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9 Apr 20
@Peter_CaliCol @BiovIntCIAT_eng And here are the staff of the @GenebankICRISAT harvesting peanuts
@Peter_CaliCol @BiovIntCIAT_eng @GenebankICRISAT Including the @ICRISAT DG
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6 Dec 19
"USDA Plant Genetic Resources Conservation Unit located in Griffin, Ga., is home to over 100,000 accessions of preserved plant germplasm including the largest collection of sorghum germplasm in the world" says @SeedWorldMag
@SeedWorldMag It's a little difficult to be sure, but according to @GenesysPGR, the @GenebankICRISAT edges it
@SeedWorldMag @GenesysPGR @GenebankICRISAT Only 20% georeferenced, but @USDA in blue, @icrisat in red, so potentially some intersting complementarities between the 2 collections…
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20 Oct 19
How Do We Preserve the Vanishing Foods of the Earth?…
Let me count the ways...
Community seed banks
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10 Jul 19
The @CIAT_ /@CropTrust indicator of "Comprehensiveness of conservation of socioeconomically as well as culturally valuable species" is up on the @BIPIndicators website…
@CIAT_ @CropTrust @BIPIndicators Here's the underlying paper which described the method in detail…
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6 Jun 19
45 scientists & policy wonks are meeting this week in Addis Ababa to make sure their agricultural research/development programs are run in compliance with national/international ABS laws and regulations. The meeting is coordinated by @CGIAR Genebank Platform and @ILRI. 1/n
@CGIAR @ILRI ABS=access to biodiversity and sharing of benefits arising from its use. That means the @UNBiodiversity Nagoya Protocol, the @planttreaty and relevant national regulations. 2/n
@CGIAR @ILRI @UNBiodiversity @planttreaty There's a bunch of research leaders and #genebank managers at the meeting. I'll add pix and other snippets to this thread as I get them from my "mole" at the meeting, who is apparently social media challenged. 3/n
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12 Oct 18
Time for a thread I think. You may have seen the @hbriggs piece on @BBCWorld @BBCBreaking about the rice #genebank…
Or the tweets from @CropTrust
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