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"I wish her well." - Donald Trump to sex trafficking rapist, Ghislaine Maxwell - 7/21/2020 Ghislaine Maxwell found Guilty! 12/29/2021
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Sep 13, 2020 4 tweets 2 min read
I'm usually wary of The Sun but they recently nailed the Andrew/Sdny story, so with that in mind this would be a huge deal if true. 👀

“Jean-Luc was telling them how Ghislaine’s father Robert Maxwell was one of the reasons why Jeffrey Epstein had money"… I like the sound of this information being given in a sworn testimony.

Very curious who this former Brunel associate could be 🤔 ImageImage
Sep 12, 2020 13 tweets 9 min read
#EpsteinAssociate Erika Kellerhals has been Epstein's go to tax attorney for years. Listed as secretary/tresurer/trustee of multiple charities of his and involved in many of his main pursuits in the last decade.… Image Born and raised in New York, Erika's parents ran a restaurant on Staten Island for decades before closing up shop in 2014. Erika went to NYU then worked at a few law firms before up and moving to the Virgin Islands in 2003 and working at Marjorie Roberts firm there. ImageImageImageImage
Sep 1, 2020 16 tweets 8 min read
This #EpsteinAssociate thread will be a little different as @mrspanstreppon has done all the leg work so I shall just add her tweets and insert a few details myself.

Co-Executor of the Epstein estate, President of his charity Gratitude America, Co-Conspirator, Richard David Kahn A few stories first in case you missed them that feature Kahn.……
Aug 30, 2020 8 tweets 8 min read
This #EpsteinAssociate is as a licensed CPA and works for Jeffrey Epstein's company in the Virgin Islands, Financial Trust. Her current CPA biz still uses his VI address.

In the black book and listed as VP of Financial Trust

Jeanne Brennan Wiebracht… ImageImageImage She and her family are part of a few current businesses operating in the Virgin Islands/New Jersey. The CPA one "Accounting Strategies Group" "See and Ski Powerboat Rentals," and "Maritime Yacht Sales"… ImageImageImage
Aug 5, 2020 16 tweets 9 min read
This reddit user has done a great job uncovering this #EpsteinAssociate, Pamela Boulet, a former personal assistant to Jean Luc-Brunel who worked at the Karin models agency for 15 years

I don't know if he/she is on twitter so apologies for the lack of h/t… She shows up in a Brunel's circled black book listing with 3 numbers and an email address. ImageImage
Aug 2, 2020 15 tweets 9 min read
#EpsteinAssociates and brothers, Jonathan Barrett and Anthony Barrett are both involved in the real estate dealings surrounding not only Jeffrey Epstein but Leslie Wexner. They feature in the 301 E 66th section of the black book.… ImageImageImage Jonathan was asset manager of J. Epstein & Co (later renamed Financial trust co) from 1992-1996. During that same period he was listed as VP/CFO of Ossa Properties, a real estate firm with ties to Leslie Wexner/Jeffrey Epstein and his brother Mark Epstein. ImageImage
Aug 2, 2020 33 tweets 25 min read
Missed this one.

Jonathan Barrett ImageImageImageImage Lisa Ann Phillips Image
Aug 1, 2020 20 tweets 12 min read
For those that haven't seen it, I will go over the 2015 deposition of Alan Dershowitz in this thread.


Page 1…

Page 2… Image This will be sometimes out of order as they go back to earlier questions often.

He admits the fact that his former "research assistant," part time hobbit, full time Nazi fuk, Chuck Johnson offered to dig up dirt on the lawyers opposing Dersh. Image
Jul 31, 2020 5 tweets 2 min read
Dig in folks… Virginia Giufree's unpublished manuscript here included for those that haven't seen it.…
Jul 18, 2020 11 tweets 7 min read
Grapevine Salon is circled in the black book in Epstein's Virgin Islands section.

