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17 Oct
While in Michigan, one week after radical right terrorists were arrested for plotting to kidnap and do an extrajudicial execution of Governor Whitmer, President Trump attacks Whitmer and then echos a “lock her up” chant.

This is vile, disgusting, authoritarian depravity.
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5 Oct
Saying “don’t be afraid of Covid” is the exact opposite of what he should be saying to the country right now. This man is reckless. After getting this virus he's taking it even less seriously. Absurd.
There is absolutely nothing that can happen to Donald Trump to make him have a moment of decency. Nothing.
Just because he has access to the best care in the country doesn’t mean the rest of America does. What a dangerous, foolish message to send to the Americans.
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27 Sep
Republicans consistently fabricate non-exist scandals and claim Democrats are saying things that literally none of them are saying.

They are running on hot air and disinformation.
Every day Republicans try and get Democrats to defend stances they never even took. This is just exhausting.
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23 Sep
This would be an authoritarian power grab and overthrow of our electoral process.

Trump is literally trying to steal the election.
This horrifying piece confirms my theory that Trump attacked mail in voting to get his base to vote in person so he could declare victory the night of the election & claim the delayed, mostly Dem tallies are fraudulent. But it may have backfired and Dems are now voting in person.
The early in person voting lines is why I think Trump’s mail-in voting lies and attacks on the USPS backfired.
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2 Sep
Joe Hiden?

This new nickname will surely make voters forget the fact over 180k people have died due to a pandemic Trump mishandled and the economy remains in tatters.
There are far too many people replying to me with that BS claim that only 6% of COVID-19 deaths are due to COVID-19.

I see this is how MAGAland plans to ignore the unnacceptable death toll that has amassed under Trump’s watch.

Y’all are delusional.
This is seriously insane. People are really out here falsely claiming that anyone who had another underlying condition when they died of COVID-19 doesn’t count as a COVID-19 death?

They would’ve been alive if they didn’t get COVID-19. That was the cause of their death…
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26 Aug
Congrats to her speech writers then.

Come on. Some of the coverage of RNC night 2 is either dangerously naive or deliberating propagandized.

Someone on CNN even called it a “perfect night.”

Are we normalizing blatant lies? Hypocrisy? Dangerous fear-mongering? Nonsense.
Here’s the “perfect night” clip.

How does Daniel Cameron, who hasn’t gotten justice for Breonna Taylor, appeal to black people?

How are false smears of socialism effective?

How is Melania‘s speech a home run if it was hypocritical?

Optics journalism.
For the most part, journalists have learned lessons from 2016. But every now and then, they dip back into their reflexive bag of false objectivity & attempt to treat this like it’s not an aspiring authoritarian regime.

This kind of nonsense is exactly why we founded @RanttMedia.
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21 Aug
Fox News is praising Biden. Bret Baier said that it is the best he’s seen him on the stump & Chris Wallace said Biden blew a hole in Trump’s narrative about Biden’s abilities.

Wallace said Trump is now going to have to run against a candidate, not a caricature.

Fox News' Dana Perino said that Biden hit a home run and gave the best speech of his life.

So far, every single person on Fox, including Brit Hume
and Karl Rove, praised the speech. Rove said if he was a Republican strategist, they'd be worried.

I know it sounds unbelievable, so here are the clips (1/2).
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15 Aug
Trump just said that Democrats are not approving the proper funding the USPS while it’s him who is singlehandedly blocking USPS funding that Democrats are trying to pass.

Democrats want to give $25 billion to the USPS and an extra $3.6 billion specifically for the election.
This is just shameless blatant lying.

Today, Trump is claiming that Dems are blocking USPS funding when two days ago he literally just said that Democrats want to give the USPS $25 billion but he’s blocking it because of mail-in voting.

