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locking forever when I hit 100k so don't miss the boat
8 Apr
Yesterday, we had a consultation to get rooftop solar installed at our house. When he left, we were sold. Some late-night Engineer Math later, we're out. Here's what happened (Thread)
We have a house that faces directly east, with no trees in our front yard. The only one in this late-60s neighborhood with no tree. 1-story, 1400sqft house, so our energy needs are pretty reasonable. For years I've thought "solar would work well for us."
My wife floated it as an idea last week and we finally figured, couldn't hurt to find out. So she got in touch with an outfit who asked for our address and our most recent power bill.
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22 Feb
Barenaked Ladies Songs That Are Better Than One Week

Too Little Too Late
Life (In A Nutshell)
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22 Feb
it is extremely funny to me that I ended up in the exact kind of life all these incel weirdos swear was "taken away" from them, and I got it being like "hello Conservatism is a dealbreaker for me" on our first date
Gab users - remember what I, specifically, took from you
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7 Dec 20
Can't believe telling everyone "you have to go to work but can't go out after" didn't work
"Don't go anywhere or get near anyone or touch anyone or breathe near anyone but also yes you still have to go to work. TAKE THIS SERIOUSLY also get your ass to work."

I'm done being mad at normal people reacting understandably to that.
The Best Economic System doesn't have a Pause button. That's the only way to stop the spread, and we don't have that button. Other countries had one, or made one, but not us.
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