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"The capacity to learn is a gift, the ability to learn is a skill, the willingness to learn is a choice"(Brian Herbert)| Learning & Work is 1| @AdoptandEmbrace
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3 Mar 20
Just logged into this presentation on #ProjectCortex run by the M365 Adoption UG - Cortex is going to be a game changer... meetup.com/Microsoft-365-…
Each department will be able to "do their own teaching, learning and training" - as it will present information to people in their own context. (Alarm bells for Learning & Development and their LMS??)
Project Cortex and save, scan and ingest content; file and create metadata -tagging and categorising; can search and browse for all content across Microsoft product; can open the content and can then DO something with it - that is, automate it into a workflow of some sort.
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18 Nov 19
So in the spirit of #Workingoutloud, today I'm doing something really scary. I'm having a go at redesigning our adoptandembrace.academy landing page. My heart is pumping as I change font/colours/texts to make this page more visually appealing; then I DELETED all my changes.
It's going to be a collaborative approach & of course, my fellow colleagues will be helping. I also tested the web copy with IT & Change people who confirmed that indeed, they want support when it comes to tech #adoption & change. So copy is good. That's good to know.
I mucked about with the program that it sits upon and I always like to experiment and try things out but it's scary when it's a published page. This is one where I have to defer support in fear of breaking it. #WOL means at times admitting that this is not your expertise.
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25 Jul 19
I love magazines and love to flick and read through them. Here’s one I read that is a lot of fun. Lots of colour, stories, book & film recommendations (historical of course). This one is mainly about Catherine of Aragon. Apparently they have a festival on her in Peterborough...
Everything is laid out over couple of pages. You can see bigger picture,timelines,links. It makes me realise reading it on internet on a screen has depth but unless it’s presented visually or interlinked in some way I don’t “get it”. Stops me from going down rabbit warrens too.
So if this was online, all these would have been deep links to other sites and I would have gone down them thus losing my way. I’d have to return to main page to go back down into depth again. The latter hardly happens as invariably it takes me down other paths.
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20 Jul 19
Walking about #Castlemaine today. What a glorious beautiful winter’s day.
Castlemaine Post Office. There’s a bit of life in the streets. Going to explore the town and head into the Saturday morning markets and see what town folk do on weekends.
“The art of deriving comfort, well being and energy from wild landscapes and convivial interiors” - love this. Alas I don’t have wild landscapes in the south eastern suburbs of Melbourne so that’s why I love travelling and experiencing these instead. Hence why I’m in Castlemaine.
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18 Jul 19
First stop towards Bendigo Wool and Sheep Show. A hearty breakfast of wonderful sourdough breads @WoodfrogBakery with @malmade1
And away we go! I think it’s like the Knitters Pilgrimage to Bendigo. The annual ode to the sheep. Knitters all around Australia are “flocking” to regional Victoria!
Lots of chatter in the car so we got on the wrong highway so what does that mean? More time for knitting.
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5 Apr 19
How do you handle distractions in the workplace? I work 3 days pw. It means I’ve to set boundaries during busy times to get thru client work. It means prioritising client/paid work first & ”going dark” for some hours during day to get through what I need to get done.
When I go dark, I turn everything off. No phones, DND status on, no access to social media. Full focus and flow on task at hand & I feel so happy & satisfied that I have actually created something & completed it. I can cross it off my list. I have achieved something big.
The downside however is that it becomes difficult for people to contact me. It may even be frustrating for them when my diary is blocked out. I’m available only when I’m ready to be available. In hindsight, that can be selfish too.
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26 Mar 19
I’m first to put up my hand to say that I experienced this during my freelancing days. Upping my price resulted in very little work; offering other services & products didn’t help either. I calculated lost time & money. It wasn’t worth it financially for me. I had to change.
I started to question every single request that equated to “free” work; no to coffee catchups; no to “pick your brain”; no to requests to write articles for you for free; no to everything that didn’t pay me; no to free speaking because of “exposure”. Lots of no.
At the same time it was making me miserable because the work I did have was not enough to live on. I’m lucky I had a husband who was the breadwinner here and who supported me. Many aren’t as lucky. All power to them who make it work.