Roll the tape.
Since Trump is now falsely blaming Democrats for blocking USPS funding it’s clear that he is very aware of how corrupt attacks on the USPS look and the damage it's doing to people's lives and I believe vulnerable GOP Senators got to McConnell and McConnell likely got to Trump.
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10 Aug
Someone just came up and whispered in Trump’s ear and Trump immediately left the podium. I’ve never seen that happen before.
Weijia reporting that it was Secret Service who escorted Trump out. This must be a security issue or an important development.
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8 Aug
As expected, Trump predictably sabotaged the coronavirus relief talks to do these executive orders.

Democrats literally dropped their ask by $1 trillion dollars and the White House still said no.

They never wanted a deal.
Trump is signing an executive order providing $400 a week unemployment benefits.

This is clearly unconstitutional. Congress has the power of the purse.

Trump will now falsely portray any Democratic challenges to these orders as opposition to COVID relief.

What a scheme.
I hate to say I saw this coming from a mile away.
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31 Jul
Evidence shows outbreaks are not directly linked to protests.

If that was the case, every major city, including New York, would’ve seen an enormous resurgence. They didn’t. You know why? Because the protestors wore masks and weren’t in a closed space.

Jim Jordan is a fool.
I was worried the protests would lead to surges in cases, but after looking at the case counts in cities with the most protests there just hasn’t been a correlation between protests and surges in cases. There are, however, correlations between premature reopenings and surges.
So before you reply to this thread or DM me saying I’m ignorant, I suggest you do what Jim Jordan obviously hasn’t done and read what experts have said on this or google the case trends in the cities with the most protests and you will see no direct correlation with the protests.
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22 Jul
Trump and Barr are holding an event announcing hundreds of federal officers being deployed to Chicago to tackle the crime there.

Trump is now expanding beyond countering protests, and appears to just be sending his personal police forces anywhere he pleases.
Here’s a clip of the authoritarian announcement. Trump also warned he’s going to deploy to other cities.

This is without their consent.
Both Barr and Chad Wolf are trying to differentiate what's happening in Portland from their announced deployments in Chicago. They put Wray up there to try and legitimize it too.

They claim it will be traditional crime-fighting.

I’ll believe it when I see it.
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15 Jul
What’s up with all these “Nick Cannon lost his job faster than Breonna Taylor’s killers” takes?

ViacomCBS doesn’t run a police department. What Nick Cannon said was wildly anti-Semitic.

We should be allying with marginalized groups, not beating them down. Stop defending Nick.
If you read what Nick Cannon said it’s indefensible.

Aside from calling White people a “little less” (inferior) and calling White and Jewish people “savages,” he said all this nonsense.

I’m not down with this. We can’t accept this kind of bigotry.
The fact I’m being called a coon for calling out Nick Cannon’s bigotry is truly wild. Unbelievable really. Especially after spending half a decade amplifying BLM and opposing Trump. If you’re defending Nick Cannon hit the unfollow button. I don’t want you behind me.
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25 Jun
Just recently, Trump botched his COVID-19 response, unleashed military on peaceful protestors, & went full-blown white supremacist against BLM.

If you still think Biden is the “lesser of two evils” or there is any equivalence between them you have not been paying any attention.
If you want to push Biden to take certain positions, that's fine. Keep pushing. But claiming they "both suck" is either a bad faith voter suppression effort or coming from a place of genuine ignorance.

I’m not trying to be condescending, that’s just the objective reality.
One of these men is a straight-up unhinged authoritarian racist who has proven that all he cares about is himself.

He has literally said that he wants to slow testing so numbers look better for him.

Biden is a good man. Recognize an ally when you see one and oppose the fascist.
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22 May
Biden's #YouAintBlack comments weren't great but I won't play the GOP's false equivalency game.

Everyone knows there’s no comparison between Trump & Biden when it comes to racism, but GOP will try and equate them to depress black turnout. Just like they did with Clinton.
Trump just praised well-known eugenist and anti-Semite Ford as having “good bloodlines."

He’s called black NFL players sons of bitches, called African countries shitholes, still won’t admit the exonerated 5 are innocent, and called neo-Nazis very fine people.