Who are these people? #EpsteinAssociates Image Not clear if this is the same Grapevine Salon, but honestly how many GS can there be in St. John VI?… Image
Jul 16, 2020 4 tweets 2 min read
Journos should reach out to Bill Maronet. Ask him about the home setup he did for Epstein. Why were "phones" scribbled under his name and right above "Massage - Florida" where all the girl #'s were listed? "ETC provides expert Installation & Service for Home Technology Integration Systems in South Florida"

They were founded back in 1987 and cater to wealthy residents in South Florida.… ImageImageImageImage
Jul 14, 2020 5 tweets 4 min read
I'm sure a lot saw the stories yesterday of even more legal problems for Ghislaine Maxwell who is now also being investigated in the Virgin Islands.

Since these stories never show the actual court docs

New motions here…… Here they lay out the reason why they are intervening in this case by citing that yes she is under investigation.

"The AG is and has been investigating Maxwell's involvement in Epstein Criminal sex-trafficking and sexual abuse in anticipation of potential action against her." ImageImageImageImage
Jul 13, 2020 11 tweets 6 min read
We all know #EpsteinAssociate Sarah Kellen (who's going to jail soon) is married to former Nascar driver Brian Vickers, but did you know she was married before?

Lets talk a little about this sex trafficker's history shall we?

h/t @pinkPeptobismol for helping me on this👏 Her other relationship that doesn't get much press is later on with fellow #EpsteinAssociate Story Cowles.

Thread on him here ^^

(excuse the misspelling of his last name...I'm an idiot 😂)

Jul 9, 2020 8 tweets 5 min read
Authorities REALLY need to talk to this #EpsteinAssociate. His long time CPA, Harry I. Beller from Monsey, New York.

You talk to him, you find out where Jeffrey hid all his money, including those pesky offshore bank accounts.… Beller shows up in this 2000 Palm beach house deed, for fellow #EpsteinAssociate Richard Kahn.

Bella Klein another associate also signed on.

Handled the books on his foundation as well.

Shows up in the Epstein testimonials.

h/t @mrspanstreppon ImageImageImage
Jul 8, 2020 5 tweets 3 min read
Another short #EpsteinAssociates thread.

This person worked as a personal assistant and/or secretary for Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell.

Jennifer Doyle. Image As you can see, Jen Doyle is scribbled down there listed under "assistants" for the 457 address, with crossed out Michelle Campos there.

She might've also worked for Ghislaine in the 116 65th street address, but that one is not clear. ImageImage
Jul 7, 2020 5 tweets 3 min read
This #EpsteinAssociate worked for Jeffrey Epstein starting as far back as 1998. Doing legal work for his J. Epstein & Co (which later became Financial Trust Co/moved operations to VI) That Co. handled the assets of his wealthy clients such as Les Wexner.

Lauren Kwintner Garber She was part of the legal paperwork on Ghislaine Corp filling of dissolution in 1998.

Another associate Amanda Ellison on the filling of that.

Thread on her and her husband Ralph here
Jul 7, 2020 34 tweets 19 min read
Darren Indyke who I still have no idea if he actually gave his deposition in the Virgin Islands case that was supposed to have happened on June 22nd... Some movement on the VI case docket but mostly just about the appointment of Rosalie Ballentine as Master.

Still no signs of the Indyke deposition....
Jul 7, 2020 4 tweets 2 min read
"Some of those payments as well as money from other accounts went to three people who had been named as co-conspirators in suits by Mr. Epstein’s accusers that were related to his 2008 guilty plea."

#LesleyGroff #SarahKellen #NadiaMarcinko #AdrianaRoss… Still wondering who got these payments after the Herald ran its stories. I'm thinking it's most likely the same people that got the hush money from above.

Jul 3, 2020 8 tweets 3 min read
I've gotten Twitter takedown notices both times I've posted this court released section from Epstein files.

Why is that?

What is Eva "Mother of Naked Pic" Dubin scared off? ImageImage
Jul 3, 2020 15 tweets 11 min read
Bowen McDonald Peard on behalf of The Consulate of Japan in Boston… Image Saltzman & Evinch, PLLC on behalf of The Republic of Turkey… ImageImageImage