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#Turkiye / #Libya:


It is reported that the delegation headed by Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu will be in Tripoli, Libya tomorrow to sign agreements with the Libyan government in the fields of defence, oil (EEZ lease to Turkiye on Gas ) and trade. With the current natural gas discoveries and those that will be discovered within Turkiye‘s EEZ , it could be very beneficial to the European countries that don’t want to rely on Russian gas anymore which Turkiye and others being able to replace Russia for decades to come.
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#Turkiye / #Ukraine:

The Ukrainian Navy „ Hetman Ivan Mazepa” Ada class corvette produced by Türkiye,, was launched today with the attendance of senior Ukrainian officials. ImageImageImageImage For those who want a infographic of the Ada Class Corvette.

Made by @D__Mitch
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#Turkiye: THREAD 1/5

Turkiye’s Interior Minister reveals new information on the recent terrorist attack against a Police Station in Mersin, Turkiye where 1 police officer being martyred in the attack and 2 being injured. 2/5

Turkish Interior Minister says that the #PKK terrorist coming all the way from Manbij, #Syria to Tarsus, Turkiye with parachute motor gliders.

After landing, they stayed for hours on the mountain and later walked to a road where locals thought they help stranded people.
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#Turkiye / #Russia:

President Erdogan's meeting with Russian President Putin has begun at the #SCOSummit2022 in #Uzbekistan.

Peace and ceasefire in #Ukraine will be talked about and more bilateral cooperation will be the main topics. #Turkiye / #Russia : Erdogan-Putin meeting

Russia´s President Putin thanked the Turkish President Erdogan for the Ukraine grain deal, Putin hopes the Ukrainian grain will reach the poorest countries but says this goal has not been achieved so far.
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#Tajikistan / #Kyrgyzstan

Clashes between Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan continues on the borders.

Tanks are being used in the ongoing fierce clashes between Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan
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#Turkiye / #Greece: THREAD

As you all know the disputes between Turkiye and Greece are reaching new heights slowly over the Aegean Islands.

There are many verbal exchanges of blows between the 2 states quite recently which are ringing my alarm bells. 2/n

Turkiye for many years warned Greece to not arm the Aegean Islands which have a demilitarized status since signing international treaties but yet they (Greece) proceeded to arm them in that case.
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It is truly astonishing to see people wanting to see #Turkey out of the #NATO alliance and prefer #Sweden and #Finland to be in NATO in exchange. Turkey´s geographical location cannot be replaced by NATO in case of a withdrawal from NATO and it will result in irreparable damages to the alliance.

Turkey has always contributed to the alliance and protected its allies while combating Warlords and Terroroganizations.
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#Turkey / #Syria:


The Turkish President has announced that the objective to create the 30 KM safe zone in Syria to be fully captured when the preparations in the Military and Intelligence Agency is ready for another Operation in N.Syria. ImageImage
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People asking themselves:
"Why is Turkey not joining the sanctions with the EU and the US and closing its airspace to Russia?

Let me explain why "THREAD" Turkey has had security concerns of lacking air defense systems in its inventory and so they had tried to acquire some from the US but have been told that the congress wouldn´t allow it, so Turkey choose the Chinese HQ-9 Air Defense System in September 2013.
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#Ukraine / #Russia:


The Ukrainian Air Force has released additional footage of their Turkish made TB2 drones striking the Russian Occupation Forces.

More footage of the TB2 strikes on Russian Occupation Forces

#Ukraine #Russia
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#Turkey: Thread

It is expected that Aselsan are seeking to equip the Turkish F16‘s with its AESA Radar‘s this year.
This Radar‘s capabilities will be a huge changing factor when it comes to a conflict between EastMed or other regional countries. ImageImage Digital Camouflage:

The Digital Camouflage, first introduced with the Hürjet, is being tested on the F-16 fighter Jet. If the Camouflage results are good, the concept will be applied to other Aircraft.
Switching to Digital Camouflage is good which is difficult to see. ImageImage