline in our exports in Modi era.

UPA era export numbers were inflated by overinvoicing of exports (moving black money)

Did u know India's exports to Bahamas rose 1000 times in just 2 yrs (2008-2010)?

Ya, UPA yrs were most corrupt in history.
Can you believe that in 2010-11, India "exported" $2.2 billion goods to Bahamas but Bahamas imported only $0.2 billion from India?

Where did the rest of the money go? Towards Indian "secularism"?
In 2011-12, there were months when India's exports would grow more than 80%!!!

And most of it due to export of "engineering goods."

What was this massive industrial spike in 2011-12 that India could grow its export 80%?
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1 Sep 19
Manmohan among worst politicians in India ever.

Was Nehruvian loyalist since 1970s, from FinMin Adviser to RBI Gov under Dynasty.

Took credit for ending Nehruvian socialism which he supported all his life.

Biggest scams under his tenure. Left India with crushing bad loan pile.
Today Manmohan Singh the father figure of retrospective taxation is lecturing on "tax terrorism."

Coal Secretary under Manmohan Singh was convicted in coal scam.

Yes, yes, secretaries and drivers commit all the crimes : we know.
Why doesn't Manmohan Singh come forth and clarify on all the bad loans given in his tenure which became NPAs?

Will he clarify why India used to see double digit food inflation?

Where did he learn to create double digit inflation? Cambridge?
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14 Jun 19
Three facts that media will not tell you:

Fact 1: In 2013-2015, every country: US, European countries, India all changed their GDP calculation method to UN SNA 2008 standards.

Media makes it appear as if only India changed its calculation method.

Fact 2) Arvind Subramanian did his assessment by comparing with a handpicked list of "17 economic indicators".

By playing around with choice of indicators, you can get almost any result you want.

Amazingly, Subramanian left out tax collection as an economic indicator.

In fact, if you go by his claims, then India's tax/GDP ratio soars to a historic high of 20%.

Why did he leave that out from his list of "indicators"? Narrative?
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6 Dec 18
Again Wire reminds us that Nehru went to Harrow and Cambridge.

Listen brah... Nehru was a very avg/below avg student. The only reason he went to those places is because his rich dad could pay to send him to England.

On his own, Nehru wouldn't have been able to sell tea.
So Nehru's rich dad paid for him to study in England and then he came back. Did very poorly in his legal practice.

Luckily for Nehru. his father Motilal was President of Indian National Congress. So in 1929 Nehru inherited Congress Presidency just like Rahul inherited in 2017.
The saga continues. Nehru's sister Vijaylaxmi Pandit wasn't even a college graduate, but Nehru appointed her as IAS officer and sent her as India's official envoy to USA,USSR, UK and UN.

Top diplomatic postings. No college degree even.
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12 Nov 18
In 2007, BJP released a CD that EC found to be "anti-Muslim."

BJP was subjected to a de-recognition hearing by EC

How is controversial CD different from Azaadi slogan?

Yet in 2007 not a single liberal said that derecognizing biggest opposition party would be undemocratic.
Not only did EC try to derecognize BJP, the hearing was to be held by Election Commissioner Navin Chawla.

At that time, Chawla was facing allegations that trusts run by him and his wife had received money from Congressis & land at 10% of market price.

The BJP repeatedly demanded that as a bare minimum show of fairness, Navin Chawla should be kept out of the party's derecognition hearing.

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24 Oct 18
I follow American politics closely because that is where our Indian liberals get all their ideas.

At the moment, the American left has committed itself openly and publicly to DESTROYING America.

They will come for India too.
At this moment, American leftists are bringing in a "caravan" of thousands of people from Honduras to barge in through America's southern border.

They plan to overwhelm and take down America's immigration system by asking for "asylum" en masse.
As usual the left is turning victimhood into the most potent weapon of all. They are flooding American media with images of poor people and their tired feet that are swollen from walking.

Sound familiar?
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10 Oct 18
I went to Angrezi medium school as a child, run by missionaries. I was a victim of ICSE syllabus.

In ICSE, we would learn in detail about the beauty of Scottish landscape captured in Wordsworth's poetry. But nothing about India. (1/n)
In Classes 9 and 10, we had to study in detail Shakespeare's Merchant of Venice, written in ancient, unintelligible English. But the worst part was that racist, anti-Semitic views in the play were fed to us without giving any context. (2/n)
Imagine a room full of kids, uncritically listening & repeating after the teacher that Jews are dogs & snakes. No attempt made to put the racist crap in historical context of Shakespeare's time

I guess hating Jews is one thing leftists & Xtian missionaries could agree on.

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17 Sep 18
We Hindus should admit that we are toast. Most of our original homeland is gone. The last remnants of Hindu population are being wiped out in Pakistan and Bangladesh.

We Hindus have ZERO cultural power in the modern world. Take a diverse world city like New York.

In 2015, the NY mayor made Eid an official school holiday. Told Hindus demanding Diwali holiday to get lost.

Imagine... if Hindus cannot project global power in New York City, where in the world will they be taken seriously?

The Muslims have Linda Sarsour, Mehdi Hasan, Reza Aslan... ferocious defenders of their place in the world.

Do we have such faces to push Hindu cause?

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