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26 Mar 19
FAIL: Attempting to save time in front of a computer screen talking my blog posts into a dictation app so that I could copy and paste the text into WordPress later...
And the rambling continues 😩🤮
Time to close off this experiment and go back to the drawing board. I can’t escape it, I need to write. I just can’t my brain into gear to get my thoughts expressed coherently in order without me doing constant editing.
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21 Mar 19
A recent discussion with @bizaaron & today with a girlfriend who is an amateur film maker got me thinking about value of Instagram. I want to get rid of it as I see no value to it. I use it as a dummy account for my avatar Shazza Breaknews Foreign Correspondent bit still...yawn.
I can’t place my finger on why I dislike this platform so much. Maybe it’s because it seems so contrived. Everything is filtered, too perfect. It just doesn’t seem real. It also encourages people to just scroll through rather than engage?
Well anyway, I tried to think of ways on how to make it useful for me so I decided to change it from my actual name and use it as a test bed to formulate & create the back story of my character’s news reports every week.
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1 Mar 19
Reading “Grids and Gestures: A Comics Making Exercise" by Nick Sousanis and loving the idea of drawing your day as a visual arrangement of time and space. digitalcommons.unl.edu/sane/vol2/iss1…
I captured main themes here and I think it has elements of how others create maps too. Ping @MrKMaston and @DangerousMere
So thinking about this I also believe that architects may think like this too regarding how they think about spaces and what happens within them (from a reflection of @MikeShawLD recent Snapchat story about #LDCUMan19
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30 Jan 19
I’ve been running #OneNote Training these last couple of days (and will be doing again today) for a client’s organisation and their employees through webinar (using Skype for Business)
It’s been really interesting asking their people how they currently take notes, how they collaborate on work documents, how they capture reflections, how they make their notes/plans/thinking visible; how they “connect the dots” from other’s peoples notes; how they Note take.
Everyone is different in how they take notes. 99% use paper pads or email. The rest use OneNote but never share notebook with others. Many simply just open MS Word or Notepad to capture quick notes. Very few use these to plan/reflect/capture content other than hand written notes
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4 Jan 19
Today was interesting. Breakthrough. I listened while she talked about herself & her own work 2 hours. Towards end, she asks “who’s Shazza?” I explain she’s an avatar of 50+ woman whose afraid of technology & how world & her work in newsroom has changed to the point where she...
Doesn’t recognise it anymore. She’s overlooked even though she’s capable. She’s considered old in a young world; she’s afraid to ask questions in case she’s found out that she doesn’t understand technology and this puts her behind her peers who are younger than her.
She then says, “you’re talking about people like me aren’t you?” “Don’t misunderstand,” I say. “I feel the same way too. I’ve just found a way to express my frustration through humour using this alter ego Foreign Correspondent, for @CNTnewschannel. She then watches an episode.
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3 Jan 19
Can anyone miss a cumberbund? As I sit here full on my dinner & beer, I recall a cumberbund I used to wear every night before dinner. It was black and made of stretchy material. It kept my gut in and my shirt tight. It wouldn’t roll up and it was my favourite item in my wardrobe.
For many years, I used to dress for dinner. It was a tradition that is now long gone - except for maybe onboard cruise ships. I loved getting dressed for dinner. The work day would end, I’d do a bit of fitness activity, shower then change to go downstairs for pre-dinner drinks.
Before dinner, it was wonderful to catch up with various people and make new friends. We would welcome new people and have them join us at our table. It was quite civilised and very social. People had the BEST stories. Every night involved laughter - and a G&T.
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3 Jan 19
Tonight’s brew with dinner. James Squire porter which is the world’s oldest surviving beer resurrected from Australia’s oldest merchant shipwreck off Tasmania. They used the 220 year old yeast and made this and let me tell you....it’s so smooth and delicious. Ping @ryantracey
I love stories like this. I was madly (and still into) stories of maritime history and when I saw this, we bought three bottles (limited release). This was the first one we cracked open.
Well it certainly has. Right into my stomach. If this is what sailors drank back in 1797, then I’d gladly would have served in his majesty’s ships exploring new lands of this was my ration. Okay maybe not...imagination going a bit awry.
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