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A party for all South Africans who love their country, hate what is being done to it & refuse to stay silent. The time for talk is over. #ItsTimeForAction
23 Feb
We have been against raising taxes from the moment it was rumoured.

Today, we can reveal our plan to cut over R23 billion from non-strategic expenditure, more than enough to fund a national vaccination programme WITHOUT raising taxes:…
We built this plan from our analysis of last year’s budget, together with the submissions of over 22,000 South Africans who participated in our #CutTheFat campaign.

Thank you for sharing your views on how government can #CutTheFat instead of raising taxes.
We can cut R235 million just by getting rid of all Deputy Ministers, their support staff and other benefits.

Deputy Ministers add no value to Cabinet and serve only as a tool of ANC patronage.

#CutTheFat @tito_mboweni #Budget2021
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