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27 Feb 19
Why are so many ppl mad at Vallelonga's son for making a feel good movie from his father's point of view. OF COURSE the film is gonna be from the driver's point of view, his SON produced it. It would have been foolishness for the son to try and…
get into the head of a genius musician, highly educated, gay Black man like Shirely. Valalonga's son couldn't know a thing in depth about what it was like for Shirley. I enjoyed this film a lot for what it was. I didn't take it as a straight documentary and I didn't think it
denigrated or lionized Dr. Shirley. It was just a feel good movie about an unlikely friendship where the people were separated by class and race. If people wanna be mad let them be mad at the system that makes it ten times more likely that Valalonga, a white man, would get
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24 Feb 19
@jeffjarvis weren't you and @gigastacey JUST talking about never giving facebook a pass on the latest episode of This Week In Google?…
Also, @gigastacey you again mentioned the need for #mediaLiteracy , which @Jeffjarvis poo pooed as not really being the problem (I think both media literacy AND better critical thinking skills are the issue) and you failed to remind #LeoLaporte that a TWITTTER listener of HIS
turned you on to the in-class curriculum @checkology
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24 Feb 19
This Ed Overbeek thread is giving me a nauseous feeling when I think if it in terms of the *missing* brown girls of #FamilySeparation . I STILL believe a portion of them are not missing at all but hidden away with blood relatives who can come forward because they are undocumented
But that does not account for them ALL
*blood relatives who can NOT come forward because they are undocumented.*
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24 Feb 19
I genuinely believe that some of the activists here on Twitter are more vested in belittling those with whom they disagree than they are in vote getting for candidates they support. It's as if they don't care as much about getting ppl to vote for "their" candidate as they do
making sure to put others down who disagree with their candidate. Only time will tell if they did more to ensure their candidate lost votes or won them.
With that said I want to say a genuine thank you to @TrickFreee Patrick. After calling me willfully ignorant and lacking common sense for visiting @SenFeinstein 's website and looking under
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for the
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22 Nov 18
I always bring this up when *certain* ppl wanna ask why Black American communities won't pull themselves up from their bootstraps. REPEATEDLY successful Black communities were purposefully destroyed by direct violence or intentional policy. Ppl don't know history.
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17 Sep 18
@lbfd I believe there may be a carbon monoxide monitor indicating dangerous levels at a flophouse located at 528 Golden. OR it might be a smoke detector that needs batteries.…
I used the Health Department's noise complaint form to file a complaint and then I posted my experience to NextDoor. That's when someone from the neighborhood told me that instead of it being a smoke detector that is NOT functioning because it needs batteries, it may be a
carbon monoxide indicator that is functioning as intended. The photo album to which I linked contains videos on which you can hear the beeping.
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17 Sep 18
I simply can't accept that any woman with credibility to lose would go through the ordeal of being raked across the coals for telling the story of a sexual assault just to further a political goal. The way women get DRAGGED over sexual assault allegations just isn't worth it
unless it is true. It is SOOO not worth it that many women to whom it happens don't even report. #Kavanaugh By this same token, I pretty much believe ANY straight man who says he was raped by a man. Because NO STRAIGHT MAN IN THE UNITED STATES would suffer the humiliation
of admitting another man got in his bootie hole IF IT WAS NOT TRUE. They just wouldn't.
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17 Sep 18
WOMEN - WHEN YOU ARE SEXUALLY ASSAULTED YOU MUST, MUST, MUST SPEAK UP AT THE TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (THREAD) #SexualAssault #Kavanaugh and the person to whom you need to speak up is YOU!
Don't wait until the shock wears off (if it ever does), right after you out of immediate danger, document EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU. Here are some ways:
Write it all down. Make multiple copies. Mail those copies separately to yourself as sealed certified letters. Years down the line you may want to open one and read it with your therapist. Years down the line you may want to give one to your parents or your spouse so
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16 Sep 18
@ThePotholder You got just left money on the table and I want to explain how. I just telephoned your Broadway location. A VERY NICE and VERY PROFESSIONAL young woman answered. Below is what I said to her.
Hi, I am Adreana and I got to First Congregational Church of Long Beach where I have an event this morning. I just telephoned @Starbucks & asked them the price for the following to go order:
1 dozen cinnamon raisin bagels (though I don't care what flavor they are)
Cream cheese for the bagels
1 carafe of coffee
@Starbucks quoted me $47.38
I would much rather give the money to @Potholder. So please let me know if you could give me the order for less.
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17 Jul 18
I'M REAL BUT I'M BEGINNING TO GET INCREDULOUS ABOUT MANY OF EUSTEDES (THREAD) Here's a @googlephotos album of me and my boyfriend hiking Los Penasquitos Canyon Reserve July 9, 2018…
If you click on any individual photo in the album you'll see an information icon which if you click it, will show you the geo location of the photo. So you can see it really is Los Penasquitos Canyon Reserve. The cover photo is a picture of me where you can also clearly see I am
the same as I appear in my profile photo and in videos I post of myself on my TL. Photos with geoloco and video are just two of the ways I chose to authenticate myself here on Twitter. From here on in I'm going to be looking a lot more closely for authentication signals from
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12 Jul 18
Yeah so things didn't go exactly as planned at @SanDiegoZoo and Safari Park…
@KassandraSeven I shared with U my personal Google Photo album of pics from the San Diego Zoo & Safari Park. There are over 200 photos. I do not expect you to review them all. The album includes a lot of pictures from the Bonzai Garden at the Safari Park.…
I thought the bonzai garden pics might interest you for your art work. You're welcome to download and use any of these pictures for your artwork. Just credit me on the website where the work is sold. I don't need to be credited on the actual product with the pic on it.
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10 Jul 18
Los Penasquitos Canyon reserve Black Mountian Trail
Right before the waterfall at Los Penasquitos Canyon Reserve
My boyfriend catching crawdads at the waterfall at Los Penasquitos Canyon Reserve
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2 Jul 18
@RealAlexJones Dear #MAGA Patriots. It is only a war if Side A wishes to leave and Side B coerces Side A to stay. I am telling eustedes right now that if ANY former slave holding state wants to secede I will plead with my Congeessional reps to let you go immediately. Godspeed.
I am not for Civil War but I am ALL for Civil Separation. Don't wait. Present your secession suite to Congress TODAY. I can't see how this new *State's Rights* in extremist court won't let your former slave holding state go your own way to form GOPJesusland or
LibertarianLordOfTheFlies land. Go! Do your thing #MAGA patriots! No war. No arguments even.
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2 Jan 18
2) #Yanokovich won the #Ukraine election in 2004 because, wait for it eustedes, Russain state operative HACKED the election servers and gave Yanokovich enough votes to claim victory. This is EXACTLY what @MikeFarb1 & the statisticians at #unhackthevote are saying happened in 2016
3) #PaulManaforte 's contrived narrative about #Yanokovich being "his own man" (as oppose to an RU shill) and a "strong leader" with "a plan" who was the victim of "bad reporting" is the same contrived narrative the Trump administration has been pushing since its campaign.
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