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25 Nov
Having now been through the full 162-page Fan Led Review document, I must say I think it's incredibly positive.

The full list of recommendations, should they ever come to fruition, will cause a huge shift in the direction of English football.

A thread:
The FLR was announced by the Govt in April following the Super League debacle. The panel heard evidence from hundreds of supporters and supporter groups along with staff and executives from clubs and leagues.
The result, in my opinion, is a raft of recommendations that will, if implemented, be incredibly healthy for the sport. I think the panel, and those who submitted evidence, have done excellent work.
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22 Sep

Given that Pep Guardiola has called for B-Teams, again, I’d like to, explain, again, why quite a lot of us would prefer that not to happen.

A thread:
In a video of a presser published today, Guardiola (known for his outstanding track record working with minimal resources) said his young players should be playing every week in the Championship or L1 to aid development.

He says it “would be the best” for English football.
What Pep actually means is: It would be best for Manchester City.
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22 Jul
Earlier today Tracey Crouch published her initial findings from the Fan Led Review of Football Governance.

It's a significant document with important findings, both positive and negative. So let's go through it:
While there was a fair amount of criticism about whether or not the review did in fact qualify as "fan led" due to the make up of its panel, the panel clearly listened, in detail, to everyone that you could reasonably hope for.
Plenty of the groups who participated published the evidence they submitted. The list of those who submitted is encouraging. A good start.
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17 Jun

Who is behind Irama Sports – the company that’s been buying up sports grounds from under clubs?

We're back once again with the ill behaviour.

I'm delighted to have been joined in some digging by @uglygame and, as usual, he's done the hard work and I'll be taking the credit. It's just how we roll.
Abingdon Town and Whyteleafe resigned from their leagues after their ground was bought by Irama.

According to the Athletic, the prime mover behind the business is ‘Perry Chopra’, who’s been described as ‘a US real estate developer with connections to Singapore.’
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15 Jun
Yesterday, two clubs felt compelled to resign from their league, Whyteleafe FC @WhyteleafeFC and Abingdon Town FC @theabbotts_1870 after their ground had been purchased by @iramasports

So I spent the day doing some digging.

Pull up a chair. Have a seat around the fire.
Before starting I want to be clear I'm not alleging any illegal or illicit activity from anyone named in this thread. What I *am* claiming is that there are some unpallatable and greedy business practices in play.

Right, here we go.
@iramasports recently purchased three English football grounds - the grounds of Abingdon Town, Whyteleafe and Brighouse Town.

So why did two of those clubs feel compelled to resign from their league yesterday?
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15 Jun
On the @iramasports website you can now book Abingdon's ground for £100 per hour.

They list 14 hourly slots. Fully booked that's approx £500,000 per year.

I'm starting to see why these smaller clubs couldn't 'negotiate' a new lease.
At Whyteleafe's ground, the price increases to £150 per hour peak, £120 off peak.
That sweet sweet 'community feel' - yours for just £150 per hour.
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14 Jun
2 clubs forced to resign from their league today, Whyteleafe FC @WhyteleafeFC and Abingdon Town FC @theabbotts_1870

Both had their ground bought by @iramasports and were unable to 'negotiate' a new lease.

Irama Sports proudly proclaim they are "powered by Ian Rush" @ianrush_9
Irama's website says that Rush should not "be held responsible for any of IRAMA'S acts" which is probably for the best considering how toxic the company looks today.
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9 Mar 19
OWNAFC promised to revolutionise football.

The reality, after spending your £49? Growing complaints. T&Cs changed to prevent refunds. Subscribers blocked.

It all pales beside new information that has come to light.

Pull up a chair. Have a seat around the fire.
Mr Stuart Harvey is the founder, managing director and sole shareholder of OWNAFC. But you already knew that.…
Stuart Harvey is also the founder, CEO and a shareholder in Righttrades Management Ltd. You may already have known this. But there’s so much to the story that you haven’t heard yet.…
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