No comparison.
Obviously Biden was not the right messenger for this but @Toure is really spot on here.

Black people like @SenatorTimScott, @RealCandaceO, and @kanyewest who support Trump do not care about the black community, otherwise, they wouldn't support a white supremacist administration.
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18 Mar
I think these important precautions and huge policy measures we're pursuing to combat coronavirus for the greater collective good is preparing the country, and world, for the big thinking and resilience amid massive changes that we'll need when we move to combat climate change.
We’re proving we can move fast and big against a commonly agreed upon existential threat

But notice how coronavirus didn't get it's due in the US until the markets started dropping?

Hopefully, this changes perspectives around climate - that proactivity is better than reactivity
Dem nominee will need to say this:

"Trump calls climate change a hoax, just like he called COVID-19 fears. The changes we endured combating COVID-19 is just a fraction of what we'll have to do later if we don’t get proactive now. We’ll suffer the consequences of our inaction."
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3 Mar
Chris Matthews just announced he’s retiring.

Tonight will be his last Hardball.
After Matthews’ on-air announcement, Hardball went on commercial break.

When it came back, it was Steve Kornacki Iooking surprised. After some laudatory remarks about Matthews, Kornacki said they’ll have to fill this hour then it went on immediate commercial break.
It appears Chirs Matthews' MSNBC colleagues may have been blindsided by this announcement.
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14 Jan
This is horrifying.

It makes Yovanovitch’s testimony recounting how she felt threatened even more stunning.
Yovanovitch literally got the call that she was being recalled from her ambassadorship in Ukraine due to concerns for her safety while she was at an event honoring an anti-corruption activist who was killed.

Now we know she was being tracked by Parnas and his goons.

And after going through this, Yovanovitch had to read the July 25 transcript memo where the damn POTUS told Zelensky that she would "go through some things."

Then he attacked her DURING her testimony.

This whole scheme against Yovanovitch was straight-up mob behavior.
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31 Aug 19
Most Trump accounts in my replies are flagged as bot-like on bot detectors.

Trump’s online support is inflated, he lost the popular vote, he’s the only POTUS who never cracked 50% Gallup approval, and 60%+ disapprove.

Media has never treated his base like the minority they are.
In their endless pursuits of “balance,” far too many mainstream orgs have treated Trump’s support as if it is equal to his opposition or go as far as to treat it as if it is in fact more representative of “real” America.

This creates a falsely equivalent depiction of reality.
The truth is, over 60% of Americans dislike Trump.

Accurate coverage of the current state of affairs would be to interview Americans about how they feel about the country’s slide into authoritarianism.

Instead, they interview Trump supporters about how much they love him.
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23 Jul 19
1. If it weren't for the Office of Legal Counsel's memos stating a sitting president cannot be indicted, would you have charged Donald Trump with obstruction of justice?
2. Of the 11 instances of obstruction outlined in your report, how many do you believe meet the legal qualifications for indictable obstruction of justice and why? rantt.com/20-questions-c…
3. Is President Trump's statement that your report found "no collusion, no obstruction" accurate?

Why ask this: This should get Robert Mueller to say no, and get an answer on video that would directly contradict President Trump's lies.
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25 Mar 19
I disconnected yesterday and have taken some time to reflect on the impact of the #BarrLetter

Tuning back in and I see some overcorrection from the media, a demand for answers on the left, some gloating on the right, and dumb 2020 takes all around

Here are my thoughts

1) Barr (and Rosenstein) need to testify about their obstruction decision and we must see the full report.

Mueller found evidence of obstruction but left it up to Barr to decide what to do. Barr was appointed after writing a letter against the obstruction case. We need answers.
2) Mueller should testify as well.

Not finding a "tacit agreement" to conspire does not void all the open coordination we saw in public view.

We know the Trump camp knew about Russia's efforts to help them via Don Jr.'s emails.

We need details.

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